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When Björk’s album Vespertine was released in 2001, it came as a bombshell. The singer, who up to then could reliably be found in the Electronic & Dance section, had turned away from the usual Drum & Bass sound and towards complex orchestral music. On Vespertine, choirs and violins murmured and Björk’s unique voice became the starting point for symphonic outbreaks and absences. So, it seemed to be only a matter of time until a classical music genre would discover this particular jewel.

When the Nationaltheater Mannheim decided to work more closely with pop music – the most vibrant...
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posted by erickelliott
If you guys haven't heard of Oh Land, she is a phenomenal artist. She reminds me a lot of Sia and Bjork, but she has her own unique style that makes her very different. She is playing at Bowery from March 29 - April 1st. I've seen her perform live numerous times, and it was great.

The stories of her life that she's wrapped in fairytales and fables all swirl around the dreamy landscapes of a land called Oh Land. Bringing her album release full circle, the spritely songstress is embarking on a journey to re-create a world representative of the songs and persona she's become.