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Juniel – I Think I’m In Love Lyrics
Romanized: Sunday morning mokakeopi hyanggie Waenji gibun joheun kkumeul kkudeut harul sijakhae Mundeuk nae mam gadeuk seolleyeo oneun Achimeul kkaewojuneun neoui geu jjarbeun mesiji Mohitoboda deo sangkeumhan tteollim Remonboda tok ssoneun i jjaritame start sarangi one Yeppeoseo sarange ppajin geolkka Sarange ppajyeoseo yeppeojin geolkka Achim geoul apeseo kotnoraereul bureumyeo Bung tteooreuneun nae mam Ijen neol mworago bulleojulkka Jagira hamyeon jom ssukseureoulkka O...
The Juniel Club
Juniel – Illa Illa Lyrics
Romanized: Ttaseuha-ge buneun hyanggiroun baram nae du bo-re seuchimyeon nan, sarang-haet-deon geudae eol-ku-ri tteooreujyo Oh ~ gil-kae sumeoseon ireumdo moreuneun deul–ggoti pil ttaecheumen, giyeok jeo pyeone kamchwo dun geudae-ga tteooreujyo My baby illa illa illa, baby illa illa illa, baby illa illa illa Never forget love Cheotsarangeun areumdawoseo cheotsarangeun -ggotiramnida bomi omyeon hwahlchag pineun o~ nuni bushin -ggotcheoreom Cheotsarangeun eorinaecheoreom cheot...
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Juniel – Everlasting Sunset Lyrics
Romanized: Ni-ga keuryeojin no-eul jin gi-reul han-cham parabomyeon geuri-un shi-gan sokye Ttatteuthan ni-ga nae-ge da-gawah daheul -deut hada sarajyeo-ga Heuryeojin shi-gan jiteojin nun-mul-kwah tteo-reojyeo naerineun namushipdeul sa-iro Adeukha-ge neon deo meo-reojyeo-ga pabocheoreom nan bogoman seo isseo Keu ttae manya-ge nan geu soneul nohchiji anhat-damyeon Neowah na chigeum uri moseub cham manhido tallajyeosseul tende Norahke beonjin i gi-reul keodda bomyeon nae-ge namkyeoj...
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Juniel – Cat Day Lyrics
Romanized: Jameseo kkaen ohu eojireojin chaeksang chimdae Geudaeneun tto bappeuge naganneyo Teong bin jibui goyo deonggeureoni nohin na Ttabunhan siganman tto heureuneyo Haru jongil nan amudo eomneun bangeseo Geujeo haneulman barabodaga Ireumeul saegin bin bap geureut tong ane anja Meonghage balman barabodaga Changmun bakkeul bomyeo manheun saram sogeseo Geudaeui moseummaneul chatgo itjyo Haru jongil nan geudaega eomneun bangeseo Hayan hyujiro jangnanchidaga Geudaega bode...
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Juniel – Boy Lyrics
Romanized: Naega jogeum eoril jeok eoril jeok cheoeum mannatdeon kkaman namjaai Jakgo kkaman eolgure yeppeun nuneul gajin jogeumeun eosaekhaesseotdeon pyojeong Neoneun mwoga geuri ssukseureounji cheoeumen insado motaetjiman Eoneu sungan naege dagawa jun ttatteutan neoui keodaran son Jogeumake naege malhaejuneyo jigeum geudae nareul saranghandago Jakku deullyeowa dalkomhan sweet melody Gyesok geudae nareul anajuneyo Naega jogeum eoril jeok eoril jeok cheoeum mannatdeon yeppeun ...
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Chinhaetdeon chingudeuldo pihago geudaeman barabwatjyo An haebon yorido nan baeugo geudaeman gidaryeotjyo Geudaeneun cham motdwaetjyo geudaeneun cham nappeujyo Geudaega wonhaneun geon mwodeunji nan da haesseonneunde Haru jongil uldaga useotdaga michin geotcheoreom Ireon nae moseupdo wonhan geongayo Geudaen dasin sarangeun haji marayo Neomu nappeun saraminikka Nal beorin geu daegaro haengbokhaji marayo Baby I don't like you I don't like you Dasin ondaedo naneun sirheoyo Ba...
The Juniel Club
Official Fanclub Name: Banila 바닐라.[63] Combination of Bbanini (her first guitar) and 'illa illa' (her debut song) Announced on: 26 December 2012
The Juniel Club
2016-present: Label change
On January 20, FNC Entertainment announced that Juniel would not be continuing her contract. The agency stated that "Juniel′s contract expires at the end of the month. Both parties discussed whether or not to renew the contract, and in accordance with Juniel′s own intention, we′ve decided not to renew the contract."[44][45] On February 22, a C9 Entertainment representative said that they've recently signed a contract with Juniel. C9 Entertainment is home to&...
The Juniel Club
2014-2015: I Think I'm in Love and collaboration
FNC Entertainment has confirmed Juniel's comeback, on 29 September with her title track I Think I'm in Love. It has been over one year and five months since her last comeback with Pretty Boy.[40] In April 2015, Juniel collaborated with Teen Top's Niel for release a duet called "Spring Love".[41] Niel & Juniel had their debut stage on Mnet's M! Countdown on 16 April 2015.[42] On August 21, Juniel made a comeback with her se...
The Juniel Club
2013: Juni, Fall in L, DOKKUN PROJECT and Romantic J
Juniel received the Rookie Award at the 27th Golden Disk Awards on 15 January 2013, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,[30] and was invited to perform at MIDEM festival's Happy Hour Business Party in Cannes, France on 27 January 2013.[31] She released her debut Japanese studio album Juni on 6 March 2013, which consists of eleven self-composed songs and a Japanese version of the duet "Babo" with CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa.[3...
The Juniel Club
2012: My First June, 1&1 and South Korean debut
Juniel released her second Japanese single, "Sakura: Todokanu Omoi" (さくら~とどかぬ想い~), on 15 February 2012.[19] The song was used as an ending theme for various television shows, such as Music B.B., Music Focus and King Kong no Arukoto Naikoto. She appeared on MBC's documentary show K-Pop Star Captivates the World on 22 April 2012,[20] where her hype track, "Fool" (feat. Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue)), was released.[21] H...
The Juniel Club
2011: Ready Go, Dream and Hope, and label change
Juniel made her official debut on 29 April 2011 releasing her first Japanese EP titled Ready Go.[11] She was the opening act for Oh Won-bin's live concert Good For You, which was held at the at Akasaka Blitz on 26 June 2011.[12] Juniel was later the opening act for F.T. Island's Messenger tour, performing at their Zepp Tokyo concert on 6 July 2011.[13] Juniel's second Ep Dream & Hope released on 12 July 2011.[11] The fo...
The Juniel Club
1993–10: Early life and career beginnings
Choi Jun-hee was born on 3 September 1993, in South Korea.[4] As a child, she began dancing and singing, with popular soloist BoA being her inspiration.[5] She started playing the guitar in her third year of junior high school.[6] She wrote her first song, "Boy", when she was sixteen,[7] which was later included on her first Japanese EP.[8]While studying in Japan, she won the Japanese audition program Niji Iro Supernova, beating out many other sing...
The Juniel Club
Basic Info about Juniel
Choi Jun Hee (Korean: 최서아; born 3 September 1993) better known by her stage name Juniel (Hangul: 주니엘, often stylized as JUNIEL) is a South Korean singer-songwriter.[1] She began her career in Japan before eventually debuting in South Korea.[2] She was first known as 'Junie', but eventually changed her name to 'Juniel', which was derived from combining her name, Junie, and L for 'love'.[3] She was also a member of the duo Romantic J wi...
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The Dog Who Saved Christmas Review
this is a pretty good movie. i love movies like this silly and fun, especially with talking animals. i thought the story was good, acting was good, and the dog is cute and so are the mice. this is just a fun and silly film. dean cain and joey diaz the criminals are hilarious together and mario lopez is great for zeus. this movie should get a little more praise than what it got. kids and adults a like will enjoy this movie. if you have not seen this movie then i recommend you do rating 5/5
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Snowden Review
this is a awesome movie. i like these government conspiracy films even when they are based on true events. the acting in this movie is amazing best performance i've seen joseph gordon-levitt do. the directing is good, story is good and all the actors did a great job. i was surprised to see nicholas cage in this movie he did a good job for his small part. now lets talk about what i think if what snowden did was a good thing or a bad thingi liked the movie a lot and yeah it is a story that ...
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little flower
disney channel is soo stupid
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Manga Anime Fan Wiki
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Anime Manga Fan Wiki
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Alcohol Addiction Treatment - Alcohol Awareness
One of the most influential and impactful weapons to put an end to excess drinking habit is awareness. April is considered to be the alcohol awareness month. The ultimate motive is not to stop people from drinking but to set up a limit. Alcohol Awareness Month founded and sponsored by NCADD was established in the year 1987 to help reduce the stigma associated with alcoholism so as to encourage communities to get to the American public each April with information about alcohol, alcoholism and ...
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Max Steel Review
this is a awesome movie. i enjoyed this movie a lot. i'm surprised that this movie did not do well at the box office but i also think that it had poor advertisement. oh well it will end up being a cult classic i can see it now the rental and dvd/blu-ray sales will make that up. i thought it kept true to the show, i thought the acting was great, ben wenchell was great as max and the rest of the cast was great as well. i hope all the nay sayers don't make him loose his confidence becaus...
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Fan Wiki of Magic Knights Rayearth
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DVD box set for sale.
I source youtube for full episodes of my favorite show.  I can see first 4 episodes.   Where can I buy dvd box set?
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Iron Fist Season 1 Review
This is a awesome show. i enjoyed it a lot. i'm glad that the netflix marvel show's are doing well hopefully they will continue to make more after the defenders like the Punisher and so fourth. the final defender is here and now we have to wait until next year to see them all together very excited. i was really happy with the casting choice for danny rand/iron fist  finn jones did an excellent job and jessica henwick  who played colleen  is awesome as well and tom pelph...
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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review
this is a awesome movie. I don't care what everyone else thinks I loved this movie. it was great to finally see superman and batman and wonder woman in a movie together. the acting was good, the story is good and the action is great. ben Affleck did a great job as batman and after all that fuss about him being batman people loved it. gal gadot did a great wonderman. can't wait to see her solo film coming up in the next year or so. and to my surprise jesse esinberg did a great lex. he ...
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EvilSnowman2012 (Known as Daithan Naclerio) loves Mona From Warioware!
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Suneo Honekawa
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Superman/Shazam/ The Return Of Black Adam Review
This is an awesome collection of shorts from dc universe. There is the first short where we learn of Captain Marvel gets he powers and teams up with superman to defeat Black adam. then There is the Short about The Specter, the Short About Green Arrow and the short about Jonah Hex. Great Collection. If You are fans of any of these characters or a superhero fan in general then i recommend that you get this or rent this movie. if you have not seen this movie then i recommend you do rating 5/5
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Haylee Pergola's Boyfriend. {Confirmed Source}
Haylee + Connor = Now official. They are SO cute!  Haylee and Connor were seen out in Boston together on Tuesday. From photos surfacing online; they were both holding hands and he kissed her on the cheek in one candid shot.  Here's what we know about Connor so far:  Age: 22 Born: June 23, 1994 Height: 5′ 11″ More photos of Connor below:     
The Haylee Pergola Fans Club
Kendall Jenner, Haylee Pergola and Hailey Baldwin.
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Landmines are fun to stand on (YeetMyBoi's dad)
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Add to the Fantasy Story.
Don't delete anything in Bold This story is a nice little story. There is no plot yet, it is to be created over time. I recommend about 2-3 sentences. Please don't change anything anybody adds to the story unless you are proofreading. Be creative and have fun! Once there was a girl named Maria. She loved mermaids so much, she would decorate everything she owned with pictures of them. As much as she loved them, she always knew that they weren't real. She always thought that, ...
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<blockquote> Hello World! Welcome, I like to draw manga and anime or manga/anime!! I ink and color with Copic marker or I use Heath markers. I use the Copic inking pen to ink and the Copic Maker Blender to Blend the makers. Well Byeee World!!!! </blockquote>
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This Is Us
This is Us is the eighth EP by an American girl group 4Minute.  This is Us Crazy (U.S. Version) Headlock Trouble How Ya Doin'? Light Me Up Thank You Feel Your Love                      
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Nha Trang Today
Nha Trang Today là kênh thông tin du lịch uy tín và đầy đủ nhất tại Nha Trang – Khánh Hoà. Kênh chuyên giới thiệu những địa điểm vui chơi, giải trí, khu du lịch, nhà hàng, khách sạn, resort, khu mua sắm, ẩm thực, lịch sử, văn hoá... và những nét riêng của con người nơi đây. Ngoài ra NhaTrangToday Chuyên tư vấn và cung cấp những dịch vụ du lịch như t...
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The Toonpuff Sisters
The Toonpuff Sisters (or The Powermaniacs, or simply Blokko, Bukko and Bukker) are Aldrine2016's new OCs. They are crazy, powerless (in this case means having no superpowers) toon (as it says in their name and species) doppelgangers of The Powerpuff Girls who were Craig McCracken's first concept for his new short film. They, unfortunately, turned out to be nothing but a great deal of trouble, so they were captured by the Cartoon Network studio's security guard going by the nam...
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Haylee Pergola and Justin Bieber.
  Justin Via Twitter in May, 2016: 
The Haylee Pergola Fans Club
Haylee's top Instagram posts.
Right here, we're counting down Haylee's top posts on Instagram:  Haylee's profile page: 163,000 followers, 65 posts;    5.) @hayleepergola via Instagram {August 30, 2016} -  5,764 likes:  4.) @hayleepergola via Instagram {March 8, 2015} - 6,125 likes: 3.) @hayleepergola via Instagram {February 12, 2017} - 6,231 likes: 2.) @hayleepergola via Instgram {October 23, 2016} - 6,656 likes:  ...
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Haylee Pergola and Hailey Baldwin.
Haylee via Instagram stories {One hour before Hailey Baldwin posted} Recents:  Hailey Baldwin and Haylee Pergola {Haylee deleted} Hailey Baldwin via Instagram stories: {One hour after Haylee posted}  It totally makes sense Haylee is covered up in this vid. She's very private.  Also, Hailey never tagged Haylee's name in this post{..}                  
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Commercial Light Boxes
Commercial acrylic lighting panels fit for your retail or business applications are the ideal solution here at Pixalux. We are a Melbourne manufacturer of commercial grade display light boxes, with LED light panels evenly diffusing light and a panel lighting solution with designer applications.....
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Haylee Pergola and Kendall Jenner
Up next is a girl who is a household name. Welcome, Kendall Jenner. Kendall is the sister of Kylie Jenner, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. She is also the daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner. Kendall had posted photos of Haylee on her snapchat.  Since Haylee's birthday is on September 18; Kendall tweeted this. {But} I'm not sure Haylee has a twitter.  Seen below, Is Kendall Jenner:  Photo Credits: TMZ.  Haylee and Kendall out in LA toge...
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Haylee Pergola is confirmed to be really good friends with Harry Styles.
Close friends{..} some say. Harry has reportedly stayed over at Haylees apartment in New York more than once. Harry is currently in New York right now filming for Saturday Night Live but Haylee is confirmed to be in Coachella Valley with Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Kylie.  Harry Styles has even given Haylee a little shoutout on twitter; thanking her for his stay in her apartment in New York.  Harry Via Twitter:  Harry Styles leaving Haylees apartment earlier...
The Haylee Pergola Fans Club
Haylee Pergola Boyfriend + Ex Boyfriend Updates.{Confirmed Source}
Is Haylee dating Connor J? Haylee Pergola and Connor were last seen at LAX Airport together on Sunday night. Is this a possible secret romance?  I reached out to fans of Connor who saw them there together and they said "They acted as if they were together and he kissed her on the head more than once while waiting in line to buy snacks". A source close to Connor has said "They are not officially dating". Confirmed Source input:  Haylee&#...
The Haylee Pergola Fans Club
Haylee Pergola
We all have learned that Haylee likes her privacy. And in a interview has said "I'm a very private person and my friends respect that". Apparently being in the public eye isn't as easy as it seems.  Recently, Haylee's apartment in New York was broken into by a "stalker" {A confirmed source says}  Haylee's New York Apartment:  {But..} even through the stalker incidents and the drama that comes along with fame they all seem to l...
The Haylee Pergola Fans Club
Haylee Pergola Coachella 2017
Haylee via Instagram: {Haylee and Kendall Jenner at Coachella 2016}  Haylee is currently at Coachella staying at a house with Kendall, Kylie, Hailey, Madison, Joan, Jordan and more celebs! Haylee posted a video via Instagram of Hailey Baldwin, but I don't have the screenshots. I have not seen any photos surfacing of Haylee online yet. Kendall Jenner posted a short video of Haylee to her stories, but then deleted.    Hailey Baldwin via Instagram:  Ke...
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Loud House Overview
Things are crowded in the Loud household, with 11 children -- 10 girls and one boy -- causing craziness in the house. As the only boy, 11-year-old Lincoln is in the middle of all of the chaos. Whether his sisters are giving him unwanted makeovers or he's racing them to the couch to gain control of the TV, Lincoln is often getting involved in antics with his siblings. Lincoln's best friend Clyde, who happens to be an only child, is jealous of Lincoln's large family and is always wi...
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project shade
shadow went back to MOBUIS using chaos control wen boom bang boom HOOO shout DR EGGMAN EVILY sonic was going very dark angry the crazy doc add shout tails in the chest with his ray gun KNUCKES hold tails he all so add been hit not as bad as tails cream cry hugging her mom AMY was dead saving cream shadow look on in shock and in aww of sonic changing from blue to black with orange DR EGGMAN was no were to be seen once sonic was done changing into his new permeant form using his hel...
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project shade
shadow found a file wen he went back to the ark in MARIA old room in a little black box was a pink USB shadow look at it a minute then put it into his laptop on the screen project shade crated bye MARIA as a gift for her best friend shadow there was a video of MARIA dear shadow if you found the pink USB that means gun have come and I and grandfather are no longer here don't be sad shadow I love they time with you I add your my son in a way shadow nod now about project shade he...
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First Consultation | Life IVF Center
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