Candice Accola Medal List

Juilet1234 posted on Jul 05, 2011 at 03:12PM
I've seen this on many spots {Selena Gomez, Katherine Pierce, Damon&Elena} And decided to post it here!
Just tell me your first name and what medal you have :)

Nikki- Juilet1234
Fatemeh- tvdlover
Maryam- maryam1311
Elina- elina1996
Elena- TVD_rocks

Emily- CullenSisters-X
Sara- modernfan
Diana- twilightlover73
Pirina- Vampire_Orchid

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over a year ago tvdlover said…
Fatemeh - DEDICATED Working on my DIE-HARD

over a year ago maryam1311 said…
I'm Maryam, and I have DEDICATED>> And I'm working for my Die-hard
over a year ago CullenSisters-X said…
Emily - Die-hard, hoping for my fanatic soon :D
over a year ago elina1996 said…
I'm Elina and I have a dedicated!
over a year ago modernfan said…
I'm Sara and I have Die-Hard. :)
over a year ago TVD_rocks said…
Elena, dedicated medal :D
over a year ago twilightlover73 said…
I'm Diana and I have a dedicated.
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over a year ago twilightlover73 said…
big smile
Just got my die-hard!
over a year ago Juilet1234 said…
I don't think anybody has a fanatic medal at the moment....:/
over a year ago Vampire_Orchid said…
I'm Pirina and I have a die-hard :)