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Least favorite characters?  delamico 27 7504 over a year ago
Favorite Characters?  papa 37 13131 over a year ago
New Game of Thrones Tribute Video/Song  obi112 0 1530 over a year ago
What are your favourite Theories?  JAlanaE 0 1346 over a year ago
Countdown 2,000 Fans!  GeorgiaSky 0 1103 over a year ago
FanArt and who can use it for their Vlog?  WillowFox 0 1530 over a year ago
I would like to know what the rest of the fans think about TheonGreyjoy...  Fenrir 19 3457 over a year ago
Ten Most Favorite Scenes?  delamico 7 9918 over a year ago
Who would you kill off or bring back, if you could? Tell me your reasons please.  Kaleese619 13 2671 over a year ago
Thrones Two...Best scene  Kaleese619 4 2247 over a year ago
The End  aholic 3 20433 over a year ago
Create a character!  MuffinFan 0 1502 over a year ago
Jon could be Ned's son? Also an alfie allen Possible spoiler  blacina777 2 2268 over a year ago
Benjen Stark  Blackfish 6 4233 over a year ago
Book 6!  cwargo 0 4555 over a year ago
Who else thinks that Sansa has learned to "Play The Game of Thrones"?  Kaleese619 0 2511 over a year ago
When will we meet the Green Seer and his sister  Kaleese619 0 2986 over a year ago
What to read next?????  Blackfish 3 2221 over a year ago
Kingslayer Slays Cousin Thrones 2  Kaleese619 5 2866 over a year ago
Is Syrio Still Alive?  Blackfish 5 5196 over a year ago
What do you think of Asha Greyjoy? Where do you see her going in the story?  Kaleese619 6 3849 over a year ago
Lady Cat Stark...Not A Sympathetic Woman  Kaleese619 2 5960 over a year ago
Is George going to die before he finishes the fifth book?!  Fenrir 3 1580 over a year ago
All Song of Ice and Fire Spots  ilovereading 2 1572 over a year ago
Game of thrones t-shirts  PurpleCactus 0 5933 over a year ago
Book 5 - A Dance With Dragons  dusty200 7 3579 over a year ago
New Sample Chapter!  dragon_lover 1 4515 over a year ago