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Thanks for the add back!!!
I LOVE your icons :) Posted over a year ago
Ester WILL BE BACK I read a maqizine that ses she is filming season 4 or 5 at the moment in time so will they kill klaus or not!!!!I hope not I like klause and his family I think stephan should be the one to go he is doing my head in!!!!stephan pushed elena away so she went to damon and now he want her back come on man MAKE UP UR MIND don't leave her hanging and elena make ur choice damon won't wait foreva he will give up soon enuf then u will have missed out BIG TIME!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
maori_gurl commented…
i soooo hope they daunt kill him, i probs would cry CMU yeh and stefans starting to piss me off:Dxx!! over a year ago
SpuffyDelena commented…
They're not filming right now, and if they were they wouldn't be filming season 5. When episodes air they're only 4-5 episodes ahead of us in filming. They've not even filmed/written 4x01 yet. over a year ago
smith1982 commented…
what if they notice the ring over a year ago
Everyone picks on damon it not fair!!!!!!!comment if u agree wid me!! Posted over a year ago
crazyd88 commented…
ME!! I AGREE! over a year ago
delenaluv commented…
totally!!! unlike stefan he's never looking 4 acnkowledgement for the good things he does not that any1 bothers 2 see the good in him other than elena. over a year ago
smith1982 commented…
i agree over a year ago
DAMON everyone picks on damon this is all stephans fault if he had never rescued elena from that car NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPEND he would never of met or lost elena to damon. So ALL OF THIS IS ON U STEPHAN SALVATOR damon and klaus all the way!!!!xx Posted over a year ago
maori_gurl commented…
Klaus and caroline all the way:Dxx!! over a year ago
AishaMahmood786 commented…
Klaroline all the way! :D ^^ over a year ago
smith1982 commented…
no never over a year ago
smith1982 commented…
no never they can not be a good couple over a year ago
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"Wish you a
─▀██▀▀█▄ ♪ ♫¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤.¸✿¸.¤ª"˜¨¯¯¨¨♪ ♫¨¯¯ ¨¨˜"ª¤.¸✿
──██▄▄█▀.█▀.█▀█.█─█.▀█▀.█.█▀.█ ─█.█ ✿
──██▀▀█▄.█▀.█▀█.█▄█.─█─.█.█▀.█ ▄█.█▄ ✿
─▄██▄▄█▀.▀▀.───.───.─▀─.█.█ Day ♥" Posted over a year ago
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hey honey,thnx for the add!!
how r u? Posted over a year ago
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Prop for being a fan of Faye&Jake!!! Posted over a year ago
I need help in what episode does rebekah tourture damon and what is the episode called HELP!!!! Posted over a year ago
its called murder of one. season 3 episode 18 over a year ago
maori_gurl commented…
well thats gotta be a funi episode, NOT!:Dxx!! over a year ago
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thanx for adding me ,I'll add you back Posted over a year ago
big smile
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thx for the add..! Posted over a year ago
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no probs hunn xxxxx over a year ago