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[NEW MUSIC] We Are Warriors  oHoodie 0 0 1 month ago
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she is good  abbylynch 0 4101 over a year ago
Avril has vowed NEVER to strip for her fans!  check-it-out13 7 9381 over a year ago
Count down to 20,000 Fans!!!  LadyGagaRocker 34 6725 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne Engaged to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger  vickytorita 1 3478 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne pic contest :P  check-it-out13 14 3438 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne Picture Hunt Game  mayuni 19 12445 over a year ago
what the hell  tamilnna 0 2436 over a year ago
FanMade Single Covers Contest! *Round 31 OPEN*  Anichu90v2 448 55015 over a year ago
Avril singing '"why" live  bigd809 3 3930 over a year ago
Amazing Avril Pix Round 1  mayuni 5 3124 over a year ago
AVRIL singles  avrilsmylife 1 2030 over a year ago
Fan Of The Month Avril Lavigne! January Now OPEN  boy123 24 4105 over a year ago
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Avril Contest!! Round 7 OPEN Everybody Hurts  boy123 32 8203 over a year ago
Avril's Mashup Contest  cnjaime 1 2098 over a year ago
MAJORS AND MINORS: A NEW TALENT SHOW!  HipHollywood 0 1752 over a year ago
Music Videos Screencaps Contest - *CLOSED UNTIL AVRIL'S FUTURE MUSIC VIDEO*  Anichu90v2 135 18700 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne icon contest !! *Round 2 OPEN*  situ123 24 3486 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne Contest... Is Now Closed  modrockz 222 28029 over a year ago
avril:best song.  Fangirl99 15 2954 over a year ago
Guess the song! (Avril Lavigne)  rachaelwsz 162 9589 over a year ago
Brody Jenner - Brody Jenner And Avril Lavigne Wear All Black To Wedding  lindalinh 1 7113 over a year ago
NOW LETS COUNTDOWN TO 15,000 FANS!  avril-best 56 3954 over a year ago
Avril What The Hell Photo Contest *NOW OPEN*  Lady10358 5 3821 over a year ago
Rihanna samples "I'm With You" in "Cheers"  cbaker92088 0 2189 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TO 10,000 FANS!  Fangirl99 291 12839 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne My Favorite Singer  sk8erboi2002 1 1287 over a year ago
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image combinder  goparty 1 1545 over a year ago
NO HATERS  GwenFanxxxx 13 1391 over a year ago
What should we be called?  Hot_n_cold 16 3206 over a year ago
If Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift teamed up on a song....  helmutuhlmann 2 1730 over a year ago
Avril Bahamas show contest!!!  FlowerChildAnna 0 1400 over a year ago
New Spot Look *CLOSED*  viju 108 18831 over a year ago
new . or . old?  emochik 10 7248 over a year ago
Found A New Album Download!!  AvrilDa 0 1756 over a year ago
Favourite Lyric contest *CLOSED*  Anichu90v2 78 6686 over a year ago
Fan Of The Month (FOTM) Forum!  jelly14 11 2170 over a year ago
YOU READY  fanyoungjv 0 1626 over a year ago
medals...  emmett 26 3590 over a year ago
What's Your Favorite...  katrinaparker12 1 1713 over a year ago
Avril icon contest ! :D  halloula 65 6180 over a year ago
Winner of the Avril dress competition  emmett 4 5482 over a year ago
Life According To Avril  Magica 4 1630 over a year ago
Avril's New Message To You!  123a 0 1277 over a year ago
Spot Motto Ideas!  jelly14 6 2068 over a year ago
Music video pics?  Magica 149 31422 over a year ago
Won't Let You Go song info  emmett 1 1815 over a year ago
Jigsaw puzzle games of Avril Lavigne  kfclady 0 2465 over a year ago
Best shop for you  abdcde 0 1485 over a year ago
surprised price! Look for you need.  abdcde 0 1094 over a year ago
AVRIL's NEW RECORD  avril-best 33 3123 over a year ago
Avril  jackluva06 8 1925 over a year ago
avril lavigne rocks!  bieber14334 2 2163 over a year ago
Avril Lavigne Fan Station!!  woowoo89 0 1956 over a year ago
hello  123_ 0 1957 over a year ago
NEW MUSIC VIDEO  wearepk 0 2026 over a year ago
Results of the Favourite Single Contest  nevermore 1 1413 over a year ago
Pick Your Fav Avril Dresses  emmett 4 1812 over a year ago
for avie <3  avril-best 6 1678 over a year ago
Is this Avril  taintedbulge 7 1189 over a year ago
4th album  Fangirl99 7 1781 over a year ago
Guys !!! i want help!  Avril_Buddy 12 2354 over a year ago
Icon competition  viju 12 2544 over a year ago
new Album??  tlvirgo93 8 1712 over a year ago
how i start like avril lavigne  nan0 4 1885 over a year ago
Sk8er Boi  CHOCOLATTE 9 1636 over a year ago
I seen Avril at the MEN arena in Manchester tonight  SunnydaleGirl 7 2262 over a year ago
I'm With You Lyrics  CHOCOLATTE 0 1118 over a year ago
Compilcated Lyrics  CHOCOLATTE 0 1555 over a year ago
I am meant to have looked like her!!!! haha  audreyfan 2 1642 over a year ago