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Chlorine gas can be prepared in laboratory with hydrochloric acid and manganese-dioxide.


Put manganese lump in a round flask , now put concentrated hydrochloric acid into the round flask with thistle funnel and fit the flask with cork having a hole ,Now attach a tube into the hole of cork and leave to tube into an empty container,so the gas can be collected.The container must be sealed with cork having only one hole for the attachment of tube (from flask to container).Set the apparatus and there should be no leakage.Now heat the manganese lump and hydrochloric acid with a bunsen burner...
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Researchers from the University of
Connecticut recently unveiled their latest
invention , which is a long-lasting LED
light bulb that makes use of salmon DNA.
Scientists added two different fluorescent
colors to the DNA molecules, the dyes being
spaced from each other at a distance ranging
from 2 to 10 nanometers. After the colors
were added, the DNA molecules are spun into
nanofibers . The UV light that produces LED
is then covered with DNA nanofibers.
David Walt, a chemistry professor at Tufts
University , explained: "When UV light is
shined on the material, one dye absorbs the
energy and produces blue...
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The scientist by:nurdrage
love is like
Radiation Decay Poem
science is changeable
elemental Islands of Stability
MATTER (chemistry)
Radiation Decay Poem
Chmistry is soo much fun
Chlorine Limerick
It's ionic that we bond
freshman chem lab
Ode to the Electron
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i am a scientist i find art in nature in a universe of
mysteries and a world of wonders i bring light to
the unknown i change the world in strange ways i'm
colorful i'm persistent i'm a little volatile i can...
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posted by anviange
From the article: Molecules with Strange Names
Chemistry is funny and chemists have a great sense of
humor! Do you have a chemistry joke or riddle or are
you looking for one? Share your chemistry joke or read
jokes submitted by other readers. Share Your Chemistry
Potassium and Oxygen
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haha joke
Sad chemistry teacher
Hot Chemists Rock
Another Chemistry Joke
Oxygen and Magnesium
Sick Chemist
Over Titration
Complete Dissociation
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posted by anviange
What are the most important scientific
discoveries of all time? The answer might
include Copernicus's idea that the sun is
at the center of the solar system,
Newton's laws of motion, Mendeleev's
periodic table of elements, Einstein's
theory of relativity and Darwin's theory of
evolution. There are numerous great
scientific discoveries that have
significantly influenced the way we think
and live throughout history. 100 Greatest
Discoveries recounts the 100 most
important scientific discoveries of all time
and explains them with historical re-
creations, archival footage and interviews
with scientists.
100 Greatest...
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Lemon juice is acidic and weakens paper. When paper
is heated, the remaining acid turns the writing brown
before discoloring the paper.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: A Few Minutes
Here's How:
What You Need
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1. Squeeze lemons to
obtain their juice or
obtain bottled lemon
2. Use the juice as 'ink'
by applying it to a
stick or paintbrush
and writing on paper.
3. Allow the paper to
4. When you are ready to
read your invisible
message, hold the
paper up to sunlight,
a lightbulb
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posted by anviange
What would life would be like if nobody had ever studied
chemistry? It’s easy to grumble about the homework,
but it’s impossible to overestimate chemistry’s
importance in our daily lives.
What Would Your Home Be Like?
The International Space Station with ATV-2 and
Endeavour (Image ESA and NASA)
Look around your home and count the number of things
around you that have come out of chemistry
breakthroughs and inventions. Without chemistry we
wouldn’t have light bulbs, mobile phones, Facebook or
Twitter. Much of the food we eat and clothes we wear
involve chemists and chemistry too.
If we had never...
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Particle physics usually has a hard time competing with
politics and celebrity gossip for headlines, but the Higgs
boson has garnered some serious attention. That's
exactly what happened on July 4, 2012, though, when
scientists at CERN announced that they'd found a
particle that behaved the way they expect the Higgs
boson to behave. Maybe the famed boson's grand and
controversial nickname, the "God Particle," has kept
media outlets buzzing. Then again, the intriguing
possibility that the Higgs boson is responsible for all the
mass in the universe rather captures the imagination,
too. Or perhaps we're...
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posted by mahmoud0ammar
My name is Mahmoud Ammar, and I live in Lebanon. I love CHEMISTRY so much, and I love to help people in chemistry and proving to people that chemistry is not hard and it's beautiful, so I created my own PAGE on FACEBOOK to put in it articles, lessons and funny things about chemistry. I named it : I'm in love with chemistry.


so plz can u support me and like and share it on facebook coz i want to help people to love chemistry :D


Mahmoud Ammar :D
posted by anviange
Enjoy our range of fun science experiments for kids that
feature awesome hands-on projects and activities that
help bring the exciting world of science to life.
Make Your Own
Quick Sand
Quick sand is a fascinating
substance, make some of
your own and experiment on
a safe scale. Amaze your friends by demonstrating how
it works.
Sponsored Links
What you'll need:
1 cup of maize cornflour
Half a cup of water
A large plastic container
A spoon
1. This one is simple, just mix the cornflour and water
thoroughly in the container to make your own instant
quick sand.
2. When showing other people how it works,...
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One of the latest inventions in the field of
light emitting devices might change the way
people light their homes and design clothes.
The device represents a thin film of plastic
able to conduct electricity and create solar
Scientists working on the international project
are looking forward to bring the organic light
emitting devices to the masses. Thus the
invention could significantly cut costs by
billions of dollars each year.
Due to the fact that the organic light
emitting devices are very thin and flexible,
electronic display screens could be easily
created on nearly every material, thus, for...
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You can use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream pretty
much instantly. This makes a nice cryogenics or phase
change demonstration. It's also just plain fun. This
recipe is for strawberry ice cream. If you omit the
strawberries, you can add a bit of vanilla for vanilla ice
cream or some chocolate syrup for chocolate ice cream.
Feel free to experiment!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Minutes
Here's How:
What You Need:
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1. This recipe makes a half gallon of strawberry ice
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Swiss scientists have completed their solution for
transforming hydrogen gas into a less flammable liquid
fuel that can be safely stored and transported. Another
possible application of their technology would be to use
atmospheric CO2to synthesize a number of useful
chemical products.
Hydrogen is often touted as the fuel of the future. But
because this gas is highly explosive, it must be stored
and transported under pressure in specialized and
expensive containers. Hydrogen therefore has issues in
terms of safety, logistics, and profitability that could
significantly limit its wider use. However, a solution...
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