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Chloe's Pov
"CARLOS!!" I try to Run to Carlos but Nero is Holding me "I done with Him Then Dave Kissed Me
i wanted to Throw Up
"Your a Jerk! Dave" I yelled
"You Hate Carlos Pena!!! Like i do!" Dave Yelled
I started to Cry i slaped Nero
I Ran to Carlos
"Carlos!! Carlos!!! Carlos!!! I love you!!!" I yelled
Dave Got Angry and he Walked to Me And grab me and He Hitted me
"Dont you ever tell Carlos You Love Him or i will kill him" Dave Yelled
"I hate You we are Over"I said
Dave Ran then Punched Nero
Nero and Dave Started a Fight
I ran to Carlos i grab and Called The Hospital
An Hour Later

Carlos' Pov
why am i...
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Carlos' Pov.
Dang i messed up again She was sitting right next to me i had the time I am so stupid i wish i could Change Time I hate Gustavo being the Drama Director
Hey there's Nero my best friend he is the nicest guy i ever meant me and him Do every thing together
like Hockey and FootBall and Soccer Gustavo makeing me go on stage with her i am Nervous
Please dont make Gustavo
Me and Her Sang "Hero" By the band Skillet
After we sang i zoomed off the Stage
i Ranned out of the Theater
Nero Followed me for some reason
I was standing next to my locker
"Carlos you were great out there why did you ran away...
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Carlos' Pov
Oh my good i see Dave Chloe's Boy Friend
"What are you doing with my Girl Friend"Dave said
"I was helping her with her books"I said
Then turned around Then he punched Me
"Dave!!! he was only helping"Chloe said Sadly
Dave just walked off Chloe check on me she saw i had a Black Eye"I need help!!"Chloe said sadly
Then Nero came in a Flash"What Happened"Nero said
Chloe didnt answer Nero and Chloe were Dragging me to the Nurse
30 Minutes later
"Aww my head it hurts"I said in a Soft Voice
i noticed Nero Making out with Chloe

Chloe's Pov
Poor Carlos got Punched by Dave!
"I need Help"I said
I saw Nero...
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Chloe's Pov
I am Worried About Carlos he might be Dead
"He Survived From the Axe"The Doctor Said
"Yay i was so Worried!"I said
"But you can't See Him!"The Doctor said
"Why! can i see My Boy Friend"I said
"Dont you try to see him or we wont help him to survive"The Doctor said
I got mad i step on the Doctor's Foot
The doctor pushed me i fell on the Floor
"You wont never see him again"The Doctor said
I got a Hammer and Hit the Doctor
I ran to Carlos' Room
"Carlos!"I yelled
"Chloe!!"Carlos Yelled
Me and Carlos Hugged and We Kissed
Then the Doctor hitted me with a Kendo Stick

Carlos' Pov
"Chloe!!!!"I Screamed
I tackled The Doctor with my Broken Leg and my Broken Arm
I started to Punch him
I grab a Knife and Stab the Doctor in the ForeHead
"Chloe!!!"I yelled
Chloe Kissed me For Five Minutes
Chloe had to put me in My Wheel Chair
We Escaped from the Hospital
"I am Worried"Chloe said
Then Something Happened
To Be Continue
Carlos' Pov
Me and Chloe Escaped From The Hospital
Then Dave Came and Hitted Chloe
Dave Grab my Wheel Chair He Threw The Wheel Chair
I fell on my Broken Leg
"Ahh!!!!"I screamed
Chloe got on Dave's Back and She hits him with a Kendo Stick then Dave Fell on the Ground
"Carlos! is leg ok Baby"Chloe Worried
"I am Fine"I said (Soft Voice)
Get a call on a random afternoon
I pick it up and I see that it's you
Like my heart, you were breaking the news
You said it's over, it's over, it's over
Heading out, cuz I'm outta my mind
All my friends are gonna see me tonight
Staying here, till the sun start's to rise
And I,...
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Carlos' Pov
She just asked me Out!
"Yeah!!"I said
"Yay I love you" Chloe Said
I kinda Feel bad that i asked her Out
Nero Punched me Earlier
"Carlos i hate you me and Chloe were Dating!"Nero Yelled
"Yall Were"I said
"You Wish"Chloe Said
Nero Bites Chloe
"Dont Touch her"I said
Nero Hitted me With an Axe in(On Carlos Side)
Chloe Grab a Gun and Shoted Nero in the Stomach
"Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Chloe Screamed
"He is a Coward and A Ugly Guy"Nero said
"Your a Liar Jerk!!"Chloe Yelled
"Get out people!"The Doctor Said

Chloe's Pov
"Carlos!!"I screamed
"Get Out!!"The Doctor Yelled
The other Doctors Dragged me out Of the Room that Carlos is In
Three to Four Hours Later
i saw the Doctor walked out of Carlos' Room
"Mrs and Mr Pena!"The Doctor said
"Doctor Carlos' Parents are on A Cruise Around the World"I said
"Ok so you are Chloe Desprez"The Doctor Said
"Yeah" I said
"Carlos is"
To Be Continue
Carlos' Pov
Me and Chloe had To call Her Mom since my Phone got Crushed By the Truck
Her Mom came took me Home
"Honey are you ok"Mom Said
"I am Ok"I said
"You been away for a Week and you Have a Broken leg and Arm"Mom Said
I walked up stairs to my Room and i Saw Logan
"Hey Carlos"Logan said
"Hey Man"I said
"Where have you been"Logan said
"With Chloe"I said
"Your Dating your Dream Girl"Logan said
"Yeah"I said
Then James and Kendall walked
Carlos Explained To James and Kendall about Chloe

Brianna's Pov
Gosh where is Chloe?
She has been gone for 2 HOURS!!!!
Wait i here something.
It must be my phone.
"It's Chloe Bri," Chloe said while taking deep breaths.
"What Chloe?"
"Carlos is hurt!"
Wow Chloe, Wow
"I know that!"
"No, he got hurt again, and again, well it's a long story. So can you pick us up?
" I'm 14 though. I can't drive"
then she hung up.
Gosh, Chloe is so pushy.
What am I gonna do?
To Be Contiune
big time rush meets the vampire diaries is the vampire diaries with big time rush chacters in.
the frist episode will be coming though the week.
i dont have a name for it yet so plz commet and i will pick the best one.
good luck.

here are the charcters names and a bit about them.

Kendall Knight-is the new student at high school.

Logan Knight-is also the new guy in town with Kendall.

Katie Diamond-the girl whos parentd died and has to live wuth there aunt.

Beth Basford-Katies best friend.

Lexie Roe-the other friend that you are friends on and off with.

James Diamond-the brother of Katie and will not get over his parents.