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Karoii-chan gave me props for my polls
Hello from my side of the world! It's been a while. As usual, your contributions to the Aesthetic Club are awesome. How have you been doing these days, Zanhar? Posted 17 hours ago
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Hey there!

Would you like to vote and maybe leave a comment in this The Vampire Diaries poll I made here:

It would really help me and I'd appreciate it :) Posted 1 day ago
zanhar1 said about Random
My God, I had so many message in my inbox it has taken me 2 hours to reply to them all--mostly because they are really long messages. And I still have a few to go. I just hope these people still want to talk to me after all of this time lmao! Posted 2 days ago
legend_of_roxas commented…
Zanhar is popular ooo la la~ 2 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Meh, procrastination can be a real bitch. Can't say that I mind myself XD Feel free to reply whenever you are able to. Whatever the reason, it's chill !!!! 2 days ago
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Hello, friend! Posted 3 days ago
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hey bud. i just wanted to stop by & say that i'm really thankful for our friendship & hella appreciative that you've managed to stick around while everyone else has sort of trickled out. you're an awesome person & i'm so glad that we met through fanpop.

if you ever need to talk, regardless if there's drama or you just wanna talk fandoms, just know that you can dm me at any time! i'll be there to listen!!

thanks for everything zan, i mean it!! ^_^ Posted 4 days ago
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It's nothing. That is certainly good. I am glad to know that this matter got settled. I can understand how you feel. It is quite relatable. We all have our good and bad days. Sometimes, you can't help but let everything out. It is perfectly natural. Just never forget this concerning whatever that comes in your Life:

There will always be better days to come !!!! Posted 5 days ago
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Thats good. Hopefully it will. Posted 5 days ago
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Hey there. This might be kinda random but you seemed pretty down today and seeing Riku's Post below, I wanted to second that there is no reason to let others grind you down. People will keep getting butthurt out of nothing, judge and complain no matter what you do. It is not about you being the case but themselves. They are certainly not worth your time. Pay heed to those who possess common sense and can understand what you wanted to say. Stay as you are Zanny because you're just fine !!!! Posted 6 days ago
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You okay dude? Saw the bitchy whines a lot on tumblr.

Dont let them get to you man. Its tumblr, theyll complain about anything and everything. Posted 6 days ago
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Dood I love when a favorite gets a happy ending. Posted 7 days ago
Riku114 commented…
Its always a day maker 7 days ago