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I heard that the show was renewed for the 2 more seasons and I don'y like that.I mean,I love the show and it is probably in my top 5,but two more seasons?About what?It is becoming boring to guess who is A,we are doing that for 5 seasons now.Writers should be solving some mysteries,instead they are giving us more and more questions and even they can't keep track what is been said.I think the 7th season is unnecessary and they should end it with 6,because the show isn't interesting anymore. Posted over a year ago
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awesome over a year ago
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I would really appreciate if you could take the time to listen to my cover of 'Say Something'. Please leave a comment on YouTube about what you think :) Posted over a year ago
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The new spot is look is just sunning! <33
Beautiful <33 Posted over a year ago
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joined <333 Posted over a year ago
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Thank you ! over a year ago
tikika said about Teen Wolf
I loved the finale!when it started it was little boring and I thought that the writers are gonna kill more characters.But the final scenes was epic and I really didn't expect that at all.Now we know who is she-wolf and why was Allison dreaming her dead aunt.
I can't wait for season 4!I only Hope that Allison won't be forgotten and writers won't pushed and forced Kira into the pack.I don't want her and Lydia becoming best friends or sth like that.They should give a little space to all of them. Posted over a year ago
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They should morn Allison's death because she was a big part of the show.They should mention her at least twice in two or three episodes.I like Kira,but i don't want her to replace Allison so fast. :) over a year ago