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"Perception is a tool that's pointed on both ends."
-Hannibal Lecter Posted 11 months ago
whiteclaw said about NICOLE the Lynx
Two hundred and sixty five fans this is awesome. Posted over a year ago
I'm starting to wonder if it's worth staying in this club. Posted over a year ago
NocturnalMirage commented…
Tell me about it! If it weren't for a few people I really care about, I'd be out of here in no time. This place have caused me too much pain. over a year ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
I culd never leave. This is the only place I know where people actual care about me (Not even my family does that :( ) over a year ago
whiteclaw commented…
This place doesn't give me the good vibes it gave me when I first joined. over a year ago
whiteclaw said about Random
He roller coaster
He got early warning
He got muddy water
He one Mojo filter
He say one and one and one is three
Got to be good looking
Cause he's so hard to see
Come together right now
Over me Posted over a year ago
whiteclaw commented…
You don't listen to the Beatles do you! over a year ago
whiteclaw commented…
I loved Into darkness haha. over a year ago
MattTheLynxX commented…
:3 over a year ago
ALoneWolf000 commented…
animelover5 commented…
only reason whhy i join this club is because of Ben cumberbatch over a year ago
DisneyFan333 gave me props for my images
Thanks for the add. :) Posted over a year ago
whiteclaw commented…
np over a year ago
whiteclaw said about Wreck-It Ralph
King candy reminded me of the Joker from 1989. Posted over a year ago
knuckles220 commented…
lol over a year ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
He reminded me of the mad hatter from the alice and wonderland cartoon over a year ago
Lady_Rebel gave me props for my articles
Thanks for the add, fellow pro-American! Posted over a year ago
whiteclaw commented…
^_^ over a year ago
whiteclaw said …
We all know for $1 a day we can save an orphan in Africa. We all drive by homeless people, poverty-stricken people everyday, but do we even so much as smile at them? No, we do nothing to encourage these people. We won't even look at them. There's more than 1 type of killing, rejecting someone's friendship can kill on a psychological level. Maybe the actual killers are just more honest about how society really is or less scared of societal consequences than the rest of us. (not by me) Posted over a year ago
whiteclaw said …
n My Heart, I feel Joy.
In My Mind I see potential.
In My Actions I see virtue.
In My Soul I experience peace.
In My Life I have purpose.
In My Dreams I make a Difference.
In My Day, I am useful.
In all things, I am Level.
In touching others, I make contact.
In changing, I am dynamic.
In visions, I aspire.
In the beginning I was ignorant.
In this time I have a goal.
In the future, I am
In the past, remember.
In this day, live.
In tomorrow, believe.
In Reality I am Me. Posted over a year ago