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As we all know in the most resent episode Asami pulled a Korra and kissed Mako on an impulse. There will inevitable be a lot of comparison between this kiss and the infamies kiss between Korra and Mako in "THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION". I'm gonna get ahead of the game and do an official compare and contrast.


Here are the to kisses side by side. On first glance they look very much alike the obvious difference is of course the situation.

Situation #1: KorraxMako

Mako is in a relationship with Asami. Korra confesses her feeling for him and he tells her that it isn't going to happen. However he later...
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The whole Korrasami debate seems to be a hot topic amid the LoK fandom right now so I thought I'd give my input on it.

For starts, my major reason for liking Korrasami is that it is such a huge step in western animation. We finally have some LGTB representation in 'children's' media. And this isn't just some show with a small fanbase--the Avatar franchise is huge and widely popular--so for this show of all shows to have canon bisexuals is pretty cool in my opinion. I do understand that not everyone is comfortable with homosexuality but this is a pro-Korrasami article so I won't get into that....
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