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Shawn Mendes
Have you heard of Shawn Mendes? The 16-year-old singer-songwriter just topped the Billboard 200 with his album, "Handwritten". He's got minimal radio play but a social media following; click to listen to some of his hits and decide for yourself! (posted Apr 26, 2015)
Grey's Anatomy
Spoiler alert! Did you expect to see what you saw in s11e21? Vote in this poll and leave your thoughts in the comments! Props to Gearcy for the image and jasamfan23 for the poll (posted Apr 24, 2015)
Blake Lively
Blake Lively is perma-gorgeous and forever ageless in "Age of Adeline", starring Harrison Ford and Michiel Huisman. Opens tomorrow! (posted Apr 23, 2015)
Daredevil (Netflix)
Just weeks after starting its first season to rave reviews, Netflix has opted to renew Daredevil for a second season. Props to Saejima for sharing the fan video! (posted Apr 22, 2015)
Full House
Full House in the, uh, house! John Stamos confirms Fuller House reunion season on Netflix, with several key actors already under contract. Olsen twins still unconfirmed, however, as they were unreachable under their pile of money. Click for the original show's final curtain call. (posted Apr 22, 2015)
Meryl Streep
Meryl, using her own money, has funded a group to support women screenwriters. Women in screenwriting are among the most underrepresented in Hollywood, with only 11% of blockbusters having their scripts written by women. Applications start May 1st. We tip our hat to Meryl and her team! (posted Apr 21, 2015)
Jurassic World
Check out this action and reptile-packed trailer. Star Chris Pratt says: "For me, Jurassic Park was really kind of my Star Wars. I lined up at the theater to see it, I saw it opening night, I saw every sequel. I've seen it a whole bunch of times" Props to 3xZ for sharing the trailer! (posted Apr 20, 2015)
Fantastic Four
Not to be outdone by Star Wars and Batman, the new, extended Fantastic Four trailer has been released by Marvel and Fox! (posted Apr 19, 2015)
The guys over at AsapSCIENCE put together a fun parody of Taylor Swift's Style about Science! Why? Because "Science never goes out of style!" (posted Apr 18, 2015)
Zayn Malik
Zayn: "I’d also like to take this moment to thank four of the best guys I ever met while being in the band and doing all the amazing things that I did. Some of the things that we did will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I thank you for that. Here’s to the future!" (posted Apr 18, 2015)
After leakage, blurry pirated versions, and other shenanigans, Zack Snyder decided to officially release the officially awesome BVSDOJ trailer! (posted Apr 18, 2015)
Horror Movies
"Unfriended", a unique take on both cyberbullying and freaking moviegoers out, has befriended the majority of critics and kicked off opening pre-weekend with a great start. It's too bad there isn't a Skype account you can call to watch the trailer! Check it out here. (posted Apr 17, 2015)
Star Wars
Lucasfilm and Disney today revealed their latest teaser for "The Force Awakens", directed by J.J. Abrams. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan (yet), the visuals and score are strong in this one. (posted Apr 16, 2015)
Nick Jonas
Nick, Sam Smith, and Hozier are slated to perform at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Which artist are you most excited about? Props to redcarpetreporttv.com for Nick's cropped mug by cc-sa 2.0 (posted Apr 14, 2015)
Taylor Swift
All Taylor wanted for Christmas was for her mom to get a full checkup. The results were devastating, but they are making it public in the hopes that others will get their loved ones screened and checked up. Our thoughts go out to her family. Props to itsalex94 by cc-sa 2.0 from her Fearless tour (posted Apr 09, 2015)
Disney Princess
As news hits that Disney is developing a Broadway musical version of Frozen, we take a look at a fascinating article by Renegated1765 about Elsa: Is she selfish, or just flawed? (posted Apr 08, 2015)
The Vampire Diaries
Only time will tell if Nina's absence will prove to be the proverbial stake through the show's heart. What do you think? Props to nermai for the poll and JJ Duncan under CC 2.0 (posted Apr 08, 2015)
You've seen her prank Kimmel and perform it live. Now, another artist says Rihanna has ripped off her non-hit-single, "Betta Have My Money" from 2014. Vote and decide! (Props to Eva Rinaldi under CC BY-SA 2.0) (posted Apr 04, 2015)
Game of Thrones
George RR Martin proves that, at some point in time, he has indeed been working on the very long-awaited sixth volume of the “Song of Fire and Ice” fantasy series, “The Winds of Winter.” We can't wait, George! Props to Saejima for Sansa's fan image. (posted Apr 02, 2015)
HBO just released the first full trailer for the Entourage movie and we can't wait to see the boys from Queens Boulevard on the big screen. (posted Mar 25, 2015)
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