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So your father told you once,
That you were his princess,
You won't see the castle,
You cannot find your prince,
And now you've grown a lot,
And your dresses don't fit right,
Your daddy's not a hero ,
He stole your chariot.

So here you are in pieces,
Trying to prove to us it's real,
The softness of your smile,
And the lies you want to feel,
The scales beneath your skin,
Are showing off today,
There's evil in your heart,
And it wants out to play.

There's evil in your heart,
And it wants out to play,
There's evil in your heart.

And I've made a home here, for me,
You'll burn it down, with...
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Ok I thought this music video was not only the best paramore video but the best video ever(well thats not completly true) But it is one of my absolute faviortes. I thought it was very genius. Plus Josh was in it how hot is that. I liked the story line and how cute the little girl was. I like the end how amazing it was and how scary the castle was. I even fellin love with the colour it was and the butterfly wings. It was absolutly fabulous. Hayley was amazing her hair was hott, and her on the swings. This video was gorgeas yet kindof simple and it sent a good message all I have to say is hayley and paramore rocked it with this video!!

posted by szabrina995

Can't make my own decisions or make any with precision
Well maybe you should tie me up so I don't go where you don't want me
You say that I been changing, that I'm not just simply aging
Yeah how could that be logical?
Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat

Oh oh oh ohhhh

You don't have to believe me,
but the way I way I see it
next time you point a finger,
I might have to bend it back
or break it break it off
next time you point a finger
I hope it's at the mirror.

If God's the game you're playing, then we must get more acquainted,
It must be so lonely... to be the only one who's holy
It's just my humble opinion, but one I firmly believe in
You don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you.
Here are a few reviews of BNE I found.....

~All I Wanted and more....~
I started out as a casual fan of Paramore a while back. Gradually, both albums grew on me, and now they're one of my top 5 favorite bands. I tend to think of myself as being a bit outside the usually demographic of Paramore fans, being in my late 20's, but I don't care! I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this album, and to be honest, it's one the first time in years that I've paid any attention to the 'official release date' from any band.

Paramore has catchy, rock driven tunes with smart, well written lyrics. Hayley...
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posted by Li_Le
Here is All I Wanted lyrics! Enjoy it! ;D

Think of me when you're out, when you're out there
I'll beg you nice from my knees
When the world treats you way too fairly
It's a shame I'm a dream

All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you

I think I'll pace my apartment a few times
And fall asleep on the couch
And wake up early to black and white re-runs?
That escaped from the mouth


All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you

I could follow you to the beginning
And just relive the start
And maybe then we'll remember to slow down
To all of our favorite parts

All I wanted was you

All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you
posted by tooch
I scraped my knees when I was praying
And found a demon in my safest haven, seems like
It's getting harder to believe in anything
And just to get lost in all my selfish thoughts

I wanna know what it'd be like
To find perfection in my pride
To see nothing in the light
I'll turn it off
In all my spite
In all my spite
I'll turn it off

And the worst part is
Before it gets any better
We're headed for a cliff
And in the free fall I will realize
I'm better off when I hit the bottom

The tragedy, it seems unending
I'm watching everyone I looked up to break and bending
We're taking short cuts and false solutions...
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posted by Li_Le
Here is Feeling Sorry lyrics... enjoy it! ;))

We still live in the same town, well, don't we?
But I don't see you around anymore.
I go to all the same places, not even a trace of you...
Your days are numbered at 24.
And I'm getting bored waiting round for you,
We're not getting any younger, and I
Won't look back 'cause there's no use
It's time to move forward!

I feel no sympathy,
You lived inside a cave!
You barely get by the rest of us,
You're trying, there's no need to apologize,
I've got no time for feeling sorry!

I tried not to think of what might happen,
When your reality, finally, cuts through....
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posted by Li_Le
Here is Looking Up lyrics from Paramore 3th album, Brand New Eyes! Enjoy it! ;)

Things are looking up, oh finally!
I thought I'd never see the day when you smile at me.
We always pull through
Oh when we try,
I'm always wrong but you're never right.
You're never right!

Honestly, can you believe we crossed the world while it's asleep?
I'd never trade it in, cuz I've always wanted this!
It's not a dream anymore! Ohhh...
It's not a dream anymore! It's worth fighting for.

Could have given up so easily
I was a few cheap shots away from the end of me
Taken for granted, almost everything that I would have...
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posted by Magda-Edward
Careful lyrics

I settle down
A twisted up frown
Disguised as a smile (whoa)
You would have never known
I had it all but not what I wanted
'Cause hopefully was a place uncharted
And overgrown

You make your way in
I resist you just like this
You can't tell me to feel
The truth never set me free
So I did it myself

You can't be to careful anymore
When all that is waiting for you
Won't come any closer
You've got to reach a little more

Open your eyes like I opened mine
It's only the real world
Oh, like you will never know
Shifting your weight to throw off the pain
Well you can ignore it
But only for so long

You look like...
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posted by rachaelwsz

She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of the world that she’s left behind
It’s all about the exposure the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
She’s ripping wings off of butterflies
With her feet on the ground
And her head in the clouds

Well go get your shovel
And we’ll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba da ba
So one day he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out
But it was a trick
And the clock struck...
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posted by rachaelwsz

Give me attention
I need it now
Too much distance
To measure it out
Out loud
Tracing patterns across a personal map
And making pictures where the lines overlap

No one is as lucky as us
We’re not at the end but oh we already won
No one is as lucky as us

Call me over
Tell me how you got so far
Never making a single sound
I’m not used to it but I can learn
Nothing to it
I’ve never been happier

No one is as lucky as us
We’re not at the end but oh we already won
No one is as lucky as us

Now I’ve got a feeling if I sang this loud enough you would sing it back to me

No one is as lucky as us
We’re not at the end but oh we already won
No one is as lucky as us
posted by rachaelwsz

if i'm a bad person, you don't like me
i guess i'll go, make my own way
it's a circle
a mean cycle
i can't excite you anymore
where's your gavel? your jury?
what's my offense this time?
you're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
well sentence me to another life.

don't wanna hear your sad songs
i don't wanna feel your pain
when you swear it's all my fault
cause you know we're not the same
oh we're not the same
the friends who stuck together
we wrote our names in blood
but i guess you can't accept that the change is good
it's good

you treat me just like another stranger
well it's nice to meet...
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Hey there! Thanks for supporting the BNE fanspot!

Yeah... Self introduction... My name's Rachael and yeap, I started the BNE fanspot on the erm... 10th July 2009. (3 days more to my bday... *winks*)

I'm really stoked about BNE and I can't wait for the 29th September for BNE to be released! Hearts to Paramore!

Ok. Now straight to the point...

I'm a pretty busy person. And I have a life. ;)
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