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posted by InvaderRaven
The world is such an unusual place that they live in.
It provides a home for all life. Each one has a life.
You only get one, but its precious and for that very reason
is why its so special, so you must cherish it hold on to it.
capture it in the moment and when its time,
let it be free.


"Why do they hate us?"I asked as I looked up to elder sister.
She said,"Don't ask such a stupid question. You already know
the answer." Tugging her arm I demanded an answer."But why
would they kill mother and father?!Why?" She grasped hold of
my arm,"I said don't ask stupid...
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posted by InvaderRaven
So there I stood, isolated, as my sister walked away.What could I
have possibly done? Fail, maybe. Yeah, that's right.It makes perfect
sense. What else do failures do, besides fail? That's all I seemed to
do and was. All I wanted was to start new in Gehenna;to change my
mistakes,but is this really the beginning of my book? Nope. this
was barely the introduction of the first chapter.


In my eight years of Gehenna, never have I felt so alone, so
abandoned, and helpless. Why did this have to happen? No parents, sister,
or anything...
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