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Hey everyone!

Seeing as Merlin is ending, just as I'm participating in making my own graphics (I'm sad that after this series they will be no more filming pics or Arwen screen caps) I've decided to make graphics for the top Arwen moments.

But seeing as I have so many moments that I adore, I figured I would ask for some help. So, please list your top favorite Arwen moments from series 1 to 5. I know that the show has yet to finish and we know that Arwen will be a huge feature in the next episode, but I'll leave this open till the end of the series. Then I'll start doing some graphic making.
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Beautiful. So gentle. So loving. Glorious.
bradley james
angel coulby
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    “Merlin, I need you to… Merlin? Merlin!” Arthur starts yelling for his servant as soon as he notices the other man is nowhere to be seen. He was expecting him to be waiting for him in his chambers when he returned from his evening council meeting.
    “MERLIN!” he yells again, irritated now, dropping his belt on the table.
    “I gave him the night off,” a soft voice drifts out of the dim. It is coming from the direction of the sleeping quarters.
    “Guinevere?” Arthur says, puzzled. And intrigued....
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I found this picture online, and decided to make it Gwen's dress in this chapter.
I found this picture online, and decided to make it Gwen's dress in this chapter.
Part 6: link

Camelot Speakeasy, Chicago, 1929

The hard soles of Arthur Pendragon’s shoes echo on the metal stairs hidden behind some trash bins in a dank back alley. He trudges down the stairs and reaches a thick metal door, on which he pounds with the side of his fist. He waits.

Seconds later, a hidden panel slides open, and a pair of blue eyes peek out at him. “Password?” a deep voice asks.

“Open up, Percy, it’s me,” Arthur says crossly. Always the same thing with this one. It’s my damn club. I don’t need to give the password.

“Password,” he repeats.

“Percival. I...
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I have been struggling with the non-reveal issue ever since the season ended. When a question was posted about forgiveness and trust, I just purged my inner feelings into this response. This was a deeply personal and honest moment for me, and I would love to hear from anyone who is having the same struggle or maybe has some words of wisdom in regards to dealing with all of the conflicted emotions:

Trust and forgiveness in regards to a relationship is a complicated thing. In regards to Arwen, I was ecstatic to find out that the betrayal was the result of an enchantment. I always felt that the...
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Hope it's okay to post this here:

Further to Stacey's Article "There Is A Line: Stop Crossing It"

This post emanates from recent tweets of Eoin and Alice (crew member). Even THEY don't like some of the things they see on the Internet about the Colin and Bradley in particular. Some of it they just ignore, like I do, but some of it is totally over the line.

The picture at the top shows a sample of the said tweets.

I have noticed many, many things on Tumblr which I consider totally crossing the line. I got to boiling point at one stage when obscene drawings re. the 'Bromance' between Arthur and Merlin...
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