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Our favorite fall shows are back, and they brought a great crop of new shows with them! Which one of last week's series premieres has you eager for more? Come pick your favorite new show in the poll by DarkSarcasm! (posted Sep 26, 2016)
Luke Cage - Netflix
You never really know what anyone is capable of. Here's your final action-packed preview of the new superhero series, added by nermai! Marvel's Luke Cage premieres on Netflix this Friday, September 30. (posted Sep 26, 2016)
Lanalamprouge shares her top 20 anime titles and explains what makes each series great! How many of these have you seen? Which would you like to try? (posted Sep 26, 2016)
Disney Princess
andy10B reviews and rates each of Ariel's dresses. Do you agree with his assessments? Which of Ariel's outfits is YOUR favorite? (posted Sep 26, 2016)
Once Upon A Time
Darkness is not as easy to snuff out as you might imagine. The Queen is back and more wicked than ever in season 6! Enjoy a compilation of The Evil Queen's greatest hits while you wait for tonight's premiere on ABC, added by Saejima! (posted Sep 25, 2016)
Welcome to the CIA! Alex faces new secrets and new threats in the new season of Quantico. Are you ready for what comes next? Here's a preview of what to look forward to this season, in a promo added by lunajrv! Quantico season 2 premieres tonight on ABC. (posted Sep 25, 2016)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Say what you will about Avatar: The Last Airbender's Azula, but there is no doubt that she is a complex character. Will she stay evil, or will she become a force for good? zanhar1 thinks there's a redemption arc on the fiery princess's horizon, and here's why! What do YOU think? (posted Sep 25, 2016)
Ben-Hur A Tale Of The Christ
deedragongirl reviews the performances, story, and morals found in this year's epic Ben-Hur reboot. Do you agree? What did YOU think about the movie? (posted Sep 25, 2016)
There's a lot to be excited about this fall, especially if you're a book lover who enjoys seeing characters brought to life on the big screen! You will soon be able to enter a home full of peculiar children, meet new wizards and fantastic beasts, and go on a new adventure with Robert Langdon! Which adaptation are you most excited about? Vote in the poll by laurik2007! (posted Sep 24, 2016)
Hello, hello, hello how old is Nevermind today? The iconic Nirvana album that gave us "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Lithium" was released 25 years ago today, in 1991! What's your favorite song from the album? Come (As You Are) and vote in the poll by DarkSarcasm! (posted Sep 24, 2016)
Book to Screen Adaptations
DarkSarcasm tells us about five movie adaptations that were just as great, or even better than the book! How many of these have you seen and read? Which one is your favorite? (posted Sep 24, 2016)
Angelica_AW reviews the hair styles and outfits for Disney's heroines and picks her favorites! How many do you agree on? (posted Sep 24, 2016)
The Walking Dead
Just a king with a pet tiger, no big deal. Visit Ezekiel's Kingdom and see more from season 7 in the latest promo, added by Blacklillium! The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 23. (posted Sep 23, 2016)
Disney's Moana
This Russian trailer has more more monsters, more fun, and more chicken! Check out the latest international trailer for a new look at Moana, added by PrincessFairy! Moana arrives in theaters on November 23. (posted Sep 23, 2016)
What is it about monsters in horror that makes them scary? Why do people find things like the Alien franchise frightening, or consider Silent Hill as one of the best horror games ever? Windwakerguy430 takes a look at what it takes to make a terrifying, creative monster! (posted Sep 23, 2016)
In this Dream Destination guide, deedragongirl shares her top three reasons for wanting to visit Russia! Would you like to visit too? What are YOUR reasons? (posted Sep 23, 2016)
How to Get Away with Murder
Let's talk drama! The binge-worthy Shondaland Block is back, and there's a new slice of awesome between returning favorites! Get the scoop on the new ABC Thursday in the promo, added by nermai! Grey's Anatomy, Notorious, and How to Get Away with Murder premiere tonight on ABC! (posted Sep 22, 2016)
Pitch (FOX)
This is one of those moments in sports that you'll remember where you were when you saw it. A gifted athlete becomes the first woman to play Major League Baseball in Pitch, premiering tonight on Fox! Pitch stars Kylie Bunbury, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Ali Larter, and Dan Lauria. Check out the trailer for the new series, added by DarkSarcasm! Who's watching? (posted Sep 22, 2016)
Harry Potter
Bellatrix Lestrange is bad to the bone. Can someone that bad also be sympathetic? Is redemption out of the question? zanhar1 shares her views on the complex Harry Potter villain! (posted Sep 22, 2016)
Disney Princess
andy10B reviews and rates each of Mulan's dresses. Do you agree with his assessments? Which of Mulan's outfits is YOUR favorite? (posted Sep 22, 2016)
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