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posted by katetekiku
King Tut, eleven years old, was reigning for two years now as the 18th dynasty in the city of Thebes. He had a short temper, great ambitions, and power over all of Egypt, or at least he thought he did.
Akhesenamun, King Tut’s lovely wife, lived happily with him in the temple. General Horemheb, Vizier Ay, Maya the Overseer of the Treasury, and thousands of other guards also lived in his temple, giving him assistance and protection. But one day, another form of assistance came to the temple, pawing at the front door.

“King, there is a presence at the door,” A voice exclaimed, the sound...
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posted by katetekiku
Horemheb smiled at the declaration. “Utchatt,” He repeated, glancing at King Tut thoughtfully. “What a wonderful name to represent a gift from Bastet.”
“I still think I would be happier if you were on a platter,” The King chuckled playfully, dropping the cat swiftly. Utchatt began to jog around the court, meowing softly. General Horemheb chuckled, and then caught her before she ran away.

“Since you have decided to keep Utchatt, on behalf of me,” Horemheb started, proud of his ability to calm the King and make him keep the cat. “We must prepare a crown for it. It is a sign...
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