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First of all, if you think any of these trades are unfair, please don't leave a hate comment, please be polite and say it's unfair and I'll do what I can. So anyway.....

Hey jammers! So today I'll be talking about Animal Jam and spiked collars. So many of you want a spike collar here, so I'll tell you fair trades for each color, long and short.

Let's start with short

The claw machine and a short spiked wristband (no black) And add depending on the person
A pink or purple short collar

Beta wallpaper or flooring, rhino helmet, and a lesser value color short wristband
A short orange collar

A long...
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This is the dream look.
This is the dream look.
Ok everyone, the look is...
founders hat
black long collar
black worn
black long wristband
brown elf tail amour
brown arctic wolf

If you agree like this article. This look isn't mine its the jammer named


so buddy them trade them become best friends with them if you want to.

Incase you were wondering my user is cookieda
i am on almost everyday, i am a member, and jam a gram me with saying "your my best buddy" if you want to be my buddy.

i hope this helped you get a cool look an animal jam. I know it helped me.
posted by octaviavsdjpon3
this is about my animaljam
account ok my username is
ok i have the underwater den and the underground den and the crystal palace
and thats all my dens!!:) and now
my gems and diamonds i have 72 diamonds from cards:) and i have 290,000 gems cause i sell alot of stuff and and now my rares
i have 4 rare bows black white and blue and purple and i have 2 rare spikes black and red
and i have a rare mummy mask 2 of them
and i have 10 not rare spikes and i have 4 headdreses and 4 beta tails and 2 are white and the others is purple and i have 4 rare pink sofas and a tall skinny rare lamp and...
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posted by Mythicthunder
The Lost RainWing

It all started when the first dragon went missing. Her name was Lavender. No one knows what happened to her, ever her partner, Bright, had no idea what could have happened. A search party went out looking for her under Queen Glory's orders, but being RainWings, they had to stop for suntime. They came back with nothing, not even a scale. After that dragons started to vanish, one by one every other month, until an egg was stolen from the hatchery. Then Queen Glory got mad, real mad. Who would have the nerve to steal an egg, but then again her own egg was stolen, so...
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posted by lolsmakemelol
It was Night,
And an Arctic wolf named Sparkle Frozenrose
Was about to go to sleep.
Sparkle saw a strange Yellow glow out the window.
It disappeared after 2 seconds.
She thought she was dreaming, But she wasn't.
It was The Stalker, Magical Killereyes.
She has Bloody stars on her,
Creepy Glowing Yellow eyes,
And pink and purple skin.
Sparkle opened the door to see what it is,
But she thought it was nothing.
Killereyes went through the door,
Sparkle screamed in terror when she saw Killereyes!
Killereyes was holding a sharp knife,
About to slice Sparkle's head off.
Sparkle had to lock her den,
It was her only...
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Miss sleeping
Miss sleeping
Miss Wonky Buddy Was snuggling down on the beautiful Serepia's dark green grass. Fireflies were swiping beneath Miss's torso as she turned over to fall into a log outlined with various plants. The log stung her forehead as she slowly pushed herself up out of her slumber and moaned "Uggghhh.." She placed her cyan dragon glove on her injured forehead and rubbed it for comfort. Her eyes kept forcing to droop down to continue to sleep. The chain of her heart locket got tangled up from the fall, and her fur was all matted and messy. She was sure a sight. Luckily she was alone so nobody saw her....
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posted by carlie445
Last nights game was a close call, but the Lions beat the Wolfs 12-10! On the first round The wolfs star player, Jade Wolfbane, got the ball and ran to the 3rd down point before the Lion's star player, David Lionberg, Tackled him. David took the ball, ran and made it! TOUCHDOWN!! and the score was 1-0. 19 rounds pass and the score is 10-10. David Wolfclaw of the wolfs runs to the 1st down and is tackled by David Lionberg! Lionberg has the ball, and TOUCHDOWN!! The score is 11-10. next point wins for the lions. Jade wolfbane has the ball, He runs the the 5th down and he is tackled by Micheal Jorlion. AND MICHEAL HAS THE BALL AND TOUCHDOWN!! "THE LIONS WIN! THE LIONS WIN!" said a young lion cub! Next Up, Pandas Vs Monkey at baseball.
posted by katethealpha123
ok we have heard AJHQ heard that GIRAFFES are coming to jamaa! so when you go on animal jam be sure to read the buletien board and the news! please,please go on today! and click the play now button! please please go on animal jam. it is so so so so fun! pick your favorite wild animal from a wolf, to a koala! you can go to the movies,the beach,the forest,a aqarium,and even parties! you cant be a monkey anymore though,they went endagered a little while ago. it is sad,but you can still be any other wonderful animals! and go to toys r us to get a animal jam gift card for a three month membership and a exlusive lion animal! thanks for readin, bye! P.S. go on animal jam today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by carlie445
Phantoms are very weird animals. Some believe that they are animals that haven't been created, some believe that they are mira's tears and anger mixed together. But I believe that they are just things. " The phantoms scare me! " said a young wolf pup. These creatures are commonly found in the Temple Of Zois, in the pit. Animals say that they like bad dreams. They mainly come out at night when animals are asleep, since they like bad dreams. They have the following:
one eye

another phantom.
another phantom.
I've been hearing some rumors lately, you know, AJ is being hacked. Lots of people aren't for sure yet though.
Lemme tell you the story of what i thought had happened.

It was a normal day, every jammer was being regular.
some said 'trust me i wont say yes' and some said 'trade or gift me i was ha' I knew what they meant. i never trusted people like that unless it was my buddy from skype or kik. I went to my den, i was scared when i saw a note that said 'you forgot i was here... iv'e been watching you, and all the alphas...' i laughed a little, thinking it was some kind of prank from a buddy,...
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