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Flagger troll: a troll who reports other people's content just to get it removed, even if it isn't broken, miscategorised or even lacking in quality.

FTHOI (For The Hell Of It) troll: a term used to describe a troll who causes trouble just to get people annoyed, which he/she finds ammusing for some reason.

One-starring: to rate content as "Garbage". Other variations include one-starred, one-star and one-starrer (I know, the last example was garbage :P)

Vengance troll: a troll who despises another user and decides to rate their content as "1 star", insult them and -as I have recently found out-...
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posted by ThinkPink20
Good trolls with fun hair. We can leave these alone.
Good trolls with fun hair. We can leave these alone.
Everytime I see a sequence of images rated with all 1's, I wonder what this person is thinking. What does that accomplish? Here are some possible things I thought of:
*Revenge- dun dun dunnnnnn. Trolls don't like certain contributors.
*Spite- They don't want to see this contributor rise to the top.
*The heck of it- Because they can and know no one will catch them.

None of these are excusable though! It's sad that they can't be punished for this, because people work so hard contributing to Fanpop. It's not fair for someone to be denied a medal because of some inconsiderate person's actions. So,...
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posted by hooch-is-crazy
this is a rubbish song about the a.t.s.o.f. with no tune whatsoever, if you feel left out because i haven't included you it's either because i don't know enough about you (most people), i hate you(everyone), i suspect your a troll (cinders), or that your name is impossible to fit into a song (edennirvana) so here it is.


were the a.t.s.o.f.
smashing every single troll
and to have no more on fanpop,
is our only goal.

1.knifewrench is our leader,
he likes to burn stuff,
but he turned his life to fanpopping
and telling trolls enough.


2.dazl is a legend
treating smurfs like slobs
going round smashing trolls,
with her sack of doorknobs


were the a.t.s.o.f.

if you can think of any new verses post them as comments.
posted by katetekiku
These are ways that you can notice a troll spawning.
Before you read this, my examples are relatively stupid. I don't really know how to act like a troll, so my examples suck. Sorry.

1. A troll may have unreadable grammar and spelling, making things hard to read, even their insults. A troll may use the regular internet shorthand, such as "ur" instead of "your" and "u" instead of "you". An example of troll-like writing is this: Were r u, wunderland? u suk.

2. Another way that you can notice a troll is a person abusing the caps lock. Abusing the caps lock is making an entire paragraph capitalized....
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posted by dazl
Why write this?

I'm bored. Meh.

(Sung to Symphony Number 5 in C Minor, First Movement)

I am a troll,
And I find it droll,
To rate content low,
So a bad rating it shows.

I am a plague and a pest,
Abusive and cruel at best,
Attack contributions for fun,
Thou I submit none.

I fill my time,
With comments sublime,
On how other users are gay,
And how'll they'll never get laid.

I live to be hated,
Until my boredem is sated,
Social networks are my haunt,
Plenty of losers to taunt.

So if you see a post,
Who author you want to roast,
Think of me and cry,
My kind never die.
posted by Temptasia
Yesterday when I was writing link about the top love songs of today, I ran acrossed this song that expresses how I feel about trolls. I honestly hope they read it and take it to heart.

I was thinking that I might fly today,
Just to disprove all the things that you say.
It doesn't take a talent to be mean.
Your words can crush things that are unseen.

So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way.

You always tell me that it's impossible
To be respected, and be a girl.
Why's it gotta be so complicated?
Why you gotta tell me if I'm hated?


And I was thinking,...
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Hi everyone...
I'm Ciera aka sapherequeen.

I just wanted to bring up this problem I now have with another user (I don't want to say names because I believe in privacy of others). This user has recently joined fanpop, and overrall she's been very rude. She leaves extremely offensive comments on some images, and if these comments are not offensive, they can surely upset the person who has posted them. Her most severe comments are posted with images of 11-year-old actress Bella Thorne. Also, some of the photos she commented on were posted by the parents of the children in the pictures. This greatly...
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posted by amazondebs
the meanest of all trolls i do believe is the comment troll as although getting bad ratings and not receiving your medals can be frustrating i don't think it's as upsetting as having somebody personally attack you

unfortunately the comment troll is a troll that has appeared in all of us at one point or another weather it has been because we have lost our temper with somebody or we have indulged in feeding another troll or someone has offended you completely by mistake and we have retaliated. Either way being a comment troll can upset many people with out you sometimes even realizing it.

the best...
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Sad, but true.
Sad, but true.
Now one may have noticed I've been doing a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde on this spot, imitating the Internet Troll. Well, it started when link. And it's common knowledge that the best form of mockery (or is it the lowest form of humor?) is imitation.

This joke is at its best when performed in the presence of a troll. It confuses them and they cock their heads and look at you funny, wondering if they're staring in the mirror or not.

Like I've said before somewhere, trolls have IQs in the negative to go with their negative personality. Ironically, that's one of the things that makes them impossible...
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posted by knifewrench
This spot was created because our wonderful internet village of Fanpop has been infected with trollitis. If you are not familiar with the term "trolls" then allow me to explain: an internet troll is a person who goes on a site or views a video just for the sake of insulting someone's interests, contributions or opinions.

Trolls are very hurtful. Even though we know our content isn't bad, it still feels awful to see that 1-star rating on content we have added.

Quite a few trolls have been popping up on Fanpop (excuse the pun) and rating many a contribution as "1 star" which are worthy of at...
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