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Putting more than one '!' after a non-fully-caputilized sentence or word is against my 'If ya wanna be this weird douchebag called Valeria' s friend' rules. over a year ago
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Mah Headcanon OTPs:
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As fresh as cold water! XD over a year ago
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A diamond shines no brighter
than that lovely Christmas star.
It shines in all its brilliance,
it's seen from near or far.
A symbol of the Christ child
as He lay upon the hay.
It tells to all the waiting world
a King was born that day.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Posted over a year ago
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YAY! BXB FTW! BlossomXBrick 'TILL HELL COMEZ OVA! Blossom and Brick FOREVA!!!!! X3 I really despise's like too nerds mixed in one dork! XD Posted over a year ago
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i love dexter and blossom >:( dexter is not a nerd!! over a year ago
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XD Seriously NOT a nerd?! So you're saying he's not smart? XD That's rich! And didn't you notice I said 'the couple is LIKE' not 'IS'. If you like it, then fine by me, but I am almost exactly like Blossom and I know that I wouldn't enjoy being with that kind of a science-freak(I don't hate him, in fact I see him as the only sane person in the doujinshi). over a year ago
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blossomxbrick is the best and Dexter is definitely a nerd. No disrespect to the DxB fans but he's scrawny spends his time in a secret lab messing with mechanics and crap, granted he's smart but put I guy that looks like that in our society.He will be labeled as a nerd and BxB have more compatability over a year ago