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Orphan Black
It is time to be brave. It is time to sacrifice. It is time to check out a teaser for Orphan Black's final season, added by misanthrope86! Season 5 premieres June 10 on BBC America. (posted Feb 27, 2017)
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Beautiful, yet practical. Emma Watson and costume designer Jacqueline Durran talk fashion and offer a new look at some of Belle's iconic dresses in a featurette, added by abcjkl! What do you think of Belle's new dresses, fans? (posted Feb 27, 2017)
Congratulations... on... your... Oscar... Zootopia! Here's a review of last night's Best Animated Feature winner, by deedragongirl! (posted Feb 27, 2017)
Through tragedy, loneliness, and limited screentime, Nu-13 still holds a special place in fans' hearts. SwordofIzanami shares five reasons to love the BlazBlue character! (posted Feb 27, 2017)
Bill Paxton
Actor Bill Paxton has passed away at age 61 after complications from surgery. Mr. Paxton began his movie career as a set dresser in 1974 and went on to star in films such as Apollo 13, Twister, U-571, Aliens, Predator 2, Weird Science, Titanic, and the TV series Big Love. What was your favorite of his movies? (posted Feb 26, 2017)
Doctor Who
A new Doctor Who teaser? I wouldn't miss this for the world. Join the Doctor and a few friends in the "A Time for Heroes" teaser, added by iceprincess7492! A brand new series of the sci-fi hit launches April 15 on BBC. (posted Feb 26, 2017)
Mother Nature
zanhar1 walks us through the perks of each season. Which season is YOUR favorite? Are your reasons the same? (posted Feb 26, 2017)
Disney Princess
What kind of entertainment can you find on the Princess Stories Volume One: A Gift from the Heart DVD? ApplesauceDoctr has all the details in this review! (posted Feb 26, 2017)
The Vampire Diaries
Are those wedding bells I hear? Damon and Stefan come up with a brilliant plan to lure a dangerous enemy out into the open in a new promo, added by jasamfan23. There are only two episodes of The Vampire Diaries left! (posted Feb 25, 2017)
Disney's Moana
Moana creators discuss an early edition of the underworld scene from the movie, featuring an eight-eyed bat. See how the encounter would have looked with storyboards in a featurette, added by PrincessFairy! Moana is now available digitally, and DVD and Blu-ray editions hit shelves on March 7. (posted Feb 25, 2017)
Although Disney’s 1977 live-action/animated musical film Pete’s Dragon obviously showcases the relationship between Pete and his dragon, Elliott, OnceUponASptmbr believes that the more interesting bond is Pete and Nora’s. Here's an analysis of their relationship! (posted Feb 25, 2017)
Some villains just didn't get enough time to shine. Windrises tells us about five bad guys who deserve more attention! (posted Feb 25, 2017)
Fast and Furious
Family man Dominic Toretto just went rogue. Check out some new footage in the international trailer, including more Charlize Theron, added by DarkSarcasm! The Fate of the Furious hits theaters April 14. (posted Feb 24, 2017)
Mary and the Witch’s Flower
Studio Ponoc presents a grand new adventure about a girl and a forbidden flower, based on "The Little Broomstick" by Mary Stewart. Check out the first trailer for Mary and the Witch's Flower, added by PrincessFairy! The film will arrive later this year. (posted Feb 24, 2017)
Windwakerguy430 takes us back to the days of Sega Dreamcasts and original Xbox consoles with a review of the game Jet Set Radio Future! Have you played this one? (posted Feb 24, 2017)
deedragongirl shares a few reasons to add Egypt to your travel destination list! Have you been to Egypt? Would you like to? (posted Feb 24, 2017)
The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes will be there for you! The Walking Dead gets Friends-style opening credits in The Woodcreek Faction's mashup, now updated to include footage from season 7. Check out the video for a slightly perkier intro, added by Bibi69! (Contains spoilers for the current season and the usual TWD blood and guts.) (posted Feb 23, 2017)
Horror Movies
You like magic, by chance? A young girl obsessed with her brother's disappearance makes a deadly deal with a mysterious man in Dig Two Graves, starring Samantha Isler, Ted Levine, and Troy Ruptash. Check out the trailer, added by Stelenavamp! Dig Two Graves arrives in theaters and on demand March 24. (posted Feb 23, 2017)
There are a lot of things to love about Blue Exorcist, but the awesome characters are at the top of many fans' lists. AquaMarine6663 tells us why these ten are the best! How many favorites do you have in common? (posted Feb 23, 2017)
Who is Fisher Biskit, and what makes him a great villain? Windrises tells us all about this bad guy from Littlest Pet Shop! (posted Feb 23, 2017)
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