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Remember that part in Alpha and Omega where Kate finds out she is forced to marry Garth. And notice how she looks like she is about to cry. Why is that. Well, according to a small rumor, there is a scene that lasts about 3 minutes that reveals why she is upset, and why Winston never gets angry at her. What you are about to find out may shock you and Disturb you. I must say, I could not sleep for a week, and now when I am either over and Jon's or Phil's (Alphakate21), I get this bad feeling when I am around Kate. I don't know exactly if its fear or what. But, they have been making me feel...
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These are all just guesses and aren’t actually confirmed, let me know what you think.
Humphrey - 22
it’s obvious that he is young
Kate - 20
it think she is younger than Humphrey because when they are kids she sounds less mature
Lilly - 18
Lilly is defiantly a few years younger than Kate
Garth - 20
due to an arranged marriage I would guess Garth is the same age as Kate.
Marcel - 47
I would assume Marcel is middle aged
Paddy - 40
Paddy is also probably middle aged
Winston - 54
Winston is Kate and Lilly’s father so he would have to be at least 40.
Tony - 64
Tony is Garth father so would also have to be at least 40, however he seems to have back problems something that old people get a lot
Eve - 47
Yet again Eve would have to be at least 40, but I think she’s probably slightly younger than Winston.
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It had been almost a week since the Great Wolf Games as Claudette, Runt, and Stinky were playing with Agnes the porcupine, Brent the Bear Cub, Claudette's boyfriend Fleet and his little sister Magril. Magril's paw had healed enough to let her play games again thanks to Eve and the northern Pack's healers.

They were playing hide and go seek and Fleet was seeking. While most of the children (I think Agnes is a kid), Runt was trying to find a new hiding since he was restricted to climbing trees. He found a bush and jumped in and waited. Though suddenly Magril jumps in the Bush and bumps into Runt....
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