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The much better Bella
The much better Bella
Just a collection of reasons as to why our Bellatrix Lestrange is better then their Bella Swan found in the 1000 reasons why Bellatrix is better then Bella froum. So credit to all particapants of that froum including me, enjoy.

1. Helena Bonham Carter.
2. She has an awesome tattoo.
3. She has awesome hair.
4. She survived many years in prison and was strong throughout that time.
5. She fights for what she believes in
6. She is loyal and has no doubt. (doesn't start flirting with best friend when she breaks up with boyfriend)
7. She is willing to die for the one she loves.
8. She has "trix" at...
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posted by yemi_hikari
I'm rather new to the club, but I can't help but think that the way people answered the poll questions is based more on their positive bias towards Bellatrix rather then people actually thinking about the questions and what the person is asking. Don't get me wrong here, I actually think that Bellatrix beats Bella any day. This doesn't change the fact that I think people are voting for things because they think Bellatrix is better or because the Harry Potter series is better rather then actually thinking about the questions.

For example, one of the questions is about whether you want to be a...
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