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trisha1 said about Back at the Barnyard
link Posted 8 months ago
trisha1 said about Animals
I can't believe some people believe something as crazy as gorillas being as intelligent as people! Posted 8 months ago
trisha1 commented…
Anyone who believes that should be thrown in a mental asylum! 8 months ago
zanhar1 commented…
Tbh some people make it really easy to believe such as those people who tried snorting bath salts... Or the ones who still think the world is flat... 8 months ago
trisha1 said about Disney
To anyone who hasn't signed my petition, I made a petition at to bring back Phineas and Ferb. If you want to sign it here it is: Posted 9 months ago
trisha1 commented…
also send it to anyone in your family who likes phineas and ferb, any of your friends who like phineas and ferb, and if you're school-age any teachers at your school who like phineas and ferb 9 months ago