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Danonito gave me props for my images
Hello there!!!!! How is it going? I see you like Naruto and thats nice!!! I have created a new spot for Uchiha Obito! Would you like to be a fan? Its new like me! ^^ Here's the link: link Posted over a year ago
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hi new club(gaara and the sand) Posted over a year ago
amzel said …
but i think naruhina Posted over a year ago
-is waiting for shippuden 87 ebglish dub to come out- It was to intense and I think I have to wait for August.. o.o Thankfully I read the manga.. ^^' Posted over a year ago
inlove8 said …
love ur icon Posted over a year ago
xnarutard101x said about Naruto
I'm playing Naruto Shipuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2...

anyone else here have the game? ^^ Posted over a year ago
Sasukes_Gurl commented…
yup I've got it ^^ havnt played it in a while, but it's an awesome game XD over a year ago
chrisblass commented…
i have it haven't played it in a while etheir over a year ago
Cantwait4book5 commented…
I have :) over a year ago
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i love the club pics Posted over a year ago
Cantwait4book5 said …
Ha I love your username :D Posted over a year ago
xnarutard101x commented…
hehe, why thank you. :D Yours is kewl too :) over a year ago
Animefangirl25 said …
naruto is the BOMB!!!! Posted over a year ago
xnarutard101x commented…
Yeah, sure is! over a year ago
Cantwait4book5 gave me props for my answers
:) Posted over a year ago
xnarutard101x commented…
thank you for the props ^.^ over a year ago