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posted by peterslover
~~ I love colors! They are 'eye-candy'! I feel happy when I see colors; in nature, artwork, clothing, the movie "Avatar", etc.
~~ Soft colors makes me feel calm (which is good!). Bright colors have power. The power I feel gives me energy! A real power-boost !
~~ I have a tie-dye dress that has bright mixed colors. I love wearing it ! But people do kinda stare at me ~LOL~ Maybe it's too bright, if there is such a thing ~LOL~
~~ The bright colors in nature are sooo beautiful !
The rainbow shinning in the sun after a rain is the first thing that comes to mind.
~~ The movie 'Avatar' is the most beautiful brightly colored movie ever made. When I saw it the first time, I teared-up at the beautiful plants and ground that lite up.