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Belieber talk  jbiebs4evajb17 2 4320 over a year ago
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i love justin  emokitty36 1 3435 over a year ago
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Baby or One Less Lonely Girl?  ILoveMistletoe 0 1545 over a year ago
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Luv job or not  ilovemuisc 1 1510 over a year ago
Who going to meet Justin Bieber  Tykeria111 0 1246 over a year ago
Funny Obama Sings As Long As You Love Me Parody  AwaysSmiling 0 1784 over a year ago
Justin Bieber vs One Direction  Simmeon 0 1826 over a year ago
sexy justin  keyanna99 1 2721 over a year ago
Meet Justin Bieber  MeetBieber 5 1723 over a year ago
Singer  BenBelieber 0 2090 over a year ago
`~♥Eenie Meenie♥~` Ft. Sean Kingston && Justin Bieber.  werevamp246 0 1414 over a year ago
`~♥Pray.♥~`  werevamp246 0 2382 over a year ago
`~♥Kiss.&&.Tell.♥~`  werevamp246 0 2101 over a year ago
Why no 1 talkin? Comment if you <3 JB  Justinsbaybee 0 1468 over a year ago
I found the Hottest Bieber Hoodie Ever! His face is on the hood!!  abbystart 0 1372 over a year ago
Justin Bieber been slammed by a Paternity Lawsuit  Rituparno_Ghosh 0 1511 over a year ago
Wanna go to a Justin Bieber concert?  AlienShar 2 2590 over a year ago
apps  jbiebsrocks 0 1719 over a year ago
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  jbieberluver94 1 1807 over a year ago
is this new justin App any good  wilmasetta 0 1196 over a year ago