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posted by majestichippo
If you hadn't heard already, Wesley Snipes is now working on a new comic, After Dark, in cooperation with Antoine Fuqua, Peter Milligan and Radical Publishing.

The comic is set in a dystopian future; the planet is ruined and the sun is no longer visible. It's sort of akin to Pitch Black, only minus Vin Diesel and plus Wesley Snipes, by which I mean it's better. You can read more about it at the following URL: link

The first issue is only $1.00, and it's a really nice book-- Radical prints on really nice stock in full color, the story's interesting, and the art's incredible. Even if you don't like it (and you'll probably like it), you're not losing much-- dig through your couch for change and you'll break even with what you spend on this book.