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Kayla's Visions, Chapter 30

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Edward’s POV

Kayla’s eyes narrowed and I knew what was coming next. I couldn’t see it in her mind but I didn’t need to. I braced myself as I felt her power lift me into the air. I was soaring backwards, heading for the wall, when I felt something stop me. I was suspended in the air for less than a second before I was released from Kayla’s power. I landed on my feet and I looked at her. My wife, my Kayla. Her hand was on her stomach, protecting her child from me. She should be protecting the baby from herself. She should listen to me.

Kayla's Visions, Chapter 29

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Kayla’s POV

“So there’s a baby in there?” Jacob asked. He was lying next to me on my bed, staring at my stomach. My top was halfway up, showing off my tiny bump.
“Yup,” I said, stroking it. “Can you believe I’m going to be a mum?”
“No,” he answered, shaking his head. “It seems so unreal.”
“It does a little,” I agreed. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to have babies. Then this happens.”
“Have you told Charlie?”
“Not yet. I’m going to tell everyone after Mitchell’s gone.”

Kayla's Visions, Chapter 28

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I felt Edward slide into my bed and opened my eyes to see him looking at me worriedly. I instantly blocked my mind. I couldn’t have him finding out from my thoughts.
“How are you feeling?” he asked me.
“Better,”I said. “You were gone.”
“I had to go see Alice,” he pulled me onto his lap. “I wanted to know if she saw Mitchell coming anytime soon.”
“And did she?”
“No, apparently he’s still undecided. Though from the vision you had you would think he knew.”
I nodded. They knew about my vision. Someone had to know because I...

Kayla's Visions, Chapter 27

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Carlisle’s POV

I dropped the syringe into the yellow box on the trolley and smiled at the patient. Her name was Leanne. She’d just been bitten by her dog, Pixie, who was an ‘overexcited’ rottweiler. I’d just given her a tetanus jab.
“You really should have your dog seen to,” I said, as I rolled down her sleeve. With my eyes I could see more faint bite marks up her arms.
She looked down at the bandage I’d wrapped around her hand. I saw tears forming in her eyes.

Kayla's Visions, Chapter 26

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Two weeks later.

Edward’s POV

I watched over Kayla, waiting for another scream. Bad dreams, she was having. I couldn’t make them out, just flashes and flashes of colour and people’s faces. Always the same colour though, blood red. Her mouth opened in a whimper and then her eyes flew open. She wasn’t awake, still dreaming. Her hands reached out in front of her as she cried out.
“No, take me! Take me!”
I didn’t like seeing her like this. I couldn’t do anything for her. It wasn’t like I could chase the big bad monster away. It...