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laurik2007 posted on Nov 02, 2011 at 10:21PM

Hi, I created this forum because I know this show is crazy , pretty much every answer brings up another question, so maybe we could all join in and talk about it.
I hope as the show goes on it will eventually explain the stuff happening around the Harmon House.


Is the Infantat still alive?
Why was Moira able to toggle between young and not-so-young guises?
Who was the guy with the bloody pruning shears in the opening credits?
Whatever happened to Constance's never-seen fourth child?
What's gonna happen with her and Michel?
What's gonna go down in the 2nd season?

Hi, I created this forum because I know this show is crazy , pretty much ev
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over a year ago laurik2007 said…
Some Ideas:

It pains me to say this but I think Tate is a Ghost, and maybe he's Constance's son. The one perfect boy she had and lost
over a year ago laurik2007 said…

So it was pretty much confirmed, Tate is a ghost and he is Constance's son.
Also the School Shootout is Real , but Tate doesn't seem to be aware of it...we will find out why

over a year ago petesalleycat said…
Well, the supressed memory must be part of being unaware that he's dead....but about Violet being 'chosen' how....everyone can see the ghosts in the house right? And I have a feeling Constance had or almost had a baby in the house, but still not sure what her motive is for the new baby.
over a year ago laurik2007 said…
Some say he suffers from multiple personalities or it was the House, It's always the house..

I think Violet is chosen because Tate loves her and he might listen to her.
I don't know about the baby , it freaks me out
over a year ago laurik2007 said…
omg Tate is Rubber Man:(((
over a year ago savannahAHS said…
a little late:/ i just made one of these so i decided to answer in case you were still wondering!
alright soo...
1. the infantata is still alive because charles montgomery used one of the eating hearts from "their girls" and put it inside the baby after sewing all of his body parts back on.

2. moira changes her ages because according to her "men see what they want to see, women see into a persons soul" so even though she was shot while she was young, if you noticed, shse is the only one who has come to terms with the fact that she is dead. unlike elizabeth short, nora montgomery, ect. men would want to see a young and sexy maid so that is where alexandra breckenridge comes in, while frances conroy is there for the women to imagine.

3. when you say the man with the bloody shears do you mean in the theme song? or on what episode?

4. gah i think that might be the most frustrating thing ever. we never find out who the fourth child was! maybe it was foreshadowing to tates baby, michael, that constance adopts? i doubt it but thats my best guess.

5. in my opinion, i think that michael is gonna be one hell of a child!

6. asylum is the best, im so sad that theres just two episodes left </3