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Mockingjay review *SPOILERS*

Review posted over a year ago
So i just finish reading Mockingjay and i have to say it was amazing. Not completely what i wanted but amazing in its own way.
I would like to say that i talked to my grandpa about World War 2 right before i finish the book so that might have had an affect on my opinion a little.

But anyways, I really liked this book because i'm really into war and stuff and this book pretty much reveled what war is like without sugar coating it a lot. And i know some people didn't like it because they would have wanted the book to be more focused on Katniss choosing Peeta or Gale, but...

Mockingjay is already released at Wal-mart!!!! 3 days ahead!!

Article posted over a year ago
I was on and saw picture of someone with the mockingjay book and it wasn't an advance copy.
apparently, it was being sold at Wal-Mart. i think this is Wal-mart's cheap strategy on getting a lot of money. They released the book 3 days ahead of schedule.
So annoyed that Wal-mart would do that and what ever you do, please don't buy it, it would kill everything!!!

Can people check at there local Wal-mart to see if they already released the book and if they are, can you please tell them to stop the sale of the book.