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Twilight Series
Stephanie Meyer's "Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined" is the gender swapped story of Twilight starring... Edythe and Beau! Will you read this new take on Twilight? (posted Oct 06, 2015)
Critical Analysis of Twilight
Can you believe it's been TEN years since the first Twilight book hit shelves? Here are 10 reasons why the world needs Twilight, by Mysteriamoon! (posted Oct 06, 2015)
The Flash (CW)
Season 2 premieres tonight on The CW! Now I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. Promo added by iceprincess7492. (posted Oct 06, 2015)
Warning: This article by Windwakerguy430 contains pictures of eight-legged creepy crawlies, all much creepier than this one. Click at your own risk! (posted Oct 06, 2015)
Fear the Walking Dead
The first season of Fear The Walking Dead came to a close last night, so tell us what you thought about it in this poll by Bibi69! (posted Oct 06, 2015)
Horror Movies
Steer clear if you're squeamish, because G is for gore! Article by jlhfan624. (posted Oct 06, 2015)
Gilmore Girls
On October 5, 2000, a little show called Gilmore Girls made its debut on The WB. Here's a look back at what made this the best show on TV in an article by TimK! (posted Oct 05, 2015)
Gilmore Girls
Woah, THREE characters named Lorelai Gilmore? That's a lotta Lorelai's! Come vote for your favorite in this poll by cressida! (posted Oct 05, 2015)
The Walking Dead
Only one week until The Walking Dead returns! Promo added by Bibi69. (posted Oct 05, 2015)
The Lion King
glelsey digs into The Lion King and explains some of the archetypes found in the movie. (Here, we have the reluctant hero and two of three sidekicks.) (posted Oct 05, 2015)
Who's after Carrie? Find out tonight in Homeland's fifth season premiere! Teaser added by laurik2007. (posted Oct 04, 2015)
Once Upon A Time
Here are KataraLover's top 10 (er, 11) OUAT characters! How many favorites do you have in common? (posted Oct 04, 2015)
The Hunger Games
Katniss and Squad 451 learn about the dangers of their mission in Mockingjay Part 2, coming to theaters November 20. Clip added by mjlover4lifs. (posted Oct 04, 2015)
Horror Movies
Do not have sex, because you will get stabbed and die. A guide to horror movie survival by Melissa666. (posted Oct 04, 2015)
Mean Girls
It's October 3rd! Happy Mean Girls Day! What's your favorite quote from the movie? (posted Oct 03, 2015)
Disney Princess
laylastepford ranks the most beautiful ball gowns and ceremonial outfits worn by Disney Princesses. Which one is your favorite? (posted Oct 03, 2015)
Theaters have a lot more to offer than horror movies this October! Poll by NeoNightclaw19. (posted Oct 03, 2015)
Harry Potter
alkinza rounded up 20 funny behind the scenes images from Harry Potter. I dare you to check these out without cracking a smile! :D (posted Oct 03, 2015)
Natalie Dormer
It's Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer vs an unexplained horror in this new trailer for The Forest, coming to theaters this January! Trailer added by emerald_32. (posted Oct 02, 2015)
Don't let their appearances fool you, these things are definitely demons. Article by Windwakerguy430. (posted Oct 02, 2015)
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