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Favorite anime character in a dress

45 answers | my answer: momiji sohma

Which show is the Bestest?

229 answers | my answer: other: fruits basket!!!

(Girls only!!!)What anime boy would u wanna meet the most?

254 answers | my answer: #1) momiji sohma- all the way!! i luv him in the an...

post a pic of an anime couple

23 answers | my answer: kyo and tohru from fruits basket. this pic is from...

Post an anime boy with amazing eyes~!

41 answers | my answer: momiji sohma from fruits basket. he's sooooo cute!

Post your favorite Anime Girl HairStyle!!

26 answers | my answer: i like this pic but i don't kn ow what anime its fr...

Post a picture of what you look like as an anime character

19 answers | my answer: my friends say all she needs is freckles and thats ...

Post picture of anime character crying:

52 answers | my answer: kyou crying and tomoyo holding her<3 clannad

post a picture for your favorite..... :

28 answers | my answer: clannad mane charaters

Post a pic of a cute anime couple :)

23 answers | my answer: kouichi and raimei from nabari no ou