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Fanpop's Dr. Evan interviews Renaissance man James Wilder, who recently won 4 best actor awards for his role in "3 Holes and a Smoking Gun". Check out the surprise tour of the medieval mansion he built from the ground up, including an amazing open-air metal cage elevator and a room entirely coated in red playing cards! (posted Jun 25, 2015)
Puss in Boots
Danny Trejo joins Fanpop's Dr. Evan to talk about his work in The Adventures of Puss and Boots, his take on the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, his new Trejo Tacos restaurant in LA, and his charity work. Hear questions from fans geocen, Iris, and 528hellokitty! (posted Jun 11, 2015)
The Good Dinosaur
What would have happened if the asteroid which caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs never hit the earth? In theaters this November! (posted Jun 02, 2015)
LEGO Worlds "Minecraft 2.0" Open World Game Early Access on Steam: Jaundiced minifig heads asploded as LEGO unveiled its open-world brick-based game. Better than MINECRAFT? LEGO has finally delivered, complete with terrain-altering giant drill-trucks, fire-breathing dragons, and skeleton hordes. (posted Jun 01, 2015)
Kristen Stewart
Though drugs, KStew and Jesse Eisenberg are all involved, the similarities with Adventureland end there. This trailer is both hilarious and surprisingly action packed. (posted May 29, 2015)
This game looks ridiculous. And wet. Despite smashing countless thugs into the pavement, our favorite bat-phobic man and his crew of sidekicks and cannon-firing autonomous Batmobile manage to kill 0.0 people. Future urban combat never looked so good. (posted May 29, 2015)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Our man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars in "San Andreas", opening this weekend. Featuring Sia's "California Dreaming" in some of the most spectacular disaster imagery to ever hit your torrent stream. Imagine what it would look like in an actual theater! Props to veteran fan usernameinvalid for sharing the new trailer! (posted May 28, 2015)
Upcoming Movies
Hou Hsiao-hsien ( 侯孝贤 ) wins Best Director at Cannes for his stunning martial arts film, "The Assassin" ( 聶隱娘 ), starring Shu Qi ( 舒淇 ) and superstar Chang Chen ( 張震 ). International release dates are now official! "Dheepan" won the coveted Palme d'Or under director Jacques Audiard, to mixed reactions. (posted May 24, 2015)
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four actor Michael B. Jordan has responded to trolls, saying that "I’ll be the one to shoulder all this hate." The Human Torch was originally blonde and Caucasian. Some fans claim they're just angry that they changed the character at all. Or is the real anger because the Torch is black? Props to 6mm for the poll and Photoshop-fu (posted May 23, 2015)
Johnny Depp
Those of you used to seeing Depp play Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean may not recognize the baldness, busted teeth and revolver of his new character in Black Mass. Props to red-medal fan IM-A-DEPP for sharing the video within minutes of release! (posted May 23, 2015)
Disney lines up another home run with the live-action "Tink" film! Details have been thin, but Reese Witherspoon has just signed on to play Tinker Bell. We love Reese, but is she ready to fly? Vote and have your say! (posted May 22, 2015)
Justin Bieber
Bieber sings some of his classics in a Range Rover with Late Late Late Late Show host James Cordon (who doubles as Ludacris). They then talk underwear, lovemaking music, and not kissing girls. Props to mjlover4lifs for sharing! (posted May 21, 2015)
Game of Thrones
Continuing fan outrage and boycotts triggered by the graphic rape scene this week refuses to die, in contrast to most characters in GoT. DarkSarcasm asks fans if they'd consider quitting Game of Thrones. Make your vote here. (posted May 20, 2015)
Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas announced his Live in Concert tour starting on the east coast in September. Listen to this new collaboration with Sage the Gemini! (posted May 20, 2015)
Taylor Swift
Winning 8 awards, including best artist, Taylor also unveiled her latest video for Bad Blood. Can you name all seven dozen cameos? Props to geocen for sharing the video! (posted May 19, 2015)
Like Apple, Boyle, Fassbender, Winslet and Rogen might not be the first to market with a Steve Jobs lovefest, but maybe they'll be the ones to do it best? What did you think of Fassbender as Jobs and Rogen as Wozniak? (posted May 18, 2015)
Upcoming Movies
Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road are colliding this weekend. Totally different movies, but both have gotten rave reviews! Some have called it Girl Movie vs Girl Movie; don't judge until you've seen Charlize and crew bust some dusty heads! Which one should dominate this weekend? (posted May 16, 2015)
Britney Spears
Check out the collaboration between Britney and Iggy in this time traveling music video, complete with leopard print and '80's hair. Is it stuck in your head yet? Props to geocen for posting! (posted May 14, 2015)
The Vampire Diaries
Nina Dobrev displayed her impressive flexibility in one of her first post-Vampire Diaries interviews. She describes her road trip and leaving clues for fans here: http://teamcoco.com/video/nina-dobrev-roadtrip (posted May 12, 2015)
Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate, Ed Helms, and Chris Hemsworth's, uh, remote control, star in this rebirth of Chevy Chase's classic vacation comedies. It definitely kicks it up (down?) a notch from the classics. There are kids in this trailer, but this movie is definitely not for kids! (posted May 07, 2015)
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