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The Walking Dead
Can't wait until Sunday to get your Walking Dead fix? Watch the first four minutes of the mid-season premiere right here, added by Bibi69! (posted Feb 11, 2016)
Deadpool (2016)
Show that special someone just how much you care by taking them to see the most romantic movie of the year. Deadpool is now in theaters! Here's the trailer, added by misanthrope86! (posted Feb 11, 2016)
Long time no Z! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson return as our favorite fashion models in Zoolander 2, in theaters now. Check out the trailer, added by makintosh! (posted Feb 11, 2016)
Upcoming Movies
Forget the romance, gather the pals and go learn How to Be Single with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson this weekend! Here's the trailer, added by levinstein! (posted Feb 11, 2016)
Jason Bourne
Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne, and he remembers everything. Here's your first look at the new movie, coming to theaters this July, added by 14K! (posted Feb 10, 2016)
Harry Potter
There's an 8th book on the way! The script for J.K. Rowling's play that takes place 19 years after the events of the original series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will be published in book form this summer. Will you read it? (posted Feb 10, 2016)
AzulaFanboi lists and provides pictures of 100 of the sexiest men to ever live. How many of these handsome gents do you agree on? (posted Feb 10, 2016)
Disney Princess
Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora may not have been warriors, but they were still fantastic characters. Mongoose09 reminds us why! (posted Feb 10, 2016)
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead returns this weekend! Check out the new Red Teaser for the second half of TWD's sixth season, added by Bibi69! (posted Feb 09, 2016)
The Good Wife
The final nine episodes of The Good Wife begin next Sunday. You had a good run, Alica Florrick! Here's the official final season announcement, added by laurik2007. (posted Feb 09, 2016)
Female Ass-Kickers
DarkSarcasm rants about and provides examples of posters for movies about women that went out of their way to include men. Way to be misleading, poster-makers! (posted Feb 09, 2016)
Stiles & Malia
Because he taught her how to be human. HaleyDewit gives us 56 reasons to ship Teen Wolf's Stiles and Malia! (posted Feb 09, 2016)
Only the strong will survive. Here's the action-packed Super Bowl TV spot for X-Men: Apocalypse, added by x-menobsessed26! (posted Feb 08, 2016)
Captain America: Civil War
United we stand, divided we fall. Check out the Super Bowl TV spot for Captain America: Civil War, added by iceprincess7492, and choose your side! (posted Feb 08, 2016)
Once Upon A Time
What does Once Upon a Time's once-Evil Queen have in common with actress Judy Garland? Quite a lot, in KataraLover's opinion! (posted Feb 08, 2016)
Disney Princess
Anna faces a lot of criticism from Disney fans, but WinterSpirit809 explains why the Frozen princess is realistic, easy to relate to, and their favorite princess! (posted Feb 08, 2016)
Walt Disney Characters
Forget about your worries and your strife while you watch the new trailer for The Jungle Book, added by KataraLover. See the legend come to life in theaters this April! (posted Feb 08, 2016)
The Winx Club
The odds aren't usually in their favor, but the Trix never let that bother them. zanhar1 explains why these tough, resilient girls are three of the most powerful Winx enemies! (posted Feb 08, 2016)
Saturday Night Live
They're not here to talk about fashion. They're here to talk about the one thing everyone wants to hear male models talk about: politics. Check out Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller's Saturday Night Live visit, added by DarkSarcasm! (Zoolander 2 opens this week!) (posted Feb 07, 2016)
Who needs actual parties when you have video game parties? Here are five cool parties from games (not to be confused with games to play AT parties!), by Windwakerguy430! (posted Feb 07, 2016)
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