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the moon

Opinion posted over a year ago
its pale face scared with scrachs and holes. it shines on the lake, it reflects off the water as a white cicel in the night sky,the wolves howl to it in protest and love. from the mighty ocean waves roaring to the shore to its many diffrent holds a deep connection with earth,so it is connected to keeps me commfort on long winter nights. i stare at it with addmiering eyes full of yearning. it makes me fell so sain to look at it, it maks me crazy on a full moon. i yearn and wish i could grab hold of it and bring it to me,to make it a stunning neaklace for me, and olny i to...

the cross breed

Opinion posted over a year ago
maximum ride the book
max lost
the book is about a girl named max a boy named fang another boy named iggy,gazzy and two girls named angel and nudge.the names are not normal(only angels is)becous they are not your average children they are mixed hybrieds,they have winges like a bird the sight of a hawk ,but the most mind boogeling thing they have is the to fly.they were born like that. hope you choose to read the...