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90s Films
Get ready to jam, 90s kids! Screen Junkies made an Honest Trailer for Space Jam, added here by DarkSarcasm, and you can't miss this take on the 1996 basketball movie starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes! (posted Jan 18, 2017)
Salem TV Series
It's not over 'til it's over, Salem fans. Check out a promo for the supernatural series' penultimate episode, airing tonight on WGN America, added by nermai! (posted Jan 18, 2017)
Winnie the Pooh
"You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes." Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day, the birthday of creator A. A. Milne, with Mallory101's Winnie the Pooh quote compilation! Which quote is your favorite? (posted Jan 18, 2017)
Disney Channel
deedragongirl takes a stroll down memory lane and tells us about some of her favorite Disney Channel shows. Did you watch these classic 90s shows too? (posted Jan 18, 2017)
Betty White
Happy 95th Birthday, Betty White! Celebrate the legendary actress's 95th with her wild music video for "I'm Still Hot", featuring Luciana, added by Kraucik83! Here's to many more, Miss White! (posted Jan 17, 2017)
The family that slays together, stays together. Let's not use the Z word, but Drew Barrymore is undead and loving it in the new Netflix series, also staring Timothy Olyphant. Here's the new trailer, added by DarkSarcasm! Santa Clarita Diet arrives on Netflix February 3. (posted Jan 17, 2017)
A hero is only as good as the villain that goes against them, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure always manages to have good villains… well, most of the time. Windwakerguy430 ranks all the villains of the Jojo-verse! (posted Jan 17, 2017)
Silent Movies
Annie Laurie, a 1927 silent film starring Lillian Gish, was inspired by a Scottish folk song and a poem by William Douglas. How much of the love story depicted on film was fact, and how much was fiction? AcidBanter fills us in! (posted Jan 17, 2017)
Wake up, Gotham fans, Jerome is back! Check out a promo for the fan-favorite character's highly anticipated return, added by DarkSarcasm! "Mad City: Ghosts" airs tonight on Fox, followed by the return of Lucifer. (posted Jan 16, 2017)
Whatever you think you know about Eric Carter, you don't. Get better acquainted with the new hero and check in on a familiar face in the latest trailer, added by jlhfan624! 24: Legacy premieres February 5 on Fox. (posted Jan 16, 2017)
Disney Princess
Fanpop's fans voted for their favorite teams in Disney Princess movies, and the results are in! See the ranking, the winner, and what the fans had to say in this recap article by anukriti2409! (posted Jan 16, 2017)
deedragongirl tells us what she'd like to see in Frozen 2! Are you on board with these ideas? What would YOU like to see in the sequel? (posted Jan 16, 2017)
Back on US soil and working as an advocate for Muslim Americans, Carrie faces a new president and a new threat in a very strange political climate. Check out the trailer, added by laurik2007, for a glimpse at what's coming up this season! Season 6 premieres tonight on Showtime. (posted Jan 15, 2017)
I know this is difficult, but you have got to keep it together. Sherlock's fourth season draws to a close tonight on BBC and PBS. Check out a promo, added by iceprincess7492, for a sneak peek at the action-packed finale! (posted Jan 15, 2017)
What is clickbait? How do you make it? What makes people want to click it? Read this amazing article by deathding to find out! (posted Jan 15, 2017)
Negative film reviews can be entertaining, but what about when they're too harsh? Windrises offers some perspective to the haters. (posted Jan 15, 2017)
Disney Princess
One unforgettable night will change the Rapunzel you know... again! Tangled: Before Ever After is a Disney Channel Original Movie and the start of Tangled: The Series. Get tangled up in the movie trailer, added by PrueFever! Tangled: Before Ever After premieres on The Disney Channel in March. (posted Jan 14, 2017)
The Legend of Zelda
Are you ready for this, Zelda fans? Check out the amazing graphics, breathtaking scenery, and mystical happenings in the new trailer, added by LeaderVladimir! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes to Nintendo Switch on March 3! (posted Jan 14, 2017)
Twin Peaks
See Kyle MacLachlan step out of the shadows as Special Agent Dale Cooper in the latest promo for the Twin Peaks revival, added by sk91! Twin Peaks returns as an 18-part limited series on Showtime this May. (posted Jan 14, 2017)
Super Mario Odyssey got a new trailer at the Nintendo Switch 2017 Presentation, and you can explore its fun new world in the trailer, added by makintosh! Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year. (posted Jan 14, 2017)
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