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omg cant wait for season 6 !!!delena !!! for ever
she finely picked Damon !! Posted over a year ago
delenaluv commented…
don't u mean s5? over a year ago
ggdelena commented…
season 5 October 10th over a year ago
yaritza21260 said about Teen Wolf
when is it coming back on mtv? Posted over a year ago
Colinlover1 commented…
i heard in april but im not sure over a year ago
ghjei2002 commented…
Sometime in Summer of 2012, whenever they wrap filming and finish post production. over a year ago
yaritza21260 commented…
lol cant wait :] over a year ago
yaritza21260 said about Red Riding Hood
i love this movie cuz how much love this girl has for this boy and he loves her back and ho she still loves him after he becomes a wolf and there till mad in love i mean this just dosnt happen in life
Posted over a year ago
yaritza21260 said about Teen Wolf
i know its going to be so good
Posted over a year ago
i love the movie it so sad. how there love made them die. that a lot of love . Posted over a year ago
how loves tobe Posted over a year ago
bluevanilla3 said …
hi my new fan!!! Posted over a year ago
yaritza21260 said about Teen Wolf
i cryed it was so sad and funney so happy to see allison and my boy scott together . Posted over a year ago
teamderek7 commented…
whyd you cry? over a year ago
yaritza21260 commented…
it was so sad but so good i loved it over a year ago
HorrorFan101 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Thanks for the add! Welcome to the nicest fandom family I've ever been a part of, The SPN family! <3 x Posted over a year ago
samgirl07 gave me props for my comments
Thanks for the add!:) And welcome to Fanpop! Posted over a year ago