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So quite a few people here seemed to hate season 4 episode 8. Whilst I agree that it wasn't the best, Bryke gave us a pretty good reason for that on their offical tumblr;

In a couple hours the eighth chapter of Korra Book 4 will be released online, and I suppose, if you are none the wiser, a few minutes into it you will feel duped and yell at your screen, “Hey! This is a crummy clips episode!” And that is (almost) exactly what it is––except we all worked really hard to make sure at the very least it isn’t crummy. I’m here to explain why we ended up having to do one. Sometime around...
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Alright, so this past episode we got a clips episode and seeing the position that Bryke was put in by Nick, it's understandable that they went the avenue they did. So I'm not angry for them to have made a clip episode in order to make sure that their staff would stay. What I am and angry with however is the way they executed the episode.

This isn't just the last season of The Legend of Korra. This is the last season of the entire Avatar series as a whole. Alright so if you have to make a clip episode, why don't you include things from the original series too? Right now a lot of questions are...
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I had to write a short story for English class. I did it Makorra based, but without the actual names. See if you can figure out who is who. Credit also to Hedwig_Wolf, a relative, who helped me with it.

Everyone knew they existed, they had found out long ago, but no one expected one to crash land in the middle of a park and demand to go to school. No one had actually seen one of the aliens, so when she came, they were surprised to see she was a beautiful, young woman. The president of the United States got involved, and when the end of winter rolled around and the local high school was about...
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On her list of top ten weirdest things she was forced to do, this one hit the top. Once more, she found herself behind the wheel as the designated driver. In the back slumbered a passed out armless waterbender and an oddly emotional and secret spilling metalbender. Both of which hit the alcohol laced eggnog a bit too hard.

About an hour or so into their drive home Kuvira had taken to singing a super slurred and off key version of ‘walking in a winter wonderland’. Which, on its own was bad enough without the addition of ‘jingle bells’ and ‘deck the halls’. But of course the drunken...
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With everything going on in this spot I kind of wanted to say a little something nice about the 4 main characters. While yeah it was harder for me to talk nicely about some characters I decided to dig deep and give it a try.

Part 1; What I Like about Each Character

Easy one first; I love Sato because she's sweet and kind no matter what. Despite being cheated on and lied to she stuck with the team and didn't turn to the dark side as part of some petty vengeance scheme. I love how she was generous in funding the Fireferrets and allowed them to stay in her mansion. I also admire her bravery...
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The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra (originally titled Avatar: The Legend of Korra) is an upcoming American animated television mini-series that is expected to air on Nickelodeon in 2012.[1] The mini-series is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, which aired on the same network from 2005 to 2008, and will run for 26 episodes.[2] It will take place in the same fictional universe as the original show. The world is influenced by a multitude of cultural and ethnic elements. In it people may have the supernatural ability to manipulate either water, earth, fire, or air. There is one person known...
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