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Seriously people, am I the only one who has noticed this? (this rule excludes the PhantomHive servants and includes people with light or white hair)I mean really every single person who has white hair is either completely evil or evil at one time and now isn't. And I've read as far as I can read online and I mean EVERYONE, there are no exceptions (except servants)!! I started to notice this when I started thinking about Angela and Ash, both with white hair (or they're one person). Then Agni came with white hair, now he's no longer evil. After I realized that I just looked at the other villains...
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wear long and elegant black clothing(not too Goth)and have a very quiet but smart a very good sword fighter and a brilliant violin player.always have a very cute black cat following you around. Don't act too smart or else Sebastian will get pissed kind to Sebastian but not too kind.have a very quiet and pretty face with not too much make a great dancer and a very loyal person to ciel phantomhive.

but...the best possible way to get his attention to probably be a demon or another maid of the phantomhive manor

please note:never ever act crazy like Grell(even though he(grell) is pretty cute!)
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