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What was your first opinion of Sebastian?  swahili500 16 10545 over a year ago
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Black Butler Roleplay  shadowcon99 2071 123693 over a year ago
OTP's/Fave pairings of the series?  katlovesbtr 1 4915 over a year ago
show me the best pi of sebastian and grell!  Black-Maid- 1 3284 over a year ago
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Lizzy VS Fangirls  AyanaAnime 0 3418 over a year ago
Does ciel have a twin?  itarra 0 3227 over a year ago
black butler dating game.  lexidude92 1 9723 over a year ago
Black Butler rp  misshedgehog 43 5754 over a year ago
What was your first impression of Ciel?  swahili500 17 7547 over a year ago
Another Black Butler RP  BellatrixLOVER1 344 17031 over a year ago
did you feel sorry for sebatian when he found out ciel's soul had been stolen?  Black-Maid- 3 2622 over a year ago
Black Butler Cosplay  losira 0 1985 over a year ago
Sebastian Michaelis in the Top 32 Sexy Men of Anime  dimesioncr8r 3 9626 over a year ago
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