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woodenpulltoys9 said about Doris Day
Wow Doris has a lot of Fans Posted over a year ago
Rand Paul makes Me happy, happy, happy. Posted over a year ago
Just saw the apparent suicide of David Robb's Wife, horrible. I know this happened on Wednesday, but, it's going to be very hard for Him to overcome. Posted over a year ago
woodenpulltoys9 said about Liam Payne
I would like to see the full video of Liam bathing his new puppy, from what I did see it was adorable. Posted over a year ago
cuteiepie675053 commented…
holle guy do you see me over a year ago
I really hope they don't put out any teasers, about the upcoming 4th Series. Series 3, had them Months before the Show aired, and Fans were fretting about whether Matthew and Mary will wed, and will Sybil, or Matthew die, and Who will die next. Posted over a year ago
Very Pretty! Posted over a year ago
To Hugh Bonneville: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, Baby. Posted over a year ago
There are a lot of tall people on this show: Lord G, Carson, Bates, Mary, Cora, Strallen, and, especially the new guy, Alfred. Posted over a year ago
Liam's New Hair Cut Is The Best One Yet, Zayn Is Soooo Hot!!, And Nial'ls Looking Better Now That His Teeth Are Fixed. Posted over a year ago
directioner0550 commented…
They were always hot over a year ago
thaiithaii15 commented…
you dint like niall's teeth before?-_- over a year ago
JesssxZ commented…
Niall's teeth have always been perfect.. over a year ago
This whole Benedict Cumberbatch thing is obviously done tongue-in-cheek, and so is Dan Stevens' response, as Arthur, Alfred Bland, or whatever His alias name is. Posted over a year ago