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Britney Spears

What is your favorite song by britney spears?

24 answers | my answer: i think it is AMNESIA!!!! but i love radar,ooh o...
Britney Spears

Britney Got her new music video 'Hold it Against Me" OUT! Your thoughts?

4 answers | my answer: epic dude epic! and they said gaga was better.

If you heard this song on the radio would you think that this was Rihanna?

4 answers | my answer: Hell yeah! It's like they're vocal twins or somethi...

30 Day Song Challenge Day 20 - A Song You Play When Angry

43 answers | my answer: Ignorance by Paramore definitely!!!

Dora outside your window. Barney in the closet. Big bird in your bed. What do you do.

51 answers | my answer: what do i do? wake up from the nightmare!

200 PROPS!!!!win it,try your luck

13 answers | my answer: Name: Fabia Animal: pig
Selena Gomez

Competition for who gets the most beautiful pic of Selena and her dogs! Winner gets a surprise and there is also 2nd prize! Plz enter! Ending date: 1st May!

Katy Perry

Do you think katy perry and taylor swift should make a song together?

11 answers | my answer: Seriously? Taylor's voice is for low songs while ka...
Katy Perry

Which Katy's song is your favourite and which is your least favourite?

15 answers | my answer: least fave is [b]CIRCLE THE DRAIN[/b] my fave fore...
Lady Gaga

Write the your opinion of the songs in order from Best to Worst on the Fame Monster

3 answers | my answer: 1.Bad Romance 2.Speechless 3.Dance in the Dark 4...