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posted by housecuddy4ever

I didn't like Amber in the beginning.
But when she came back I was wondering,"Does she really love Wilson?"
When I saw 'Living the Dream' and saw how Wilson was happy and loved her,and how Amber treated him,I fell in love with her.

When she died in 'Wilsons Heart' I was pissed off.
I know she was dead before the crash,but I thought,"Why the hell can't Wilson be happy?Have the writers lost their minds?"
I sort of saw House give in to Amber.
Even though they fought over Wilson.

Amber made Wilson happy...that made me happy.
Now that FOX is showing S4 again,and as I watch Amber being...
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posted by misanthrope86

I have decided to join this spot. After months of Amber-hating, I have finally given in to her manipulative ways and have joined Team Amber!

When Amber first appeared, I didn't like her. And when people started saying that she was the "female House", I began to hate her. And then she started dating Wilson and I hated her with a vengeance.

But, with 3 episodes to go in season 4, I found myself slowing warming to The Bitch's cold exterior.

What began my journey to Amber Acceptance was the water-bed fiasco of 'Living The Dream'. I was pleasantly surprised by the way that she treated Wilson...
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