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lux2 said …
I havnt seen you in three months Posted over a year ago
big smile
FAN MY FRIEND! he'smy friend from! HE'S THE BOMB!!!

link Posted over a year ago
LillyAlpha13 commented…
k over a year ago
garth231 commented…
i would like to stay alive over a year ago
who ever on here knows how to do some kick ass image editing, i need your help! BAD! if you help...there's 100 props in it for you! Posted over a year ago
OmegaLeader commented…
If u type it up on google youll get some good results but someone in the club I can't help you there sorry over a year ago
transformer101 commented…
i need someone to make a fanart with 4 diferent movies! thats why i'm asking. over a year ago
seffro commented…
I have photoshop on my pc. what do you want done? over a year ago
Dreamtime gave me props for my answers
thank you for the add back Posted over a year ago
morning! Posted over a year ago
mattwolf199 commented…
ello over a year ago
kingdom23 said …
hey i dont know if you remember me, but it is kingdom123, i had to change my name, but anyway here i am. Posted over a year ago
morning! Posted over a year ago
katelover14 commented…
good morning over a year ago
kingdom23 commented…
morning over a year ago
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!THIS CAN'T BE!!!!!!!!! THE WIKIPEDIA DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Posted over a year ago
crazyryan123 commented…
HOly S@/t over a year ago
hank666 commented…
Anyone can edit wikipedia dudew, calm down. even if it doesnt come out dot freak out about it. over a year ago
anubis210 commented…
awesome over a year ago
big smile
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Thank you SO much for the add! I REALLY appreciate it! Posted over a year ago
where did chris go? i never see him on meebo anymore. Posted over a year ago
katelover14 commented…
me neither over a year ago