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  All the Information you need on Capu3 of Rosario+Vampire.
Rosario+Vampire Fan Club
user photo benevolence 9291 261560 3 minutes ago
  Magical High School Rp!
user photo Animated_Heart 35126 332818 20 minutes ago
  -*- Disney Princess Icon Contest, Round 5. -*-
Disney Princess
user photo avatar_tla_fan 52 937 25 minutes ago
  Getting through High School
user photo AmyRose11 1345 9827 25 minutes ago
  So Much More (Another romance Rp. Please Join!)
Random Role Playing
user photo xXDreamWriterXx 1308 5559 30 minutes ago
  In Remembrance of Naruto
user photo QueenOfTheDaze 1 14 50 minutes ago
  Fairy Tail RP
user photo LillyBlack 223 1370 55 minutes ago
  Master Sword and Satan Twist Adventures
user photo Windwakerguy430 7410 16000 1 hour ago
  Pony guessing game
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
user photo Seanthehedgehog 3314 15978 1 hour ago
  Make your own Fairy Tail wizard
Fairy Tail
user photo Blaze_of_Ares 7616 80202 1 hour ago
user photo Me_Iz_Here 110010 1150059 1 hour ago
  Broken from Before..... {{FULL..}}
Random Role Playing
user photo pokemonfan909 1030 5553 2 hours ago
  If Galactik Football is made into a movie who would be the perfect choice
Galactik Football
user photo petefan 0 5 2 hours ago
  Once Upon A Curse
Random Role Playing
user photo xXDreamWriterXx 276 1741 2 hours ago
  The Getting to know Forum
Heroes of Olympus RP Club
user photo Blaze_of_Ares 8537 22169 2 hours ago
  Would you Risk yours for Mine? (2 person RP) (CLOSED) (horror/romance RP)
Random Role Playing
user photo sieluvzsoul 1273 3424 2 hours ago
  What would your reaction be if sonic turned evil and tried to kill Ashton, Sally and Tails?
Ashton Jade Moon
user photo scougesgirl 8 91 2 hours ago
  A God's Sin
Random Role Playing
user photo xXDreamWriterXx 1390 4197 2 hours ago
Random Role Playing
user photo Firiel 2123 7082 2 hours ago
  alpha and omega ultimate rp
Alpha and Omega
user photo runt-the-omega 11 57 2 hours ago