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Article posted over a year ago
Hey Remember when I asked you when your Birthday was? That's because I wanted to make you this! I have gathered Birthday wishes for you from your friends. I hope you enjoy, and thanks to the people that contributed to this article :)

Hey, Hufflepuff buddy :) Happy Birthday! I know we haven't spoken lately but I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it! So happpy birthday, see you around the common room!

Happy Birthday, Hec! Hope it's a good, MOA, writing filled one :D

Help clean up the Club!

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hey Guys,

This club has really grown and with the more people coming in spam and reposts are hard to control. The creator is Rohehera and came up with strict rules against spam, she already predicted that the club will get messy. We would like to clean this place up and we would need A LOT of help. Green-art-ac-pj and I will organize like a contest kinda thing to clean up spam and the millions of repeats out there.

We thought of a contest kinda thing. We will start a forum and everyone will go post spam and repeats that they found and whoever finds the most in that...

Hecate (duh...)

Opinion posted over a year ago
First off before anything, I would like you all to excuse me on your behalf of my poor writing skills. I don’t always write like publically so yes DON’T YOU DARE BLAST ME FOR MY POOR SKILLS. Be nice about it (sorry that kinda sounded mean but I assure you that I am not mean). All I want you to know is that my grammar is not so good and don’t have to point it out to me in the comments section below. And so I will get to my point.

As many of you guys may know Hecate’s almost done with her story. I joined the HoO club when there was around...