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What is Alan Ball Doing? (Book Spoilers, Kind of)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Alan Ball
    Ok, let me start out by saying,"YES I KNOW IT IS A TV Show!" Now that is out of the way, I am not sure why Alan Ball is taking so many liberties with the source material. The books are first person, so I understand the need to change them to facilate a ansamble cast. However, I do not understand the need to change so much of the source material. They have changed the overall personalities of the characters as well as the actually storylines of the books.
     Once again, yes I realize this is a tv show. Let us look first...

What the Heaven it is interview seven, SPN One-on-One interview with Ivison.

Article posted over a year ago
Ivison, Radi, has been an avid fan of the show and a member of the spot since this March. In that short time she has fallen in love with the show and become a fanatic fan. With her dedication and loyalty to the show and spot she has earned herself not only a place in our hearts, but the coveted red fan medal, congratulations on that feat. She is the creator of one of the busiest forums on the spot, Winchesters Lovers Room. She is a very friendly person who takes time to talk to the...

Suicide on Centennial

Article posted over a year ago
April 25, 1981

A local woman’s death was ruled a suicide, the county Sheriff’s Department said earlier today. Constance Welch, 24, of 4636 Breckenridge Road leapt off Sylvania bridge at mile 33 of Centennial highway, and sub-sequently drowned last night.

Deputy J. Pierce told reporters that, hours before her death Ms. Welch logged a call with 911 emergency services. In a panicked tone, Ms. Welch described how she found her two young children, 5 and 6, in the bathtub, after leaving them alone for several minutes. She reported that their...

Profile - Wendigo

Guide posted over a year ago
Original Incidents:
Several people go missing in 1936. In 1982 eight people vanish and the authorities blame it on bear attacks. Most recently two hikers went missing this past April and were never seen again. There is only one known survivor of these attacks, Mr. Shaw.

In 1959, a local boy survives a suspected grizzly attack in the Blackwater Ridge woods, in the Lost Creek area. The attack claimed the lives of both of his parents. The Shaw family had been camping in a cabin in the Blackwater Ridge area when the strange attack occurred. The...

Profile - Woman in White

Guide posted over a year ago
Constance Welch age 24
Constance Welch

Joseph Welch

Son and younger daughter

A two-story farm house at the end of Brekenridge Road outside Jericho, CA

Incident Reported:
In 1981, Constance Welch (age 24) jumps off the Sulvania Bridge and drowns in the river. An hour before her body was found she had phoned the police about her children drowning in the bath tub. She stated that she had left them alone for a minute and...