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timo_superstar said about Glee
RIP Glee Posted over a year ago
timo_superstar said about Miley Cyrus
Ready to BANG! Posted over a year ago
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Yayyy!! over a year ago
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Hey sexy bitch, how r u? Posted over a year ago
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Love your avi. I'd love Britney Spears. Best Queen of Pop of the world <3 <3 Posted over a year ago
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My thoughts exactly. <3
Yes! I freaking love her! 8D
Considering we both live in the same country, I'd have to agree lol xD People here prefer the more popular artists or rather the artists that gained popularity solely here in the Philippines :p
Gah, I WANTED to get an account there but there are just so many stans roaming on that site 24/7 & it's really hard to keep up w/ pop culture w/ such pace. DX But I'm still thinking about it lol. ATRL seems very informative so..... Posted over a year ago
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I'm pretty sure I'll be the Gleek Prince so VOTE FOR ME FOR THE BIGGEST SANTANA/ BRITTANY FAN!
I'm a bitch like Santana and a unicorn like Brittany! Posted over a year ago
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Round 84 is now OPEN!
This weeks theme is: Glee stars in official music videos

Good luck! Posted over a year ago
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Yeah, I plan to make Chapters 41-50 different for mine since Glee won't be on for another few months. Still, I can't wait to read. :) Posted over a year ago
big smile
YAY! Adam Levine of Maroon 5 will be on Season 2! Posted over a year ago
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I knooooow! Can't wait to watch! :D over a year ago
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me too! love the guy over a year ago
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So far, it has 10 songs in it, excluding the megamix I did for the hiatus special (part 5). In the megamix, there are 8 songs that Glee has already done in an episode. Here's the link for the listing:


P.S., I hope you do well with your fan fiction. I'm looking forward to reading it. :) Posted over a year ago