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Esme's POV
Isle Esme

In the split of an instant I saw Carlisle's eyes break, if that's possible, the spell that he was under gone. I saw Jacob rush to Rennesmee's dead body, her warm breath never to be found. I heard the cream of Edward and Bella in sync, and the aunts and uncles defeated faces I saw them all.

The spark of a match hit her body, Emmett had already dragged Jacob away. It was official, she was dead as a stone, her and her baby. After all I still was a vampire. Just because everyone denied it, I had already known she would be pregnant.

Carlisle's body crumpled with defeat, his dead...whatever gone. I pulled his face up to my own and kissed it gently, sweetly. He kissed me back. Oh yes it would take a long time, but he was mine again.
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"why arnt you scared?"
i turned to him. "because you dont scare me..." i whispered. he took his hand that was free and stroked my face, his black eyes sofened and got closer. "but you know i could break you like a twig in a second" he shook his head. i breathed a laugh. "so? but you wont.." i took a hold of the hand he stroked my face with. he turned me around and pushed me down on the bed. i gasped as he sat on top of me. "wha.." he kissed my forehead, holding my arms down, while my legs were too numb to move. i got tense, feeling my heartbeat race faster as he moved his lips to mine. it...
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my first reason why im obsessed with carlisle cullen is the following....
He is a caring doctor
he saves lifes of many people(in other words he is dedicated)
he is compassinate not only to Esme and his family but to everyone.
He is adorable and cute.
He is sexxii and HAWT !!He's Mcsexy,McDreamy and McSteamy!
He didn't want to be a monster or a killer and he hated himself for having to change esme,Edward and the others.
He is a great hardworking father.
He never gives up(like trying to save Bella in twilight from james trying to kill her and from the jasper attack in New moon.
He believes every vampire has a soul..even the evil ones.
lastly he is a vegitarain vamp he does not want to harm another human.
thats why i love him and to whom ever is reading this should hopefully feel the same way anb should be on team carlisle whoo go TEAM Dr.CARLISLE cullen.
Hi everyone!!!

I know I haven't updated in such a long long while!!!! I sincerely apologise and hope that you will all accept my apology!!! I know it's gonna take a huge recap to get you started on the story again!!!! I hope you still enjoy the story.

Recap: Lola is a vampire hunter who never killed any vampires but she decided to go and kill Carlisle Cullen as she believed Carlisle led her parents to their deaths. Slowly, she is falling in love with Carlisle and begins to trust him. Just after they kiss (with mixed feelings because of Esme), Zain, a fellow vampire hunter shows up to kill Lola...
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Hello everyone! I finally completed another chapter!!! Sorry for being sooooo late!!! My schoolwork kept me busy like crazy!!!

RECAP: Lola is a vampire hunter who never killed any vampires but she decided to go and kill Carlisle Cullen as she believed Carlisle led her parents to their deaths. Slowly, she is falling in love with Carlisle and just after they kiss, Zain, a vampire hunter shows up to kill Lola because she's not supposed to befriend vampires. Last chapter ended with a cliff hanger as Zain was about to kill Lola. H

ere's the next chapter!

Suddenly a shriek tore through the air. Disregarding...
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OMG part 6 is out!!! It's shorter than the other parts...

"Why belly dance? Not ballet or jazz or tap?" He asked, breaking the silence as he sat down on the grass beside me. I glanced at him, hugging my knees, worried that he found belly dance freakish or something but there was only plan undisguised curiosity in his honey brown eyes.

"My parents taught me to fight, to kill. I was afraid, afraid that I would lose touch with who I am, my feminine side. My mum never taught me how to cook, how to put on make-up and a whole bunch of other girl stuff. You cannot imagine how that feels like, to...
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Hi! Thx for all the continuous support!! Please, please write a comment! Give me motivation to continue this story! :)Here's part 4, is the chapter length too long?? And forgive me for any typos! I wrote this chapter in a rush!Sorry to keep all of you waiting!

Brushing aside that disturbing thought, I waited as he untied me. His long elegant fingers making short work of the complicated knots. Amazingly, he actually trusted my words. But even if I do attack him, what would I be able to accomplish? I don't even have a freaking dagger with me! I wonder what he would do with me... he's incapable...
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Hello everyone! I've written a bit of a Carlisle Cullen fanfiction! This is my first Twilight fanfic. Please comment!

Vampires. I had always known they existed. My ancestors were half vampires but as generations went by, descendents like me were barely vampires. I am just slightly stronger and can run faster than my friends but nothing impressive. And no, I do not drink blood.

That's how my autobiography would start, I guess. I laughed as I crossed the street to Forks hospital, towards my next prey.

I am a vampire hunter, well sort of...The first half vampire in my family was a result of...
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NOTE: This has no relation except the base of the story to Ros59's. So please don't be confused.

9:30 A.M
I had escaped, finally. That horrid life, that horrid family. No I wasn't "Benjamin", there was no such person. I was Rennesmee, and oh boy was I back.

To see MY love, Carlisle, in the arms of that crazy, psychotic, woman, was terrible. How I was re-born as a boy I don't know. But there was one thing in my mind, to get him back.
1:00 P.M

"Girls I mean it! You need to get in here and do your homework!" I yelled out to Emmeline and Adelaide,...
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Esme's POV
Ontario, Canada
8 years later

"Emmeline! Celestia! Stay close to mommy!" my voice was loud and powerful, the young girls listening to my every word. We entered the warm house and stripped of our coates and mittens, the snow layering the hard-wood floor.

", your home." Carlisle came out of his study and gave us all a big hug. I still remembered the day when I got him back.

The heart-beats of us three were different, the girls more full.I was glad they had been full human, probably from the effect the antidote. But the baby I was carrying now, my sweet Benjamin, I was afraid he would be half, like me.

Carlisle kissed me and rubbed my swollen abdomen lovingly. No, everything would be okay.
Benjamin came into the world perfect however, and all the children loved him. But something was in his eyes, someone lived on in him. And I knew exactly who.
Rennesmee's POV
Isle Esme

I watched as they all abandoned me, left me defenseless. Carlisle was the only one who stood behind me, as his hand ran down my back a cold shiver ran down where his touch had been.

I saw my father's eyes open wide, he knew. The baby I thought and clutched my stomache. I saw Emmmett lung forward followed by Jasper and Esme. Emmett and Jasper held Carlisle back, my mother sobbed into the shoulder of her lover, his eyes glazed at me, no love left.

My fate had come.Esme snapped my neck and whispered in my ear,"I won."

I know it was short! Sorry! :)
Emmett's POV
Before the Attack

I saw the plead in my mother's eyes, the now human tears forming. Her eyes were green and soft, her heart pounding hard, the now alive fetal heart in sync.

"Okay, Here's what we'll do."
Isle Esme
Esme's POV
I couldn't believe he had taken her to OUR honeymoon isle, the place NAMED after me. He wasn't actually married to her, he'd never divorced me.

I saw the house and entered it swiftly, quietly, but not enough to keep my heartbeat away.

He was alone, perfect. I approached him and his eyes read of surprise. I wrapped my arms around him a kissed him on the cheek, placed...
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NOTE This is NOT by the author of Can't Stop, this is her friend, and this is a spin-off on how I think it SHOULD go, not how it's going to.

Esme's POV
Before the Attack

Where...where...where was it?
The antidote, the cure, I wanted to find it, I needed to. My husband had left me and maybe this would make him want me back.

According to the research I'd found it had to be around here somewhere. There, behind the beakers. I knocked them out of the way and grabbed the vial. My nail popped the cork off the top and the thick liquid slid down my throat.

I lay down in his chair, his office so warm I...
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