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Humphrey's friend in the Northern Pack

Age: 6

Species: Wolf

Pack Rank: Alpha

Relations: Owen and Amy's son

Area of Residence: Northern Pack, Northern Region

Date of Birth: August 19th, 1988


Height at Shoulders: 1' 5"

Fur and Mane Color: Bright tan

Eye Color: Tan


Raised strictly by his father, but still makes room for fun amidst his responsibilities.


Rescued Humphrey from under a tree one night but unfortunately, also got his leg broken by Humphrey
Ok so some people asked me if I can provide them a few links. I found them and added informations as requested. Hope you'll enjoy them.

**For the torrents, all uploaders are verified (Gold crown on kickass torrent) and I tested the torrents myself too.

Anything wrong? Let me know!


Download [Torrents]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [French, Bluray]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [English, French, Russian 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [English, DVD Rip]:link
Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English, Bluray 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English,...
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posted by Alex_6SIC6
My names Richard. I'm 17 years old and I just watched a video made by the Devil. It was NASTY and SCARY! I'm not kidding you! It had so much rape and satanic themes and many more. So, there is a lost A&O video about Humphrey called "Humphrey's_Lost_It_again-avi". I have like, an hour before I have to go to bed, so, I'll tell you it all. The video starts off with a message saying "666" and it shows black for 8 seconds. Then, it fades in with Humphrey with a devilish and scary grin on his face. There was no sound but him breathing. He then looks at the ground and he raises an upside down...
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Kate and Lilly are college roommates who go exploring in an uncharted cave on the beach. But to their surprise, the tide begins to come in and they get lost. They have to think Quick in order to escape cause the water is rising....

"So Kate who told you about this cave?" Lilly said, following her roommate/sister. Kate, who was a Junior, grinned. "My friend who explores caves all the time, Scar remember?" Kate said. She wore a sports bra and a short sleeve t-shirt with skinny, tight jeans. "Kate, don't you wonder if guys stare at your ass all the time?" Lilly said. "Hell, I want guys to stare...
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Kate woke the next morning to sun streaming in her den, at first she was taken back by her surroundings, thinking she would wake up in a comfy bed with Jon's arm around her. Realizing where she was and remembering the night's previous events, she got up, stretched and yawned. The glare from the sun off the fresh powdery snow outside was blinding, and Kate squinted as she made her way to the mouth of the den. There was at least four feet of snow on the ground and it came up to her neckline. Traveling through this would be rough and time consuming, but she had to find Jon, he was lost out there...
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What an incredible night it was for the moonlight howl. The huge full moon lit up the night. Kate and Humphrey were on their way back to the den. Kate looked amazing, as usual, all spiffied up, just for her one true love....Humphrey! Humphrey really appreciated this. Kate always knew how to make him happy. He was the happiest omega wolf in the entire universe!

As the couple approached their beautiful den Kate told Humphrey to go on in while she was "using the bathroom". So, he did. Humphrey went into the den and sat down next to the back wall, waiting for Kate to return. Meanwhile Kate was still...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
Lilly wakes up in her den and goes to wash her face, while Garth's out hunting for food. Cause of the fact that she's pregnant, she hasn't been feeling that good in that past few days. She gets dizzy every now and then, and her legs wobble from her baby hump. While she sits down and takes a look at the view outside the den, Winston and Eve come to visit her.

Eve: Lilly, my little angel.
Lilly: (smiles) Hi mom. Hi dad.
Winston: Feelin' better? (hugs her)
Lilly: Yeah, i'm fine.
Eve: (sees her belly) How are they?
Lilly: Oh, they'll be coming soon. I guess.
Winston: I bet Garth's proud of you, sweetie....
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Love train
Love train
That's all the soundtracks I found with the autors and who played/produced them. Enjoy ^^

Me And You
Written by John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann

On The Loose Again
Written by John Frizzell and Gabriel Mann
Performed by Gabriel Mann

When we Stand Together
Written by Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, Joey Moi
Performed by Nickelback

Written by Ryan Tedder & Sam Watters
Performed by Jordin Sparks
Produced by Ryan Tedder & The Runaways

Written by Chester Bennington
Performed by Linkin Park

Feels Like Tonight
Written by Dr Duke &...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kims Haunted Past

    It was very early in the mourning when Kate was awaken from a terrifying nightmare. Kate rubbed her eyes and laid on her back starring at the ceiling of the den. “Man, thats the fourth time this week I've had the same nightmare,” She thought. “Why am I having these nightmares, what do they mean?” “Its the same thing every night?” “Maybe I just need some air to clear my head,” she thought. Without waking Midnight and Humphrey Kate stretched and gave out a yawn and walked out of her den. To her surprise sitting at the edge of the den was...
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posted by tinyhades
Chapter 1: Married Life

Humphreys POV

This story started the night of when the movie ended

I'm so happy I cant sleep Kate is right by my side my childhood crush is finally my wife.

she is so beautiful in the moonlight. I don't know what I was thinking, becoming a lone wolf. The only flaw with Kate Isn't even to do with her but her mum someone I've always feared I'm afraid to even look at Kate when she’s there.

Flash back

back in Idaho meeting Marcel and Paddy. To dancing in the Biker's/Wife's van To log sledding down the mountain being chased by a bear.

Back to reality:

Time to get to sleep zzzzzz....
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Months passed bye and Kate`s stomach seemed to be growing bigger. But everyone was happy and i really was cause if i did not mate with Kate Kate`s mom would of killed me. So basically i had no choice or I would never see anyone again. I was a happy cause i can be come a father. Tonight at dinner we where peace fully eating till the moment happened. Kate yelled"MY WATER BROKE"! I Ran and called her parents and i quickly stood by Kate`s side. I said "OK I am gonna need you to push on three". She grabbed my hand "OK ready *Kate nodes* One two three. Kate screamed to the top of her lungs. She also...
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posted by hank666
Unknown Love

Hutch looked up at the shining stars above, staring listlessly into space. It was a nice, cool, calm spring night up in Canada. The wind was calm and it was a cloud less night sky. The spring air was still and quiet. Hutch sat at the entrance of his den quietly, thinking and wondering. "So peaceful" He thought, he sat there for a while before he heard some footsteps coming up the path by his den. Hutch got up lazily due to being worn out from the day's duties. He was a Beta wolf, not the Alpha but not the Omega, he was just below the Alpha ranking, meaning he had to work most of...
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posted by katealphawolf
Kate woke up, she was laying on a soft warm blanket, she looked around to see she was in a cage again. Her nose caught the aroma of something good, she looked down to find two bowls. One of water and one of meat! She scarfed it down greedily and searched for more, she was so hungry!

"Well well well, sleeping beauty finally wakes!" Kate peered out of the cage, a very tall figure towered above her. The figure bent down and peered inside at her with piercingly blue eyes, she did not snarl or show any fear at the sight of a human before her. "Hmm, you sure were in rough shape when I found ya, my...
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posted by Mitsi1991
Kate's Inner Monster Prt. 4

"Ok Humphrey give me a sec to catch up!!" "So you and Kate
where on your way to the MOON LIGHT HOWL and you both hear
a loud noise out in the forest??" "Then you both decide to go
investigate on what made that noise." "You both go into the forest
and find two hunters"? "You end up getting chased by the hunters
and then Kate gets caught in a trap...."? (NOT GOOD!!) "Anyway
you go back to save her and she tells you to run and you do!!!"
"Why is that??" "Why didn't you stay to help her is my BIG
question???" "Now Lilly I already told you!!" "The way she said to
it to...
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Chapter 8: Humphrey's Rally

It wasn't long after the sound of the trucks started echoing throughout the valley that all hostilities were forgotten and every wolf, Rouge or not, evacuated. What was once a clamor of the sounds of battle was now quieter than a graveyard.

After the humans were driven off after Humphrey was shot, they returned to the town and explained the whole situation to the local police. The town eventually decided to track down these obviously dangerous wolves and get rid of them.

The population of the entire town set out, armed with guns and tracking dogs, a total force of...
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Chapter 6: The Invincible Ones

As they retreated into the woods, King denied his forces permission to pursue, instead assuring them that they would be back.

Meanwhile, in the woods Humphrey and the group were discussing how they were going to take back Jasper, if it could even be done. The hot summer breeze blew through the trees and the debate grew ever longer.

"We can't leave Jasper to the Rouges," Humphrey said. "We have to take it back."

"But that's giving King exactly what he wants," Kate pointed out.

"It doesn't matter," Humphrey replied. "This is our home, and no one takes it without a fight."...
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Chapter 3: Omega Hostage

Upon their return to Jasper, the group, now composed of Kyle's pack, hid just behind the tree-line, out of sight of King and his Rouge Wolves. Or so they thought.

As they were talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out what to do, a group of Rouge Wolves came out from nowhere and attacked the group. In the chaos, a smaller group came out from behind the bushes and kidnapped Humphrey, taking him hostage.

"Kate!" he shouted as he was being dragged away. Kate turned to see him being carried off. She went to go after him but was stopped by the Rouges. Their numbers...
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posted by Willersmunk
It was a not so peaceful day in Jasper. It was some time in the fall, and there was a wolf that went missing. No one knows who though, that's the thing.
"Hopefully it was that idiot, Candy, or Sweets, or Both of them." Lyle said to him self, Violet hearing him.
"Honey, now I know we hate them, but do you really think who ever would take an 'Idiot'?" Violet asked.
"Ok, good point." Lyle said.
"But where has Rosemary been?" He thought, then figuring out it was...
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By Snow



It was a beautiful day in Jasper National Park. The sun was out and the radiance of the green grass shone in the bright morning light. A gentle cool breeze flowed through my fur, making my coat sway from side to side. The storms had been brutal the past two days but no matter the weather, nothing was going to ruin this perfect day.

I was playing with my new friends, Jessie and Ryan. Jessie had grey fur with a white underbelly, her eyes a striking ice blue. Ryan's fur was golden, and he shared the same white underbelly as his sister, but...
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posted by Silver_Alpha
The Mystery of Alpha Condor

Prologue: A wolf named Condor, was on a regular walk to fetch lunch for his family. He was an alpha, rank B, and he was a tough mutt. When he was in school, multiple guys made fun of him for his fur color: purple. On that day, those same people pushed him into a caribou running herd, and he was killed. No one cared for his death, and his soul possessed his own body, and killed his wife, and his two teenaged sons. More and more wolves have disappeared since that day, and that's where the story begins...

Chapter 1: A good day

It was a very sunny day in jasper park, and...
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