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posted by rosie23
Grim Tales Mandy ( youth version)
Grim Tales Mandy ( youth version)
I don't get this and I never will:

Okay, if any of you have read Grim Tales and/or PPGD, you know that Mandy appears in both of them.

But here's the thing:

In PPGD Mandy has no nose, and red/violet eyes.

But in Grim Tales, Mandy as black eyes, and a nose.


They are both the same character, drawn by the same person, why do they not look the same? They should look the same.

Also on Adult Mandy:

How did her eyes suddenly turn red? Up until she marries Grim she has the normal black eyes. Then she gets hitched and SUDDENLY, her eyes magically turn to a bright red. Maybe it's a side affect of dying,...
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posted by Jenny_1751
Me and my brother's have a little problem with our eyesight. But only one of my brothers wheres galasses. But we found something a little surprising at PPGD and Grim Tales.

1. Pucca - pp. 61 (Friends)
2. Buck - pp. 75 (Otto)
3. Suzy - pp. 89 (What's Wrong)
4. Gaz - pp. 89 (What's Wrong)
5. Picture of the Time Squad - pp. 101 (Time Squad)
6. Coop and Dexter - pp. 106 (The fortress)
7. Pucca and Garu (dolls) - pp. 141 (Sorry)
8. Otto - pp. 159 (Chapter 7)
9. Jr. & Minnie (they exchanged hair color) - pp. 161 (Dream on)

Grim Tales
1. Drawing of Bubbles and Mandy - pp. 23 (Drastic Actions)
2. Beastboy...
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