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Every Witch Way
We've made our choice on who we think Emma should choose and we're going with Daniel all the way. Now it's your turn to vote on who you think Emma should be with! (posted Jan 24, 2015)
Maroon 5
We loved seeing the reactions of the newlywed couples as Adam Levine and Maroon 5 played the surprise wedding band at all of their weddings. The crowd responses were awesome! (posted Jan 16, 2015)
Marvel Comics
Wow. What else can be said about the forthcoming Avengers movie? Action, spectacle, action and drama. We can't wait for May 1st to arrive. (posted Jan 13, 2015)
In her final season of Glee, Lea Michele sings a version of her TV mom Idina Menzel's smash Disney hit "Let It Go" from Frozen. Who sang it better?! (posted Jan 09, 2015)
Marvel Comics
Wonder what the big fuss about Marvel's tiniest hero is all about? Check out the first official trailer for the forthcoming Ant-Man movie. (posted Jan 07, 2015)
Marvel Comics
If you have really good eyesight, you might be able to make out some of the images from the forthcoming Ant-Man teaser. Otherwise, feel free to wait for the human-sized teaser to come out on January 6th. (posted Jan 02, 2015)
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift stalked some of her most devoted fans and surprised them with some of their favorite things for Swiftmas. The video shows their joyful and sometimes tearful responses to the sweet and thoughtful gifts. We love Taylor! (posted Jan 02, 2015)
Marvel Comics
We know it will probably never happen but seeing this fan-made trailer of Marvel vs. DC really excites us about the idea of seeing the two worlds collide. Superman vs. Thor, Spider-Man vs. Batman, Hulk vs. Wonder Woman? Who wouldn't want to see this!? (posted Dec 23, 2014)
We've been waiting years for the boys from Queens to finally reunite on the big screen and now it's finally happening. HBO is bringing Entourage to the big screen and Vince, E, Drama and Turtle are back! Coming to theaters June 2015. (posted Dec 23, 2014)
One Direction
One Direction joins Jimmy and the Roots on the Tonight Show for a fun rendition of the Christmas classic "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" on classroom instruments! (posted Dec 23, 2014)
Coming next summer, Pixar gets inside our heads with 'Inside Out'. If the movie is anywhere near as hilarious as the trailer, we're in for a fun ride! (posted Dec 11, 2014)
Another mashup of the year from our favorite DJ Earworm! This is definitely one of our favorites of his mixes in the past few years! (posted Dec 07, 2014)
Gwen Stefani
Fresh with two new solo singles and working with Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani is back with a sweet beat and a love of emojis in the track "Spark the Fire". (posted Dec 05, 2014)
Just as he promised...he's back! This time not as a CGI creation like the one from Terminator Salvation. Arnold returns to the series that brought him fame in Terminator Genisys. The story revisits an altered past that will impact the future of humanity. (posted Dec 04, 2014)
Star Wars
We've been waiting years for this and now it's finally here. Our first footage from JJ Abrams newest chapter to the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens. The short teaser for Chapter 7 has footage of storm troopers, x-wing fighters, and the Millennium Falcon. Now we just want more! (posted Nov 29, 2014)
Peter Pan
Based on the classic characters created by J.M. Barrie, Pan follows the story of a young orphan that we all know and love as Peter Pan. The origin story stars Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard and Garrett Hedlund as a young Captain Hook. Pan will be in theaters next summer! (posted Nov 25, 2014)
Jurassic Park
What kid wouldn't want to visit this amazing new theme park? But it looks like something sinister is afoot, as usual, on this island of dinosaurs. In theaters June 12, 2015. (posted Nov 25, 2014)
Pitch Perfect
The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 premiered last night and we've got it here for you. It looks like The Bellas are going up against some of the top acapella groups in the world this time. The gang is all back and it looks like it'll be another rocking good time! (posted Nov 20, 2014)
Breaking Bad
What happens when you bring Walter White and Jesse Pinkman into the world of Frozen? You get the song "Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?" of course! For those fans of Breaking Bad who miss Heisenberg, you might actually shed a tear! (posted Nov 18, 2014)
Good grief! The adorable Peanuts are getting their own 3D animated feature film starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and all the gang. In theaters November 16, 2015. (posted Nov 18, 2014)
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