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do know anyone name Sam & Dean

4 answers | my answer: i know a guy that works at my bowling alley named S...

Who do you think has the best smile on Spn?

16 answers | my answer: Sam ♥ I love his dimples when he smiles its price...

I so wanna write an article (SPN related), but I don't know what to write it about, any suggestions?

2 answers | my answer: shomill used to run a writing contest she hasn't be...

Can someone Help me please.

1 answer | my answer: 6x17 "My Heart Will Go On" 6x18 "Frontierland" ...

What did you think of Rachel?

11 answers | my answer: haven't we learned there is only one angel we can t...

Do Jared And Jensen do there own stunts??

9 answers | my answer: after watching "The French Mistake" i believe they ...

Question about Sam's memories in the first half of the 6th Season...

2 answers | my answer: well remember Death put up the wall so he wouldn't ...

do you guys still trust Cas?

16 answers | my answer: no he pulled Sam out without his soul on purpose an...

Why did Tessa's eyes become yellow and not red or white?

3 answers | my answer: Azazel took over Tessa to put John's deal in place ...

Is this Friday the Finale or the season Finale? Ive heard both n Im now confused

4 answers | my answer: season 6 finale season 7 will start in the fall :)