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Quotes From People About B/A

Joss Whedon:

"Buffy loves Angel. And he loves her. And I love Ho-hos."

"There was nobody getting over Buffy and Angel . Just nobody."

Joss on the B/A fans who created the Hollywood Reporter Ad (which BTW is in his office): "They won?t be dissapointed."

"I don?t think it will spell the end of David?s association with Buffy or of Sarah's with Angel. Because I don?t think those two will ever be completely broken apart."

"It's an eternal love, don't get me wrong; I realize that."

"I feel like Angel has found his own footing so they need some time apart. Inevitably, something will come up when [Buffy and Angel] will come together again."

"Part of what made Buffy and Angel so hot was what they COULDN?T DO, because frustration is sexy and the imagination is sexier than anything. Buffy and Riley get to have an active sex life, we get to show it, and it?s not as compelling."

Joss about B/A fans disapointment: "Trust the tale not the teller."

"There was two reasons why the Buffy and Riley relationship didn't fly. There was nobody getting over Buffy and Angel. Just nobody. Two, because I'd seen the tortured Romeo and Juliet, `This is the wrong guy, he's going to make me miserable' romance, I wanted to see Buffy have a nice relationship with a nice guy. America doesn't want to see that. America doesn't give a rat's ass about a nice relationship with a nice guy."

"...Their romance is timeless and whatnot, and I'll wring it for every bit of pain and exultation that I can..."

"... the very basic premise of the show: Buffy, Willow, Xander and the romance with Angel."

"It's not the end of Buffy and Angel's romance, but, in the meantime, Angel deals with Buffy's death in his own way and not at all how we may think he would deal with it."

Joss on the GD2 Bite scene: "That was one of our thinner metaphors. That, ah, you know, that was really pretty close to the surface. But you know, those two people, you know, were so much in love that I thought it was a genuinely erotic scene, and not, you know, exploitive."

"But not to fear, Angel and Buffy have a few more twists in the road before he finds his own path -- and a few more after, as well. Love, after all, springs eternal, and they're just so darn CUTE!"

"IWRY makes me cry."

"I Will Remember You" and, particularly, "Five by Five", the first Faith episode?those things make me cry. -Joss

"Oh, you just do that because it's sexy"... Well, the writers, and the men and women on the set, are like, "Yeah, it is pretty sexy!" I mean, so were Buffy and Angel.
-Joss on W/T and B/A.

Yes, the Buffy-Angel romance is based on something from my own life. A very similar situation, except obviously I'm not a vampire, and the girl was a little taller, and her name was Emily, and a year older than me, and she didn't really like me, and I just kind of hung around outside her bedroom once or twice, not peeking or anything, but you know, and the one time I talked to her she was eating hamburger and she choked on this piece of gristle and coughed in my face, her friends were all laughing but I kept the gristle in my memories book, at first it kinda smelled but then it got hard so that wasn't so bad, I don't think Emily really knew my name exactly, but our love was forbidden, I'm pretty sure I remember that. So, yeah, I AM Angel. But in a Snyder kind of way." Joss Whedon

"I'd have to say IWRY because it kind of broke my heart" - Joss Whedon on fav. episode

From Serra in San Francisco: Will Buffy ever remember her trip to L.A. and Angel becoming human?
"If there's a good story behind it, yes--if not, no. We have never made any plans for her to remember it, but someday we may say, "Hey, we need this to happen." It may be the next thing we have to do. But at this point, we haven't gone that way. You know, they're on their own shows, guys. They may be on different networks, for all we know. It's an eternal love, don't get me wrong."

"Becoming Parts 1&2 was the season finale of our second season. These episodes really sort of charted the main points of the Buffy/Angel relationship in all its difficulty and romance. "
-Joss Whedon- Becoming Parts 1&2 Commentary on the Buffy Season 2 DVD.

"Have faith." - to B/Aers

SFX:: And what's the best(dialogue)?
Joss::"It's not the demon in me that needs killing-- it's the man." is up there." (Dialogue from Buffy and Angel on the hilltop in'Amends')

"How Buffy and Angel met is complicated. In the series, they meet in the very first episode. When she first moves to Sunnydle, he presents himself as a mysterious stranger. And it is sometime before she finds out he is actually a vampire. We later learn that he had actually seen her years before this and had sort of fallen in love with her from afar and that?s what inspired him to become the man he became, the evil fighting, cool, guy in the excellent suit. " Joss Whedon- Becoming Parts 1&2 Commentary on the Buffy Season 2 DVD.

"Every time they come together it has enormous power, enormous meaning.."

"They have to live their separate lives, at least for now."

"It was important for David to come and do [the Buffy finale], which is really sweet considering he's all over the end of Angel at the same time. It means a lot to me and Sarah and David and the writing staff as storytellers, because Angel was there from the beginning and because their relationship transcends everything. "- About the finale of BtVs

"Even though she has a romance with Spike, the relationship with Angel was Buffy's first love. It's too important not to cap it. You can't put a final statement on it. I'm in the process of writing the script now. The show is about life, and the final statement on life is death. On this show, it's not even that. You want to pay homage to the fact that he's a big part of her heart, no matter what, without saying anything definite on what will happen for them in the future." About the finale of BtVs

Have you talked to Sarah Michelle Gellar about the possibility of her making guest appearances ?

Joss : Yes, I have. And so has David [Boreanaz]. She's always been very open to the idea- she's probably the busiest of all, but she's talked to [WB entertainment president] Jordan [Levin] about it. She's someone who's said from the start, "If I have the time, if the schedule is there, we'll do it, count me in." We're hoping she's available, oh, sweeps time. But we can't control that--neither can she.-On Sarah guest starring.

David Boreanaz:

"Maybe someday they will finally get to be together. Who knows?"

"Leaving "Buffy" will be difficult, whole working experience is with Sarah, basically, and it'll be hard to leave that. But I think in the long run, I think it will be stronger for her and myself. The fact that these two characters will leave and somehow their love will never end."

"Their story's not over. Their parting in the season finale was actually a blessing. It will help them rediscover something about themselves to make their relationship stronger."

"Will there be any more crossover episodes with Buffy? Well, the love of Angel's life is definately Buffy. That underlying love will always be there for both of them. It's very strong and you can't take that away. So now that their show's have seperated, I think if you got them back together again, sparks would really fly. It'd be really interesting for us and great for the audience. I know they'd love to see that." (from Heat magazine)

"For Angel, the love of his life is definitely Buffy," the actor says. "But he's trying to become human again. You see, he lost his innocence early on. He never really got a chance to experience what it is to be a man. He lost that (very young), and he identified so much with this woman (Buffy) because there are so many similarities (between them)--and she brought that out in him. Now that the shows have separated, I think if you got the two (characters) back together again, there would be an interesting mix of how each one has developed--although the underlying love would always be there. That's very strong, and you can't take that away. So who knows how that would work out? If the shows were to somehow go back together (on one network), then that would be great for the audience. I know that they would love to see that. But is it great for the characters? I don't know, because they've evolved and changed over time. " (from Starlog)

"It's not like Angel is ever going to get over Buffy, but he won't be whining about her every episode. She'll just be the specter of his one true love."

"But I think in the long run, I think it will be stronger for her and myself. The fact that these two characters will leave and somehow their love will never end."

"She's a great kisser. Full-blown perfect. Doing a love scene is work. It can be pretty uncomfortable, but you have to keep a light-hearted approach to it. Sarah and I have good chemistry, on and off camera. We're friends."

From cloel: Will you still be appearing regularly on Buffy?
Definitely. The thing about Angel's show is he's not going far. He'll come back and visit Buffy, and those characters will come visit him.

"Of course, he always will stay true. She's his one true love, definitely. There is a story that's going to be told between the two of them some day. For now, time and space is what's needed!"

LorelieVamp: "Is there a chance you and Buffy will have one last romance or sex scene before you start your own show?"
David: "LaureliVamp: Ohhh...jeez...I hope so I hope we have more sex scenes in the future...she should come over to my show and we could shack up together from now on...put her on my show like that permanently." -Chat at the Globe

Boreanaz: " I don't think you've heard the last of Buffy and Angel--there's another story to be told concerning the two of them..." -from a SEVENTEEN article from September 1999

"It changed and it took Sarah a while to understand, " Boreanaz divulges. "There was such a connection and then I had to be really pissy towards her, very aggressive and it was difficult. After the scenes I always made it a point to give her a hug. You have to keep the chemistry alive outside of what's going on. So I really reinforced that I was there for her. It was definitely difficult at times." In Expose? June '99

?I think the chemistry built between the two of us as we worked together and as the writers were writing the two characters together,? the actor recalls. ?When I first met Sarah, she was working and we just said, ?Hi, we?ll read over the scene tomorrow.? All of a sudden we just seemed to click and I think the moments we have together are moments where we respect each other as actors.? In Expose? June ?99

?It was very powerful because we hadn?t seen each other in so long. Bringing [Angel and Buffy] back together again, you could feel that fusion."- on the chemistry on 'I Will Remember You'- TV GUIDE 1999

David tries to explain why Angel leaves Buffy and he goes in to Angel voice.
"I can't be around Buffy because it?s just to ? doesn't work, the chemistry." He stops.
Q. ?Because you love her so much??
David in Angel voice, " I love her TOO much, you know, I have to pull myself away from her."

"Who is to say that if a consummation (between Cordelia and Angel) happens that it really is true happiness?"

Q: "Will Buffy and Angel ever get back together?"
DB: "You never know..."

Although he's not one to brag, having to kiss Sarah Michelle Gellar and get paid for it isn't anything to complain about, either. During one of their lip-locking scenes, "I just wanted to keep on kissing her," he explained. "The director said, 'Cut!' And I said, "I didn't quite get that one - can we keep going?"

From stephanie: What's it like kissing Sarah Michelle Gellar?
It's wet and wonderful.

"I don't see her offscreen. She's so damn beautiful I have to walk away."

David: (nostalgic) Sarah is?she's?one of the things I will miss the most about shooting the show is working with Sarah. We've created a special bond between the two of us that, um, is unique and different. She has the ability to transform herself very quickly, very professionally, and very openly, which makes it easier for another actor to kind of?ride along with her. She comforts you, and gives you a sense of who you are as a person, and not as an actor. Which is, I feel, the best thing to have. She's just a wonderful presence, and she's very strong in what she does. She exudes a lot of confidence and?and it shows. I'll miss that a lot. (while filming Helpless)

DJ: "I daresay you've seen this one coming (!) but what is it like to snog Sarah Michelle Gellar...?"
DB: : "It's, you know... It's weird, because y'know, when you're working and you're doing that, it's not really about the kiss- of course, it looks all romantic, it doesn't have the music and everything, so the screen kiss is just a screen kiss, but it's great, y'know, it's nothing really... It's not a bad job (laughs)!"

David: She was, I mean working with her is great. The three seasons that we worked together we never had an argument. I mean that's pretty odd, um -since we were in such close quarters, both of our characters. But, you know she's here in my heart, and that's the best thing about it. And she's actually given me the opportunity to be here where I am today. I mean her character, her show, enabled me to grow and become another character so I owe a lot to her.

"I enjoy playing evil. But, the transition was difficult because it was hard watching Buffy cry."-David (Season 2 BtVs)

"?As far as Buffy and Angel are concerned, who?s to say where those two characters will go, and if they?ll ever meet up again? Joss always had it in his mind that if it was the last season for BUFFY, that Angel and Buffy would have a scene or a moment together...?- On the BtVs finale

Q: "Your official verdict: What did it mean that Angel said Buffy's name during dream sex with Cordy?"
DB: "I think we've established that his one true love is Buffy, obviously. So, when that occurred, it was a testament to his feelings. It's not the sex that makes him happy; it's the feeling. He can have sex, but he can't be truly happy." Eonline chat 2003

Boreanaz is looking forward to working with former co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar once again. ?I think one just steps right back into that situation, and that feeling and that chemistry. I think we have a really great working chemistry together. These two characters are right on with each other, so we?ll see what happens when we have that moment together again.?

"But as far as the story is concerned, I think it?s something the fans will really enjoy, seeing the two characters together once again.?

Plus, Angel is sure to get a boost from the title do-gooder's long-awaited reunion with his Chosen One on UPN's Buffy sendoff. "Angel and Buffy meet, of course, in a perfect moment," Boreanaz reveals. "I won't say much about it, but I will say that it was good to see the two characters back together. It was easy, too ? Sarah Michelle Gellar and I just kind of stepped back into it again."

"That would be the ultimate, to become human and ride off into the sunset with Buffy."

WHAT CLICKED "They're both champions. They connect whether in the middle of a battle, an argument or at the height of passion."

IS HE BUFFY's TRUE LOVE "Yes. I don't see anything else beyond that relationship. We know they'll end up together." - Tv-Guide

"It was fun. It was a chance to get back and see everybody. It was great to work with Sarah (Michelle Gellar, who plays Buffy) again and be reminded of what these two characters brought to the table."

Again, it's going to be an open-ended question, but I just don't think Joss wants to kill these two characters, and so it's going to be a lot of fun. That next episode, the season finale, it sort of sets up the reason why he goes back to Sunnydale. It's going to be exciting to watch.

As far as getting back to work with Sarah [Michelle Gellar] again, you know, she's great. We're just kind of stepped into the shoes, the characters picked up where they left off, and we kind of rocked it. It's going to be good to see Angel and Buffy back together again in those specific instances.

"I liked the simplicity of the Buffy/Angel relationship in the first year," says Boreanaz. "They shared a camaraderie and it was obvious that they were both at ease around each other and really enjoyed their work. As an actor it was a joy for me to feed that creative process. A number of positive things came out of Buffy's first season and they served to build a solid foundation on which the series could grow." -Dreamwatch-2003

Q~What was it like for you to go back to appear in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series finale?

"It was fun. It was a reunion of sorts between Sarah and I and some of the cast people that were still there and the crew members. It was stepping back into those shoes and seeing those two characters together again, which I'm sure the fans will really like. It's good to give them that which they've been asking for quite some time now. We had a good time. It was pretty painless." -Dreamwatch 2003

Q~Did you and Sarah Michelle Gellar fall into your old rapport?

"We pretty much did. That's what's so great about her and the rapport that the two of us have. We just stepped back into those shoes and had some fun. All I can say is that the fans saw those characters where they wanted to see them. Again, it's probably going to be an open ending, but hey, that's life [laughs]..." Dreamwatch 2003

?It?s been a great time so far,? says Boreanaz. ?There is nothing detrimental about Angel crossing over to ?Buffy? ? just pour it on. The experience has been wonderful; there are no negative feel between the two casts.?


I wasn't surprised. I kind of saw it com_ing. The time was right I'm sure that Sarah [Michelle Gellar] came to a very peaceful feeling inside that, 'Yeah, this is the time.' Of course everyone is going to bash her because they've got nothing bet_ter to do. She's going through a very strange period with that, but she's a strong girl and a really good actress, and I'm sure she'll get through it. It's a transition time for her, but she'll be fine.- Oct 2003


It's something that, for me, was really for the story and for Sarah. Buffy is how it all started for me. I'd do anything for Sarah. Doing the show is how I got my start, as far as the character was concerned. In terms of the story, getting the two charac_ters back together was important for the' fans. They were waiting for it. I think there was another story to be told. Hopefially, Bufy will come and see Angel next season on our show. You never know where these things will lead. It would be nice to have her on Angel, so I'm just putting that idea out there. Oct 2003


I really believe that Angel's heart is with Buffy. I've always found the Angel_-Cordelia relationship a bit strange, but it worked. There was chemistry there, but not ffie way it was between Angel and Bufly. I think the Angel-Cordy relation_ship was just a mirror to what the Angel_-Bufy relationship was to him. -Oct 2003

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

"Buffy and Angel's relationship is love in it's truest and most pure form."

"There has always been a connection between Buffy and Angel"

"She'll always miss Angel. Riley is a wonderful foil for Buffy but I think it`s a thing that a lot of young girls do after they have their first love, their Romeo and Juliet style love, the love that never can be; you find someone that`s safe, someone that can protect you. But it doesn`t have that same excitement, and I think deep down Buffy will always love Angel and she will never love anyone the way in which she loves him.

?And I think it?s really incredible that we?re really moving on in such a great fashion. I think they found a wonderful supercouple in Buffy and Angel, and I could not say enough amazing, adoring things about working with David.?

SMG: "Better than Buffy and Angel?"- 200 MTV Fanatic -surprised the fan liked B/R.

"We have our Christmas show tomorrow, so you have to watch.The big, "this is your life Angel" episode. The "Buffy" angel."
SMG on 'Amends' and Angel-1998

"In my opinion, Buffy and Angel should be together forever, but I understand for storytelling purposes, it's not to be. Angel is Buffy's true love. They have something you can never repeat. I mean, I understand it when people say nothing is ever the same after your first true love. They were soul mates. And Riley and Buffy were at different stages in their lives; they were different people. Buffy never loved Riley the same way she loved Angel."

Q: "You've gotten to kiss some pretty hot guys onscreen. Who was your favorite?"
SMG: "I don't know! How can I decide? Although, David and I have a special relationship, and we are wonderful friends, both on and off screen. When we act as Angel and Buffy, we become the very essence our roles, helping us to convey the passion of our characters. Of all of the guys I've worked with, I have to say that David is definitely the best person I've ever had to work with romantically, and is definitely a better kisser than many of the other leading males I've had to work with."

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 24, has told TV critics that she is "nervous" and "excited" about her series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," which this fall will jump networks, from the WB to UPN. She also said that she is ready to rekindle her character's romance with "Angel" -- that is, actor David Boreanaz -- despite the fact that his series is still on the WB. UPN executives reportedly expressed the hope that there could be crossover episodes of both shows.

Q: "What are your feelings about the departure of Angel and how is this going to change the series?"
SMG: "I'm nervous. Part of the success of Buffy is David and my relationship with him, both on camera and off. He's incredible. He's grown so much and I trust him more than any guy I've ever worked with. I'll miss him."

"I have felt a love as strong as Angel. On Buffy I felt almost everything she's experienced before. If you haven't loved someone like that I don't know how you could portray it."

"When Angel first went evil, I had to separate myself from David (Boreanaz) because our scenes together hurt that much more. David was my most trusted person on set. When I would cry on camera, he was the only one who could calm me down - when Angel broke up with Buffy ("The Prom" episode), I couldn't stop crying for 25 minutes." - Entertainment Weekly, 1999

"When he bites her and she's writhing on the floor, in her full orgasm she breaks the table. They missed it. The most erotic thing I've ever seen on TV, and the censors missed it completely."

"David Boreanaz, who plays Angel, and I would do horrible things to each other," she laughs. "We would eat tuna fish or pickle just before we had to do a love scene. And if he had to unbutton my shirt, I would pin or sew it together to make it as diffcult as I could for him."- SMG

"I can't say enough amazing things about David Boreanaz. We had the most amazing working relationship I've ever had, and I've been blessed with the guys that I've worked opposite, Ryan Phillippe, Jerry O'Connell, Jamie Kennedy and I;ve adored them all. But David and I had a very, very special relationship. In three years of working together, we never had so much as a disagreement, and that's just unbelievable, considering the hours we spent together. And we worked so well together. We could gauge each other's moods. We could help each other. So, for me, it's very daunting. Part of the reason Buffy worked was Angel, and you get these, What if I can't do it on my own? What if I *need* David? "

Sarah quote from Teen Choice Awards (upon winning Best TV Actress - excerpt from acceptance speech) "And this is for MY Angel, I miss you already David."

"Last year, with Angel and the heartbreak, I would go home and cry. My body couldn't work properly. I don?take the demons home with me, but I do take Buffy's pain. The vampires I'm immune to, but not the emotion. When we filmed the episode where Angel breaks up with her, I cried for 25 minutes. I thought I was having a breakdown. They had to shut down the set. When they say rip your heart out, that's really what unfulfilled love does."

"...I think deep down Buffy will always love Angel and she will never love anyone the way in which she loves him."

"I don't think that Buffy will ever accept anyone in the same respect as Angel. I don't know if the audience ever will. And I don't know if I would."

"I think Buffy was greatly in love with Angel. It will always be Angel! Nothing in her life will ever compare to that..." - Dreamwatch 2002

"I believe that Angel is her true love, and I believe she will never love anyone the way that she loves Angel. Will she fall in love again? Ya know, in her mind she thought she had fallen in love with Riley, even though it wasn't what it was supposed to be, but nothing will ever be Angel. And um, I'm hoping, at some point, they find their way back to each other. We'll have the Buffy Angel hour, we'll have two-hour episodes every week and I'll never go home at night, we'll go on forever."

"I think Buffy's great love is Angel (who now has his own series) and it always will be," says the 24 year old star. "She and Spike are having great sex, but she's not ready to settle down."

Q: "When the show ends, would you be upset if Joss didn't pair up Buffy and Angel again?"
A: "I would be terribly upset, but Joss doesn't necessarily believe in happy endings, so it probably wouldn't happen anyway. I'm not getting my hopes up."

Sarah getting angry at the producers: "I ran into the producer's office screaming 'Buffy would never do this, with all her history with Angel! It's wrong!"

"I think I'd make the Buffy mistake. You know you should go out with Xander, but you fall for Angel because he's mysterious and dangerous."

Sarah quote from VIBE (when asked does she go out with all of her cast mates off-screen) "Yeah we all do. Maybe a little too much with my main co-star. He's just great. Nice and sweet but I could go on forever like that."

"David and I are incredible friends, he's one of my best friends. And to do that heartbreaking scene, I was crying afterwards and for about 5 minutes we just kind of held each other there because it was where you have to break that line of, okay this isn't real."

Question: Whose a better kisser - David (Boreanaz) or Selma (Blair)?
Sarah: ... I'm gonna plead the 5th on that one. [Turns her head and whispers] DAVID!

DreamWatch: Do you think Buffy loves Spike or is it just good sex?
SMG : "I think its 20-something really good sex! I think Buffy was greatly in love with Angel. It will always be Angel. Nothing in her life will ever compare to that. Then she fell in love with Riley. She went from the dark, brooding guy to the good guy, the guy who would protect her, and it didn?t work. She let him down, essentially. So what?s the next logical step? The bad guy! She?s supposed to be with the bad guy.
What she?s learning is, there are no rules and that you can be in a relationship with someone, even though they?re not your true love or the one you?re meant to end up with. And there?s nothing wrong with that!"

"And um, I'm hoping, at some point, they find their way back to each other." -on Buffy and Angel

"We're really delving into what it's like to be in love with someone you can't really be with. Angel's a vampire. She's a slayer. Its the typical Romeo and Juliet story." Sarah on Season 2 of BtVs

This is the love of her love, and now her job was to kill him! That's heartbreaking.
-Sarah [about Angel going evil] Entertainment Weekly 2003

"There has always been a connection between David and I, personal and professional."

"Working with him was like putting on your oldest and favorite pair of jeans, you just slip right into them."

"My reunion with David Boreanaz makes this final Buffy episode extra special!"

"Buffy and Angel's relationship is love in it's truest and most pure form."

"There has always been a connection between Buffy and Angel"

About AtS Crossovers: "Absolutely. We've already talked about one for next year, but everything is a matter of timing and story." - Tv-Guide

?I think there?s still a lot of Buffy and Angel?s story to be told.?

Tim Minear:

"For me, it all begins and ends with Buffy and Angel."

"And, in my view, Wesley was right the moment of bliss occurred for Angel because he was with Buffy. It was a transcendent moment, not just a lovely spooge."

(About Darla ) "But at no time was I trying to play this as being Angel`s true love. It`s more like the play Who`s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe; this troubled, old married couple with secrets. I wasn`t trying to take Buffy`s place in his heart by any stretch of the imagination."

"While we have, to some degree, made specific choices to "liberate" Angel as a character and as a series, I'm pretty much of the same mind as you are -- Buffy is the One True One. The Meant To Be. In my bones, I feel like all roads lead back to her for Angel. But that's just me. And my name ain't Joss, for instance. Not that Joss has said otherwise, mind you."

"In the end, although parted, the connection between Buffy and Angel remains strong. Considering everything that has happened this season, do the writers for `Buffy' and `Angel' share this vision? Is their love, not just their friendship, something that all of you see as a connection that is a integral part of their existence? I can answer this one pretty plainly. Yep."

"Change is always difficult for fans of a show, and particularly when there's something attached to it called Buffy-Angel, which is the great mythic romance of all time."

"We never will [get past that]. I don't think we ever will. That may not be the opinion of everyone here, but in my opinion, it's not something you can get by. I get the Cordy thing. I understand it, and I think it's going to go to an interesting place. I wouldn't worry, because we're not going to go anywhere where anyone would expect."

About B&A crossovers: "Those rumors are wrong and not based on anything we're doing. Because of the no-crossover rule, we have to deal with matters in a quieter way, but that's it."

"A lot of people have issues with the resetting of the clock thing, but I personally love it. For me it's all worth it because of the scene where Sarah is saying, 'I'll never forget! I'll never forget! I'll never forget!' And then, boom, she forgot. Oh, man, it just kills me. And then Angel and Buffy having sex- never a bad thing!"


"It's true," Marsters insisted. "It's the truth and he shows his manhood by saying so. Yeah. I thought that what the final episode did very well was admit that Buffy really is in love with Angel. That the sexual relationship she had with Spike was unhealthy. That it was unwise. "

"Fans simply want their favorite slayer with their favorite tortured soul." -Marti Noxon

"The B/A love theme is not gone. It was supposed to be but, like Buffy and Angel's love for one another, it's bound to rear its pretty little head from time to time." -Christopher Beck

"B/A gives us the romance of great literature. Great loves that can never be - what's more powerful than that?" -David Fury

?Angel and Buffy cannot be together because it's the sweet torture of their doomed relationship that makes us care. Desiring something forever out of reach makes their relationship epic... like Cathy and Heathcliffe (not the single chick and the cat from the comics).
Romeo and Juliet would never have been a play if their love wasn't doomed. If they lived happily ever after, all our longing for them to live happily ever after, to somehow beat fate, would evaporate and we'd all be left unsatisfied. Well, me, anyway.? ? David Fury

"...if something unbelievably tragic happens to Buffy,Angel would have to go there, because he's still a force in her life." -David Greenwalt

"Angel will remember Buffy. "We're not going to do crossovers, but we're not going to pretend Buffy wasn't the great love of Angel's life," Greenwalt promises. "In the first episode, everybody's waiting for the other shoe to drop about her death because they know he's got to be grief-stricken." Later, when the Slayer is resurrected on Buffy, the repercussions will be felt on Angel, too. "We won't act as if when she comes back to life, he doesn't want to see her." ? David Greenwalt

"It was because they were star-crossed," Greenwalt said of Angel and Buffy, "They were soul mates."

"The outside world is what kept Buffy and Angel from being together." -Jane Espenson

"At the end of this episode (talking about The Harsh Light Of Day) Buffy is walking along with Willow (cut to the scene) "God, I'm just a fool." What she originally said was "I keep telling myself, look how much I'm over Angel. Look how I'm not even thinking about Angel. Look how I'm going out with this other guy, and it's not about Angel." I should've realize that meant it was all about Angel. And we cut that line because the episode was something like 6 minutes long and we cut a lot of stuff. And it's a shame, because a lot of people thought that Buffy was really disrespectful to Angel and the memory of what they had just to sleep with this other guy so soon." -Jane Espenson, season 4 DVD-extras

"But she doesn't love me." -Riley
"We had all been feeling this, about the Buffy/Riley relatioship. It never had the fire that Buffy/Angel did. It wasn't really meant to." -Jane Espenson, season 5 DVD-extras.

re: B/A undertones in Anya's speech in All the Way: "Buffy also met the one person she was meant to be with - but the universe didn't allow them a happy ending." -Steve DeKnight

James Marsters quote from a convention
Q: "So Drusilla was with a chaos demon last we saw."
James: (playfully) "Shut up! I'm jealous you know! No, really. It's odd but I'm quite protective of Dru. David's the same way. One time, there was someone on the set who wasn't treating Sarah very nicely. David wanted to kill him."

?Darla and Angel were together for 150 years and he was with Buffy for 3, so they have the longevity and I would like them to end up together, but in the end I think he will end up with Buffy.? ? Julie Benz

Q: As Buffys mum, who was better for Buffy - Angel or Riley?
KS: Oh gosh. As Buffy's Mom, Riley, although as an audience member [and a] great romantic, I loved the relationship between Buffy and Angel. As her mom I would say Riley was the healthier choice. ? Kristine Sutherland

"There?s potential there for conflict with Angel, because Spike knows that Buffy really loves Angel and not him?. And Angel hates Spike because he?s been there recently!" - James Marsters, SFX-2003

"It's true," Marsters insisted. "It's the truth and he shows his manhood by saying so. Yeah. I thought that what the final episode did very well was admit that Buffy really is in love with Angel. That the sexual relationship she had with Spike was unhealthy. That it was unwise. -James Marsters

David Fury on B/A: "As I've said before, my belief is that they will one day be together again. But not for some years? time."

Taken from "The Monster Guide" "Angel spent almost three years in Sunnydale, finding a reason to live. That reason, of course, was Buffy herself."

Quoted from "ANGEL: The official yearbook" Lovelines: Despite flirtations with a movie star, an alien, and a cop, Angel's unbeating heart still belongs to the Slayer."

MISS COUPLE: Buffy and Riley The blandly handsome Riley is just too?bland for Buffy. He?s even admitted that he knows Buffy doesn?t love him, so why waste our time? The Buffster needs a trip to the city of Angel, pronto. ? Soap Opera Weekly

Buffy's soul is Angel's other half...when she walks in sunlight, so does he.
-Jeff Mariotte

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, is, and always will be Angel's soulmate. She knows it, and he knows it, and though she has tried to move on, all other men walk in the sunlight. Angel is her shadow side, the TRUE other half of her, and though they cannot be together as lovers, no man or God, or Powers That Be can sever the deep bond between them". -Jeff Mariotte, The Angel Casefiles, published 2002

"Angel is a spin-off of Buffy. If not for the Buffy show, there would never have been an Angel show. And if not for the dynamic between Buffy and Angel, it's quite possible that Angel wouldn't have ended up in L.A. doing what he's doing. He certainly wouldn't have Cordy and Wesley to do it with, since they both came over from Sunnydale. And the book covers the first 2 Seasons. We STILL don't know what fate Joss & co. have in mind for Angel and Cordy, if any. But through Season 2 there had been very little to even hint at any future relationship, beyond that of friends and co-workers. The show started with Angel trying to get over Buffy, at the beginning of Season 1, and at the end of Season 2, the very last moment of the Season is again Buffy-related, as Willow is there to tell Angel of Buffy's death. So despite the fact that SMG only appeared in a couple of episodes, in those first two seasons you really can't escape the fact that Buffy remains an important fact of Angel's life." - Jeff Mariotte on the Angel Case Files

"Oh for the love of Buffy and Angel, JUST SAY IT!"--Jack, from 'Will & Grace"

Evan:Buffy and Angel, season 3. Classic URST.
Evan: Unresolved Sexual Tension.

Guy: "I'd rather not relive the events of last night if you don't mind." (all sad)
Girl: "What happened? Did something happen to Tommy?"(all worried and such)
Guy: "Tommy? No, (all sad) last night on Buffy..."
Merton: "It's so true, Sarah Michelle will never be happy with anyone but Angel." (very sad)
--'Big Wolf on Campus'

From the UPN Buffy website:
On top of the whole dying thing, Buffy has had quite a traumatic six years: she's lost her soul mate Angel.

"The only thing clear to me is that Buffy is never far from Angel's mind, despite the fact that the shows appear to live in separate universes since they were ripped apart when Buffy moved to UPN. His blurting her name out while in the throes of (imaginary) passion with Cordelia underscored the profound feelings he still has for her." -Matt from TVguide.

From TV Gal's Best TV kisses:
Buffy and Angel on Angel in "I Will Always Remember You" : Angel briefly experiences being human and he and the slayer he thought he could never be with again kiss in the sunlight. Later when he realizes he must revert to being a vampire with a soul and erase all memories of their day together, Buffy plaintively promises, "I will never forget ... I will never forget ... I will never forget." But, of course, she does. Heartbreaking and touching, viewers were reminded of why Buffy and Angel are television's best star-crossed duo.

Wanda, TV Goddess from E!Online: "Only true fans believe in Buffy and Angel."


Nicholas: And then there's this whole Angel-Buffy thing.

Sarah: There's no one like Buffy on the planet and there's no one like Angel.

Fury: A vampire, and a vampire slayer.

Sarah: Angel will always be her true love.

Angel: In 243 years, I've loved exactly one person.

Joss at the end of BTVS seven year run. "The Buffy and Angel relationship transcends everything."

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over a year ago tisha said…
My favorite quote from here:
Joss at the end of BTVS seven year run. "The Buffy and Angel relationship transcends everything."
Well said, and I completely agree! And if you don't, well, he IS the creator :P
over a year ago scififan said…
Amazing!!! Thanks so much for posting it. You probably could have posted it as a soapbox, but this works just as well. I love reading all the quotes about my fave couple. Not all quotes from the series, quotes re-enforcing the amazing-ness of Bangel
over a year ago tisha said…
Thanks! Even though sometimes I think Joss is the devil for splitting up Buffy and Angel, I still think he's a Bangel shipper at heart. He even said IWRY is one of his fave episodes, and that it made him cry!
over a year ago litl-gold-laf said…
jeij .. quotes ... never inaf of them .. =)
over a year ago litl-gold-laf said…
Sarah: There's no one like Buffy on the planet and there's no one like Angel.

Fury: A vampire, and a vampire slayer.

over a year ago x-missmckena-x said…
that was a very good long read! lol! loved them all cannot pick out a favorite!
over a year ago Joker said…
Hang on...Angel says Buffy's name when he's having (imaginery) sex with Cordy?? Why have I never noticed that before!?
over a year ago tisha said…
Joker, Joker, Joker. Shame on you! (just kidding)
Rewatch the ending of season 4 episode 10 Awakening. In his fantasy, Angel is having sex with Cordy and then gets that pained look on his face (the one when he's about to lose his soul) and he rolls over on the bed, says "Buffy" and then its bye bye soul. That's right before Wo-Pang, the dark mystic guy, says "The vision becomes reality".
I love telling Angel/Cordelia fans that she doesn't give him perfect happiness. I think it's well established on the show that no one can do that besides Buffy. Didn't work with Darla, Cordy, or Nina.
over a year ago Joker said…
I cannot believe I've never noticed that, I'll have to have another look. I've only just watched the whole of S4 as well!
over a year ago mandapanda said…
thank you for posting. i couldnt help but smile throughout the entire reading of this... lol.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
over a year ago Joker said…
He does indeed doesn't he!!! Thanks so much for pointing that out to me.
over a year ago georgiapeach91 said…
That was so good! All those quotes prove exactly why Buffy and Angel were meant to be together!!!
over a year ago expensive957 said…
I love that whole bit about their love being transcendent. My favorite quote is from season 2 of Buffy, the one with the cowboy vampires...

Angel: "You dont think about the future?"


Angel:"Never? you dont think about what could happen a year from now, 10 years from now?"

Buffy:"Angel, when I look into the future, all I see is you, all I want is you."

Angel:"I know the feeling."

over a year ago pink_martini2 said…
"Oh for the love of Buffy and Angel, JUST SAY IT!"--Jack, from 'Will & Grace"

XD That cracked me up!

Thanks for posting these. You should have made a soapbox for it. Then we could have rated and thanked you for it!

I'm getting back into the bangel scene. It's been like 7 years! This really made my day!
over a year ago tisha said…
Aww, no problem.
Just glad there's another Bangel fan, as Spuffy fans seem to dominate fanpop.
over a year ago Siv said…
over a year ago DefineDelicate said…
"Just glad there's another Bangel fan, as Spuffy fans seem to dominate fanpop. "


Thanks so much for putting this up!! and i've noticed Spuffies are everywhere!!! it makes me sad...
over a year ago AngelusB said…
*Joss at the end of BTVS seven year run. "The Buffy and Angel relationship transcends everything." *

I love reading these quotes. It definitely gives a B/A lover, some hope that at the end of the day, they'll actually end the their story, correctly.
over a year ago destuctogirl said…
Enjoyed this read. I have to agree that the Spike/Buffy fans are everywhere and very vocal about their preferences. I never bought into that relationship, but that is just me. Glad to see there are still a few buffy/angel fans.
over a year ago AngelusB said…
I didn't either destucto especially because spike had been such an avid enemy (blah I miss dru!)... nor the C/A one as it felt like such a personal betrayal toward B/A. It felt like the writers thought 'you-got-your-show', so does she so 'kyrumption' and screw your friend! Ugh. Course, only my opinion. *shrug*
over a year ago destuctogirl said…
I hated the C/A relationship, it just was icky. I liked Cordy as a character always but not as a love interest to Angel. No way. Spike and Dru were perfect as a couple of evil vamps. I like Spike early evil character a lot more than post chip.
over a year ago AngelusB said…
Couldn't agree with you more. I hated it too. I however didn't much like Cordy as a character. Their friendship dynamic was sweet though. I wish however, that they had worked with D/S more. It's like they just left that book open completely, like they couldn't be bothered to continue.
over a year ago jamboni said…
Oh, this is uplifting. Great to see positive quotes on an amazing couple!
over a year ago aislinn28 said…
I just love how David and Sarah got along off the set. Like how he would hug her after a take where he had to be mean. So cute!!!!
over a year ago AngelusB said…
Sarah did say in that time she was so connected to the character that she hurt too. It's nice however that he'd reassure her after!
over a year ago JulienBangel said…
"There?s potential there for conflict with Angel, because Spike knows that Buffy really loves Angel and not him?. And Angel hates Spike because he?s been there recently!" - James Marsters, SFX-2003

"It's true," Marsters insisted. "It's the truth and he shows his manhood by saying so. Yeah. I thought that what the final episode did very well was admit that Buffy really is in love with Angel. That the sexual relationship she had with Spike was unhealthy. That it was unwise. -James Marsters

I love that man :)Why spuffy never listen? :p