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Can't we all just get along? It's Batman vs Superman and Iron Man vs Captain America in two of the most hyped movies of 2016. Which one are you more excited for? Poll by 14K. (posted Dec 01, 2015)
Fanpop Users
We survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now it's time for Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to celebrating generosity and giving. Check out this classic article by Cinders, with ideas on how you can give back, and examples of good deeds done by fanpoppers in the past! (posted Dec 01, 2015)
Once Upon A Time
Hook and Rumple were at each others throats again in "Broken Heart", so whose side are you on? Poll by zanhar1. (posted Dec 01, 2015)
Disney Princess
Which Disney princesses would be best friends? Who are the dreamers, the daredevils, the romantics and the responsible ones? Here's what laylastepford thinks! (posted Dec 01, 2015)
The Walking Dead
Another mid-season finale, another darn cliffhanger. Tell us what you thought of "Start to Finish" in this poll by Bibi69! (posted Nov 30, 2015)
Canada24's club..
Canada24 explores 10 songs that sound cool at first listen, but are actually kind of disturbing. (posted Nov 30, 2015)
The Walking Dead
Knock, knock. Who's there? A massive herd of walkers. Here's a sneak peek of tonight's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, added by misanthrope86. (posted Nov 29, 2015)
zanhar1 explores the annoying phenomenon of people pulling the 'you're not a true fan' card. Spoiler Alert: being a true fan is pretty easy! (posted Nov 29, 2015)
Once Upon A Time
Get your affairs in order, Rumpelstiltskin! Hook's lusting for revenge! See it for yourself in this clip from "Broken Heart", added by lilyZ. (posted Nov 29, 2015)
Barbie Movies
Annabethandco reviews the Barbie movie The Princess and the Popstar, and points out a few fascinating details that you may have missed! (posted Nov 29, 2015)
Star Wars
There has been an awakening... have you felt it? More footage from the new Star Wars movie is revealed in this TV spot, added by 3xZ! (posted Nov 29, 2015)
Disney Princess
Who wouldn't want to take a ride on a riverboat with Louis & The Band, visit Ariel's Grotto, or take a log ride Just Around the Riverbend? Check out these and other cool Disney Parks attraction ideas by laylastepford! (posted Nov 29, 2015)
Norm of the North
A polar bear named Norm (voiced by Rob Schneider) and his three lemming friends take a trip to New York City in Norm of the North, coming to theaters this January! Here's the trailer, added by 18jcrone. (posted Nov 28, 2015)
Stop hoarding so many of your awesome games, Japan! Here are 10 Japan-only games that Windwakerguy430 would like to play. (posted Nov 28, 2015)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
More superheroes are coming to The CW this January in DC's Legends of Tomorrow! Get your sneak peek at the action in this trailer added by iceprincess7492! (posted Nov 27, 2015)
Disney Princess
If the Renaissance Princesses went shopping in England, what would their favorite stores be? Here are PrincessAyeka12's ideas! (posted Nov 27, 2015)
Jessica Jones
Netflix released Jessica Jones one week ago. Have you watched it yet? Tell us how it was in this poll by NCISLuverjk93! (posted Nov 27, 2015)
Disney Princess
PrincessAyeka12 predicts which English shops the Classic Princesses would like most. Treat yourself to some new crystal slippers, Cinderella! (posted Nov 27, 2015)
Disney's Zootopia
Speed it up, Mr. Sloth, we have a trailer to watch! Our leading bunny Judy Hopps deals with a suuuuper slooow sloth in this trailer for Disney's Zootopia, added by PrincessFairy. (posted Nov 26, 2015)
Everyone needs food, so why not have it in video games? Here are Windwakerguy430's top 10 video game foods and drinks! (posted Nov 26, 2015)
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