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Now THIS is why.

Opinion posted over a year ago
Why do we live, only to have it abruptly ripped from us?
Why do we die, if we could do so much more with our lives?
Why do we smile, when horrible things are happening to people every hour of every day?
Why do we cry, when we know that it can only get worse?
Why do we breathe, and keep on living?
While suffocating is a faster way to end this nightmare.
Why do we eat, when all it does is keep us alive for more pain?
Why do some people pray, when there’s no one listening?

You guys are the reason I'm still alive...

Article posted over a year ago
Okay, I know the title sounds cheesy, but I'm about to get real serious in a second, so... Yeah.
Anyways, I'm about to say something I've never told anyone before. I hate my life. I'm depressed most of the time and have thoughts of suicide frequently. No joke. Today was one of the worse days. Let me just say I almost got expelled from school, and then after I found out I'm not expelled, about 15 minutes later, I find out that I may or may not have Aspergers Syndrome (Long story). So yeah, I've been pretty depressed. I was seriouslly considering suicide. AGAIN. Only this time, I couldn't...

The Time I Answered the Door

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
*Ding Dong*
    I rushed to the door and looked out the peephole. There was a UPS man standing at our doorstep, holding a large package.
    I opened the door, and he set down the package and held out a pen and clipboard.
    “I’ll need you to sign for it,” he said.
    I took the clipboard, but as I reached for the pen, he pulled it back, flipped it around, and raised it high before jabbing it into my neck.

Fanfics kill...

Article posted over a year ago
“triq267!” I hear a man shout.
    I look up, groggily shaking off the feeling of drowsiness.
    There he is, standing in all his glory, or lack there-of. The man who has sent so many of us to our deaths.
    I can guess what’s coming, but I can scarcely comprehend that it’s possible. All it took was a few keystrokes, one click, and I was going to die for it.
    I remember that day, the day this all started. I was surfing the internet, when I found a website. Fanpop. The name now...

Pony Birthdays SUCK.

Opinion posted over a year ago
So, since today is Tawnyjay's birthday, I decided today was the perfect day to post the article I've been thinking about. Here I go.

I've noticed that in MLP:FiM, birthdays suck. Really the only birthday that didn't suck that we've seen was Gummy's birthday. I can't really talk about Cheerilee or Zecora, since their birthdays were only mentioned in passing, but all the other ones we've seen, SUCK. And I have three and a half examples to show this.

I'll start with the half, while although not technically a birthday, I still felt I should mention. This would be Diamon...