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what's a troll?  boba 2 1775 over a year ago
Post the Trolls Here  greekthegeek 313 14545 over a year ago
I think I have a hater here !  bl0ndy 3 1661 over a year ago
Is An Abuser The Same As A Troll?  vider69 2 1330 over a year ago
I think I need some help guys...  misanthrope86 3 1748 over a year ago
Do I Have A Troll?  vider69 0 602 over a year ago
The second rise of trolls  knifewrench 3 535 over a year ago
Ghost account protester group.  tinkerluvr 7 508 over a year ago
the war.  hooch-is-crazy 72 2605 over a year ago
Quality Content That You Happen To Disagree With?  Cinders 4 592 over a year ago
cheerleading  tommoxx 2 794 over a year ago
Is it trolling?  germany123 9 587 over a year ago
Bullying, in general  Cinders 0 244 over a year ago
rating soapboxes  amazondebs 6 614 over a year ago
Something Interesting  maybeastarbucks 2 461 over a year ago
Trolls  x-missmckena-x 0 642 over a year ago
Anti-Trolling Month on Fanpop!  Temptasia 33 1882 over a year ago
anti-trolling week.  hooch-is-crazy 1 598 over a year ago
"The Office" Animated Troll Icon  DarkSarcasm 13 2242 over a year ago
just a query  amazondebs 5 587 over a year ago
Temporary Thread for lack of ratings  Cinders 8 750 over a year ago
Anthony Rapp has been trolled!  Cinders 14 521 over a year ago
Question...  smoore23 9 683 over a year ago
The Antitroll  Cinders 4 711 over a year ago
Brawls spot trolling  knifewrench 9 444 over a year ago
TheTache is back  Cinders 10 719 over a year ago
About the banners...  Cinders 19 632 over a year ago
Trolling in Heroes-Spinoff Spot  DarkSarcasm 11 467 over a year ago
Dazl's Urban Legend Vid  Cinders 6 628 over a year ago
Anti-Troll Plan  PkmnTrainerJ 0 166 over a year ago
21st December 2007, Fable Spot trolling  knifewrench 7 451 over a year ago
Possible trolling, the Brawl Spot  knifewrench 6 776 over a year ago